Rate your country

Filled with asshats

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Filled with chinks

1.5/10 filled with devil worshipers

0 / 10
Full of sand niggers

0/10 Ching chong PLEASE NUKE US

I don't think i need to elaborate.

A jewish cryptocolony

Hava nagila/10
Controlled by joos.

stuffed with boongas cucks and grinding poverty
along with pollution and drugs and gangs
1+ for at least not being officially jewed
and the other 2 for the one or two people out of a hundred that are real human beans

Because I have unrealistic expectations and will conquer the hate from the extreme left and the extreme right with truth.

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>kike initiating self-hate thread
know that I can see through your psych-op, juden.

I love my country 10/10, even if it's a shithole.

How much English is there? Seems like Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia are all based.


Very nationalistic, but ruled by kikes and the number of fags and feminists are increasing.

Will be 0/10 in 10 years

10/10 I feel very lucky

It'd be 1/10 but the general level of drunkenness helps hide the retardation.


English as in people? Not much aside from exchange students, however nearly everyone young speaks english.


Filled with everything


Catalonia is a real country.

3/10 Needs more diversity and s o y products

>majority of whites are cucks
>lots of asians and indians (increasing number of blacks and muslims too)
>rent is too damn high
>ridiculous government
>no guns

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1/10 filled with cucks and pajeets

0/10 due to Trudeau and his pet 'refugees' and pandering etc etc etc...
Once the cunt is gone I might bump it to 3-4 depending on the election outcome..

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at least there's still white people around

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0/10 next to sweden and were screwed due to retarded EU/FN politics, sand people and the new government. It was great while it lasted

user, Scheer is possibly worse than Trudeau. He is pro mass immigration and very pro Israel. There is no hope for this country

I did mean language, should've clarified. We call them "British" here in the states, not English. However, the "Amish" peoples there typically refer to all white American's as "English" lol

I feel sad for all you EU anons.
Hope things improve, europe is beautiful when it isn't being raped by refugees.



very comfy

3/10 Weimar Republic 2.0

Why did your people do this to us user? Why did the Jewish owned media brainwash us with "Diversity is our greatest strength" bullshit for so long?

>Scheer is possibly worse than Trudeau. He is pro mass immigration and very pro Israel
True but seeing as it's friday and I have the day off I'm in an optimistic mood. But I know we are fucked, there will be a pic of Sheer shacking with Soros as well no doubt.

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>Too much protest for shit things
>Too much brainlet
>Every is about Paris and nothing else
>President gives Legion of Honour to celebrities just because they are
>Too much sandniggers
>hate current music
>the only good thing is the health care system

Because they want to squeeze as much resources out of you as possible, user.
Strength in diversity is a myth.
Close your doors to immigration and don't look back.

5/10 because Israeli girls are hot


10/10 greatest on earth. the best any other country gets is 8/10

0/10 will always be a Muslim shithole


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0/10 because it's a literal shithole

Is this how the average baguette looks like, user?

-10/10, filled with Greeks.

0/10 too many poos, chinks, spics and niggers
Fuck off we're full

10 for Swedes -3 for immigrants = 7

It's Cédric Villani a french mathematician
a really weird guy even for french people

He's also a fucking deputy from Macrons party.
He's a cuck and a retard.

You stupid nigger it took me one month to get accepted in your country, and only after I found a job
I'll be there in Sunday

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5/10. Dictatorship and masochistic people.

controls superpowers, civis are based too

Brainlet nation everyone who doesnt get a meme degree leaves after college because they want to have a job and future.
"but muh history we were based!" that's just like we wuz kangs. Today its a 1/10.

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10/10 roads

Зaтo чypoк нeт


I hate flip monkeys I hope Kim Jung Un turn this shithole into nuclear bomb test site

don't worry it will be a much better place when greater Israel will become a reality

4/10 filled with drunks, immigrants and leftists

Дa, этo плюc. He цeнишь, пoкa нe пoбывaeшь в дpyгих cтpaнaх.

Moortu- ok, this is epic. It's a shame that your exports aren't just college kids. The college kid Portuguese are ok, it's the fucking loud dumb drunks from your fishing villages that I'm concerned about. Several of our islands and several large cities have large Portuguese (not Brazilian before you ask) communities and they are fucking trash. They are basically like Mexicans, which we also unfortunately have here.

So I should rate my nation. I give it a 0/10. Everyone here is a fucking idiot who lets everything rot as long as they can still afford their 500k mortgage on a shitty 2 bed outside of the city.

You are not even shitslamic correctly.

Nice trips guy

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well yeah, but there is radioactive milk instead

>filled with asshats

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1 out of 10
Is the reason right wing revolutions aren't happening everywhere

0/10 full of halfbreeds

Wealthy and great nature.
Otherwise the most depressing western country after maybe finland.

we have alot of qt chinese students here though

Why do you think when I went to study abroad I wanted nothing to do with the "home is bestest" clique that interacted only among themselves? Turns out I actually finished my degree and had grades good enough to have my tuitions paid for as an award. Brainlets drank themselves stupid, failed and are still paying for their fun abroad adventure.

Ya see goyim, we don't even like this country, so what you gonna do now?
Don't ya see we're on your side?
How you're gonna distinguish the bad from the good.
Moral dilemma?
Yea I guess you're gonna do just about nothing.
Sit down and shut up.

>qt chinese students
good point, based.


> as a kid see America as bastion of freedom
> as an adult see how America nosedive into censorship and neomarxism, slowly corrupting all the world in the process
You must do something about this, guys.

Get them told son

It's healthy in a small dosage

> just a little country between Russia and EU next to Balts
> The president has been in power for almost 30 years, literally calling himself "The Last Dictator of Europe" and promoting traditions
> Muslims, Catholics and Orthodox live in peace, tolerance reigns without the influence of leftists/SJW. For example, an Orthodox church literally stands on the main street of my city opposite a mosque
> TV does not discuss sexism, harassment or gay shit, because of the status quo in society, also there is no wars or conflicts for the last 30 years
> Beautiful nature, kind and calm people around here

I'm proud of being Belorussian

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hello friend post a pic of yourself so some friends can meet you at arlanda

filled with slightly less (((asshats)))

To be quite honest mate, any immigrant that sticks with immigrants from the same place and does not wish to integrate should be ejected from every nation. Even if it's just studying, even students should not form "X country only" groups. If you are going to do that you should not be allowed to leave your home country. Why study in a foreign land and not speak to the foreigners? I would never do this. When I went to stay in France for 6 months I learned conversational French and paid attention to their customs.

It's only this new globalist drive that even allows such a thing. No nation in the past would have let an enclave of people live there who hate the host nation and fly their own flags everywhere. It infuriates me, the lack of respect

Realistic estimate
Maybe 6/10, not more

Thats not a country it is an invention you cutted dick.

Be on guard and dont fall.

4/10 corupt politicians+gypsies

that would be my country and it's beautiful


filled with idiots led by populists; muh hussars, muh republic, muh aurea libertas; victim complex which we must've contracted from the Jews
or maybe not, maybe it's endemic

it's very safe and cozy though, no blacks, no muslims, that deserves three points

Sounds fantastic.
Very happy for you, my man.

You'd be surprised how many idiot do that.
Most Slavs over here group up with each other and make fun of Slavs that don't.
I consistently get ridiculed for not speaking russian, and for not spending time with other Slavs exclusively. Like some weird form of racism. Even extends to my family.
Fuck 'em.

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was paid by mossad to say so

Come on man, tell me you see no problems at all with our dictatorship? Our economy? Our laws?

6/10 filled with commies and sandniggers

As someone that doesn't live in Belarus but have visited i have to say Belarus and Russia are my favorite countries to visit in Europe, Never had any bad experiences in either country and same goes to Ukraine.
I argue that you have the most hospitable people in all of Europe.

Fought against the Axis during WW2.

This. I'm leaving this shit country soon

>6/66 devil worshipping kikes use it to control the world.

10 out of fucking 10
I thank the invisible monster in the sky every day for granting me the prestige of being born in the greatest country during the greatest point in history instead of some 3rd world shithole. (aka every other country but america)
I kiss the american flag and my pocket constitution every day.

America. FUCK YA!

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>small country
>large oil reserves
>Low crime rates
>Didn't join loser of the war (you joining them wouldn't change the outcome)

I was told your Social democrats are more right than our (((rightwing))) AfD?

Germany 0/10
Hitler did not win, obviously.

Guys going to imprison BIBI anytime soon and get a good mafia leader to run your country?


If we get rid of the walloons


Plus, it's full of milk and honey.

Yeah, he won. He continued the German legacy of destroying Europe. Merkel continued it too and your Green voting asses sealed it.