I'm LITERALLY screaming right now!

The Queen of Jow Forums just BTFO of Jow Forums. Not only did she tell you to shut the fuck up but called out all the latent homosexuals and trap fapper on this board.


>"You Need to Calm Down" is a Pride anthem that vocally supports the LGBTQ community thanks to lyrics like "You are somebody that we don’t know/But you’re coming at my friends like a missile/Why are you mad?/When you could be GLAAD?" Oh,andTaylor also sings "Sunshine on the street at the parade/But you would rather be in the dark ages" and "Cause shade never made anybody less gay."

>The song comes during amassivepolitical shift in Taylor's career (she's finally speaking out, guys!), and some fans think she's actively trolling Trump thanks to the fact that she fully dropped this single on his birthday. And if we know anything, it's that Taylor is Queen of the subtle troll.
Fans are fully spiraling over this Trump birthday thing, with tweets like "WAIT TAYLOR SWIFT REALLY RELEASED AN ANTHEM THAT GOES AGAINST EVERYTHING DONALD TRUMP BELIEVES ON ON DONALD TRUMP’S BIRTHDAY" and >"#YouNeedToCalmDown is about Donald Trump and no one can change my mind" blowing up everyone's timeline.

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Hit the wall, single, childless, and probably already shopping for a Congolese orphan.

After she came out in support of Phil Bredesen she lost all support of the board.

You're a couple months behind user.

It's only a matter of time before she adopts transexual niglets.

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>Implying the majority of Jow Forums wouldn't still line up to fuck her

lol this is the most homophobic thing I've ever seen
>you just hate me because you're a faggot who can't get none

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How will he ever recover from this, lad?

There are some things worse than dying a virgin, sticking your dick in crazy is one of them.

>all these racist dogwhistles in her every post
she's still our girl

she wants to put the fags back in the shade so we can live normal lives and not this clown world nightmare

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The Jew media and Jew music industry control are just profiting off another degenerate mental group in society. Nothing new. Just like when niggers began gaining rights the Jewish corporations began marketing shit to them, they’re now marketing to mental illness. This tells us nothing of her personal views as songs are made to make money/profit for their Jew overlords.

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>Caring what a Jew sings about

>t. guy that never had the incredible fuck crazy pussy provides

If you think that says she's a jew, you're a fucking fool.

>Taylor this is Finklestein I'm going to need to to get woke this year

>"stop obsessing about what other people are doing"
>wrote a whole song obsessing about what other people are doing
hhhhhhhhjmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. the power of the female brain everyone.

All in all, another bitch hit the wall.

Reminder to always sage threads that link to gaytube

She was always a trashy cunt and nothing else
You ameriniggers never learn

her real name is Taylor Goldswift

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>you're being too loud

Why do all celebs seemingly have no self-awareness?

I have a tenner on her being infertile.

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>It's only a matter of time before she adopts transexual niglets.


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as if Taylor Swift or any of her people actually know when Trumps birthday is.

is this the actual breakroom user? if so, someone in /ptg/ told me you were dead.

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taylor swift sold out there was an entire concert about it. she's one of them now the pressure was too much for her.

Source? That article is an obvious troll. The kike version of making the okay sign a racist symbol.
>thinking it wasn't a gay Jew that wrote the song

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No I'd rather fuck cardi b

That pottery is worse than some bullshit I penned in 5th grade for school projects. Bitch should take the leap already.

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She was forced to do this shit. She did not want to be involved in anything political, but she craved to pressure.

Why would this be against Trump? The Trump administration has made it their goal to spread faggotry to every corner of the globe. Trump's mentor was a gay Jewish pederast. Trump's never been anti faggot. Why all the kvetching?

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I wouldn't say forced, but I am sure the Jews around her put a lot of pressure on over the memes. She is just a dumb th0t in the end.

I took over his work because I saw our lives as parallel, to a degree. He was one of a dozen people who have passed away in my 15 years of being here.

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TayTay was MKUltra'd a long time ago.

She was dead to us when she started hanging around with niggers. Honestly it's all just simple capitalism. Only white people aren't enough so to appeal to niggers and spics she grew a huge (((ass))) and thighs, she will probably tan her skin to look like a nigger as well like Ariana Grande. All pop artists nowadays do it, niggers like Beyonce even do it in reverse (bleaching).

She used rednecks to get famous for her country music rise. Now she is famous and she can ditch the hillbillies who gave her fame in the first place.

I just realized I never heard a single one of her songs

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>He was one of a dozen people who have passed away in my 15 years of being here.
walmart or Jow Forums?

Trump derangement sure is something else. They attached trump to this trying to say she did this for him but what does this have anything to do with trump. He has literally never said anything against the lgbt sickos.

This nutjobs created her own headcannon and they allowed her to write an article based on it.

Imagine not being able to go through a woman's neck with a great big axe.
Imagine being that weak.

Every single big name person in the USA gets compromised by the CIA and the CIA is just the unofficial military intelligemce agency of Wall Street; who created it.

None of these people serve the interest of the American people. They serve Wall Street via proxy of CIA.

Sound crazy? Read Doug Valentine books and content. No one has the scoop on this trickery like Bad News Valentine.

Everyone needs to calm down, not just Trump. Everyone is going mad and taking up more extreme views. People need to practice the Middle Way between extremes.

>She used rednecks to get famous for her country music rise. Now she is famous and she can ditch the hillbillies who gave her fame in the first place.
8 year old girls are what made her famous. it's not like she was ever singing in dingy bars full of drunk coal miners or anything.

I listened a little bit and this is essentially a rap song. Who listens to rap? Niggers. Expect her to behave more and more like a nigger, because that's her new fanbase.

>Lorde didn't even write that song that got her famous

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holyshit broflovsky

She rose through the ranks of the country music chart, and then shifted to pop, and is now shifting to demonism.


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>literally screaming
You need to calm down

Wtf I just killed myself

we already hate this bitch dumbass

who cares, thats like a guy bragging he could knock out a woman. You think that gives her any credibility?

>some low IQ globohomo roastie who is rapidly approaching the wall did a thing

Don't forget to sage, faggots.

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>TSwift's fans think her song is about Donald Trump
>the song is literally about being too obsessed with one person and needing to calm down about it




Doesn't Pence want to overturn marriage equality? As well as most evangelicals?

>>Lorde didn't even write that song that got her famous
i guess i fell for jewish tricks again
>oh wow she so young but write songs like she much older
totally took the b8 on that. good thing i only gave her yt views

95% of successful people in the industry didn't write their own music.

ah. well have fun at wallmart

She's never been the queen of Jow Forums. Queen of /b/ with edgy neon nazi posting at best.

There can be only one queen of Jow Forums


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>lefty pushing celeb trash
I take great comfort in the knowledge that if we win you will do an air dance, and if you win your pet POC will hang you as well.

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Kate Bush wrote wuthering heights when she was 17 or something. Go listen to that. Better than anything Lorde will ever do.

>capitalist pop industry whore
>queen of anything
People that worship entertainment figures are fucking stupid. Really dumb

The real Taylor Swift is rotting in a sex dungeon beneath Tel Aviv.

>mutt media anyone
>queen or king of anything

>Doesn't Pence want to overturn marriage equality?
And what has Pence done to initiate that? The Trump administration is as you read, trying to force faggot acceptance on every trade partner. Botswana just had to decriminalise gay shit and I can assure you, it wasn't popular. How does that square up with your Pence boogeyman?
>As well as most evangelicals?
Most of the world wants to shove faggots back in the closet, globohomo is dead set against it. Evangelicals also overwhelmingly support the wall, immigration reform, repealing birth right citizenship and deporting illegals. Tell me how that's going for them?

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>Kate Bush wrote wuthering heights when she was 17 or something.
and we're sure that isnt a jewish trick? honestly to write a great novel you have to be 25 at the very youngest and even then those people are probably frauds on some level.

I don't do skinny bitches with no tits.
Just the code I live by.

It doesn't matter for them.
He's Orange Hitler, so he hates faggots. It wouldn't make sense otherwise, so in their minds he's anti-homo, and they don't let the reality bother them.

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Also, classic feminine thinking on display.
Just because a man would fuck someone doesn't mean he cares about them beyond getting to blow his load, let alone take what they think seriously.

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>new song "You need to calm down"
Jesus, how dead is originality? First that faggy "we are the majority" song now this. It's like they just want someone to do something.

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She’s infected with a Jew virus which has ruined her mind. She promotes the global homo agenda for shekels and will probably adopt a niglet and be childless. Sad!

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>a product of jewish media writes a song pandering to fags

Imagine my shock.

I don't know if the word fun is what I would describe this place as. For some of us, unfortunately, Walmart is the only thing we have in life.

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This is why you listen to K-POP instead.


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>queen of Jow Forums is agaisnt dying in isreasl war
Idk user, sounds pretty based to be.

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What's the story here?

Remember when she was a sweet country girl before the jews got to her? Now she promotes clown world.

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Wow! She's so rebellious! Much brave

Why has she gone full shitlib lately? She always had an apolitical sensibility until a couple of years ago.

>I don't know if the word fun is what I would describe this place as.
yea, personally i cant even go into wallmart because i know it's full of cheap chinese-made crap and seeing the people that shop there is depressing. employees usually seem fine though.

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What a retarded libcuck she became

>TS makes a shit song
>somehow anyone gives a shit
Queen of Jow Forums is trailer park tier garbage we should be giving to the niggers.

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>>wrote a whole song obsessing about what other people are doing
more like made an entire career of it, poor thing is on top of the world and as miserable as she's ever been, sad!

is she going to have a mental breakdown like B. Spears and M Cyrus etc? Start dressing like a slut and release nudes?

The song south park made?

Taylor swift is a faggot jew just like piss ass orange stalin

>meh face (needs slut makeup all the time to look decent)
>fridge body
>no tits
>no ass
>can't sing
>can't dance
You guys were obsessed with her because you thought she lurked /b/? That was proven to be just 1 user larping lmao

All americans are animals and should be killed with fire.

user, I'd fuck her.
She's better than 90% of our women...
And 99,99% of American women.

hope you kill yourself too m8