She makes a good point...

She makes a good point. Maybe we should just focus on tax cuts and deregulation and leave the religion stuff out of politics

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Based and redpilled

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Correct. No more extra, government-enforced, rights for the lgbt community. Finally we can agree on something.

that may be true but at the same time freedom, personal responsibility, and limited government don't stop spics from flooding in and turning our country 0% white

>stop focusing on the shit that actually matters and just worry about money, goy! money is all that matters! as long as you have money then everything is fine! forget the trannies sucking each other off in the middle of the street, just worry about making money!
fuck off kike

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Found the shill.
Hmmm which religion stopped Ahmed Islam to take over Europe in the Middle Ages? Hmmm Christianity.

Keep shilling Rabbi

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So this thot wants us to focus on pleasing her corporate masters and to cuck out on morality. I'm assuming this is her conniving way of saying, "stay out of my vagina XD" while still pandering to whatever thirsty reddit base she has left.

>female opinions
lol shut up.

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WTF has the religious right to do with limited government? Maybe she means the economic right or maybe she's just stupid.

stop listening to women

YES! Support small government for the POOR and big government for the RICH! I love corporate socialism! More bankbailouts and public-debt-financed subsidies for industries please! This is small government!

What a two-faced bitch.

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> Don’t worry about degenerate society trying to destroy your kids and family, don’t worry about welfare leeches and unintelligent, violent, societal parasites.
> Only focus on “freedom,” and neocon limited (but not too limited) govt interests.

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We don't need to hear women's opinions on anything. She should be in a kitchen somewhere.

She’s a thot and a roastie.

She's right in a way.

The thing is, conservatives are destined to lose the culture war. It's not a battle ground you can win on.

Recognize that the social issues are only issues in the first place because of technology and economy issues. As long as women have economic and sexual freedom and the right to vote, it's an inevitability that abortion will be legal.
Conservatives should focus on taking away the welfare state and taking away minority gender quotas. These things if implemented will automatically make abortion diminish as a problem.

Another THOT whore.

>conservatives are destined to lose the culture war.
Uh huh. It was her turn, right? Most people are "conservative" merely because it's basic common sense. That's why libtards try so hard at removing common sense. But it won't work. All you need is someone to say things correctly and not back down, and we'll be back to normal.

>Uh huh.
Yes that's why they outlawed gay marriage again when the republicans started controlling all three branches of government + a supermajority of state legislatures.


Few female "conservatives" are both socially and economically conservative. Most are socially liberal or centrist.

This thot is asking us to just let the left decide moral issues.

Fuck that

>Conservatives should focus on taking away the welfare state and taking away minority gender quotas.
It’s impossible to remove social programs once they have been established. It’s political suicide even if it is the right thing to do.

>Personal responsibility
Agreed, (((Tomi Lahren))). We should all practice personal responsibility.

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Yet more evidence that these roastie conservathots have no business in politics.

No, it's not that simple. Technology is changing. Society is changing the way we interact with eachother.
The economy is changing the incentives to act that people have.

This is obviously going to change what people see as the correct set of laws.
Conservatives argue for "the way things were before"... but it's impossible for the laws to stay the same when the society is changing.

If you want the laws to stay the same, you need to undo all the economic/technological/societal changes. Like, it's fine to not be pro choice, but there's no point in being pro life really. You're gunna lose the fight.

It’s too late for any of this. At this point we just wait for the collapse and then pick up the pieces, having learned that women’s liberation and multiculturalism were civilization-ending mistakes.

Grift-Right gonna grift.

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>Technology is changing. Society is changing the way we interact with eachother.
>The economy is changing the incentives to act that people have.
You're right. Once this garbage civilization fails under the weight of liberal values, third world immigration, and neocon economics, all those things WILL change. Into a state that lends itself very easily to right wing values.

i beg to differ
our victory was prophesied.
it's just a matter of time

I mean ya the gop is kiked anyway. There's not much hope of an actual smart right wing position actually getting traction. We got trump in there and he got fucked by his own party.

Well, like the other guy said, eventually society will collapse and none of today's politics will matter.

>society will collapse
which is a win.
this society is degenerate and sinful
let it burn

*orthodox christianity

catholics helped them

>total societal failure is victory

>hi let's do what conservatives have done since the sixties. That will definitely work!
Take control of the state and implement your ideology. That is the only way to change things and it should be the right's primary goal.

why save this society? how would that be a victory?

Post bobs

You are talking to a fanatic follower of a death cult.

Funny coming from someone whose ideology is known for inducing starvation

Well, for one thing,we might have a chance at stopping chinks from ruling over our grandchildren

That’s her schtick.
>conservatives won’t want to hear this...
>[screeching intensifies]
Radical centrism.

Religious tax exemptions need to be abolished. this would have a wonderful side effect of eliminating a large portion of cult degeneracy (like scientology) and also remove help steer religion away from politics.

Those fucking comments though. Everyone is so sick and tired of this shit. Literally everyone except Tomi Lahren and the kike elites.

>All that matters is tax cuts and limited government! Real conservatives don’t care that I’m out getting fucked silly by Tyrone and DeMarcus every night!

Like the freedom to kill unborn children and to teach young kids about gay sex? I thought she was supposed to be a conservative...

As opposed to the Yemeni children that are currently starving thanks to the embargo led by American allies?

Trump actually broadened tax privileges for religious organizations and actually removed barriers when it comes to their participation in political campaigns.

>don't worry about normalization of pedophilia or fags taking of churches
>worry about your bootstraps


please name the time frame in history where Yemeni children were not starving.

she's a roastie with a nose piercing so no one takes here seriously

who gives a fuck about yemen anyway

You’re about 1000 years late on that. Christianity pushed them out and then Christianity welcomed them back in.

Republicans are too weak. They wouldn't do that.
Morality stays the same. Laws are based on morality, but change based on what's needed so they correctly reflect morality.

oh look, the last time Yemeni children had decent food was when Britan ruled them.
The revolution in the north coincided with the Aden Emergency, which hastened the end of British rule in the south. On 30 November 1967, the state of South Yemen was formed, comprising Aden and the former Protectorate of South Arabia. This socialist state was later officially known as the People's Democratic Republic of Yemen and a programme of nationalisation was begun.[179]

sometimes a house is so rotten that it can't be fixed anymore. you have to tear the whole thing down and rebuild. at that point, the faster you get rid of the old, the better. delaying the inevitable is only going to cause more pain in the long run.
a life cult, actually.
china does not and will not have that kind of power any time soon.

Who created islam to begin with? The Vatican.

The crusades were in truth a land theft - send the peasants to some far off war knowing most would never make it back and seize their land and houses in their absence. They also culturally genocided the ancient 'pagan' religions and murdered our real gods.

Good luck with that. I’m already gearing up to whine about the movie or vidya that has a gay character.

CoNsErVaTiVeS dOnT wAnT tO hEaR tHiS bUt StOp BeInG cOnSeRvAtIvE

the peasants didn't do most of the crusading
in fact, the one "Crusade" the peasants went on was neither sanctioned nor supported by the Church (to the anger of many peasants)
most Crusading was Christian lords coming over for a few seasons with some knights and then leaving after a few battles
also conflating the Northern Crusades (a wonderful achievement) with the Crusades in the Middle East as if they were one seemless thing is... not very historically accurate.

What good is that if the jews still rule over them like they do to us now?

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You'd get banned for saying this.

Using religion as a basis for policies you want passed does not get votes in modern society. The religious right has a choice

"do I want to do what feels nice and yell about religion"
"do I want to get the policies I support passed into law often"

Convince people with actual, concrete reasons to agree with you and support your ideas. It's about the result. Some semi religious, many nonreligious, and probably all religious people who disagree with your religion will refuse to vote for something they would have otherwise supported if the basis for the argument is your religion.

It sounds like "muh god" when you disagree with something for purely religious reasons. Discuss cultural, economic, political, and national impacts (even your argument says pretty much the same thing the bible does) but leave scripture and christianity out of it.

She makes an amazing point and we all need to follow it if we want to actually get things done.

I swear every single person in america is just a lying traitorous filthy kike
makes sense since america's culture is pure consumer capitalism and the whole country feels like a cheap knockoff of somewhere else
all media coming out of america should be prevented from getting into europe

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>Using religion as a basis for policies you want passed does not get votes in modern society.
Yes it does, if the voter base is religious. Know your audience. But logical arguments can be made for religious conclusions (e.g. The summa contra gentiles). Basically, use religious arguments to get elected, then logical arguments to get laws passed.

go back to plebbit

Why is this journalist telling me what her political stance is instead of just telling me what the facts are and providing sources?

Because journalism isn't what it used to be. There laws really need to be updated.

>stop focusing on degeneracy, start focusing on giving people freedom to be degenerate
Reminder that “conservative women” and “trad women” do not exist, they are literally all like this. Women are degenerates

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Is that Eric Weirheim?

if the voter base is religious yes, but the united states is no longer christian enough for that to work. It can work in local areas (even up to a state, because some still do have a large amount of very religious people) but on the national level I think all including religion does is harm the possibility of it getting passed. I don't see how a super religious person would ever get elected for president if they made their campaign all about religion

But that's not your point. As you said, if you're in the right area with a religious voter base, you are completely right. That is absolutely true. It's just that voter base isn't strong enough throughout the entire nation for that to be a viable, national strategy.

Writing laws to regulate journalism is a horrible idea. Normies need to have enough self respect to scoff at journos for their clear lack of integrity, and pursue better sources of information on their own. I realize this will never happen, but writing laws to try and stop this kind of thing will be abused before the ink dries. This is a problem with education, in my opinion. Schools are not doing a proper job of teaching American values to young people and the result is this sort of ethical amnesia

Shut up bitch

The right giving up on social issues is why fag marriage is a thing being pushed on third world shitholes and they're spending millions of dollars of taxpayer money promoting the gay lifestyle. disgusting.

Libertarian doesn't give a fuck about the social fabric and only wants the ability to kill their babies and other "personal choices", fuck that.

She doesn't give a damn about the so-called browning of America. Ideas matter... It's the same American conservative line, they want to dance around the issues that is making America an even worse shithole.

Chinks >>>>>>> jews
That is even assuming that China even gives enough of a fuck to bother.

Dumb roasties and (((you))). Individualism allows jews to grow stronger. Read Culture of Critique

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Quite literally the cuckservative position.

Just lower taxes for the rich goy, forget about everything else

>Western Europe today
Wow, you are retarded

"socially liberal" (((conservatives))) are the single most retarded group in existence and the most to be pitied. Are degenerates "small government" and personally responsible? It's almost as if one's everyday actions are determined by one's worldview, which happens to be a social issue. It's almost as if they are related. Tomi is a fucking whore.

Need to go back to the good old days. This is why I laugh when people bring up witch trails as a negative against christianity. Some times it is justified and needed.

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hehehehe, let's give more power to corporations like jewgle that are completely dominated by rabid leftists! what could go wrong, my fellow goyim. Seriously, fuck women, go back to the kitchen dumb tradthot.

Every person on this board needs to read The Culture of Critique, and they need to tell everyone they know to read that book. It is the single most important book to understand the state of things in the western world, e.g. why the Jews do what they do and to what lengths they have gone.

>listening to a coal burning thot

women are NOT thought leaders
i dont take advice from a blonde on what issues to think about unless its my wife, and she follows my lead not the other way around

No, I'm a social conservative because I'm Christian. I'm more in the center somewhere on other issues.

You first, kike.


That's how you get votes though.
A lot of religitards wouldn't vote at all if there were no perceived morality factor in the debate

>Maybe we should just focus on tax cuts and deregulation and leave the religion stuff out of politics



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Maximizing freedom?