Last day of school

Was on reddit and had to show you guys this. Sad part is teacher prob will get fired. What do you guy think?

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Niggers gon nig.

cant niggers take as hint and read body language? why didn't they just stop?

Why do we keep them around?

Never forget a president ordered the military to draw weapons on American citizens so we could have this future.

The fact that pos' grave hasn't been sacked and his remains desecrated proves how far we have fallen

Someone's gotta fuck our wives

Fuck off reddit fag


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>What do you guy think?
>Was on reddit

That was Lyndon Johnson right or was it JFK?

Abe Lincoln

My school got rid of expulsion a decade ago because it was disproportionately affecting niggers. The state has literally removed the ability to be punished for black kids until they're old enough to go to prison

To be fair if Abe knew we didn't ship the niggers back to Africa he would be pretty mad, and giving them citizenship and voting rights. Forget about it

I'm in Pennsylvania and I have a Puerto Rican flag wut

>The state has literally removed the ability to be punished for black kids until they're old enough to go to prison
They're in the process of making that impossible as well due to muh school to prison pipeline. Anarchotyranny

Your faulty genetics are so damaging they're affecting satellite positioning.

Why the butthurt?

1488 gas the kikes
1350 hang niggers
check my trips, fuck jannies

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Texas apparently after the Caribbean and Panama failed and they didn't want to ship them to Liberia.

Nice attempt, but I've got this one brother.

between the two of us, I think we've done good enough

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>ordered military to draw weapons on American citizens so we could have this future
I legitimately thought you were talking about Abraham Lincoln

There comes a point where if they don’t stop, just snap the niggers necks. This is ridiculous. They don’t know how to fucking act. They are feral animals. Snap their fucking necks if this shit happens. Put them six feet under.

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Unironically Jews.

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The fire rises.

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White liberals still have the Slave master mentality

Niggers make me feel sick, they look like monkeys, they sound like monkeys, they act like moneys... why the fuck do we treat these creatures like people. Why?

>he's never listened to/read "I taught at a black school" stories

It's equal parts hilarious, infuriating, and depressing.

Because our Jewish overlords say we have to.

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>mutt meme
>takes offense to someone calling out shitskins
yep it's a shitskin or jew

every time

Damn I wish I were that fucking massive

White people do not act like that. It's not the schools, not the teachers, not the funding - it's the pupils. Why can't liberals see?

The teacher is 100% fired because he touched the feral groids. He should have just let them chimp out and called the police.

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> Every summer where I live is like Ramadan

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No fathers. No consequences. Like baby ducks waddling into traffic.


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Anyone sane would promptly have them all shot.

imagine living around niggers and thinking youre white lol

wow, he's a big guy

for you.

Jow Forumspublicfreakout

should just be renamed Jow Forumsniggers

Whatever you say, Pennsylrican.

Teacher is pretty Chad to be honest.

You live in the Lehigh valley.

as a recent graduate of a mostly hispanic hs, i can honestly say that niggers are the worst, since everytime there was a big fight it was always the niggers, they just dont know how to act like humans, example:
>be me
>at lunch with emo/goth/weeb fags
>talkin about vidya and anime and shit
>suddenly some nigette goes up to some latinas trying to start shit
>something about a post on facebook she posted about how she thought one of them was being a dumbass
>latina obviously unnerved bc two nigettes
>suddenly one of the latinas throws a water bottle at niggette
>out of fucking no where like 7 diffrent black cunts come out of nowhere basically spawning in
>latinas had family(cousins and bothers and shit) and most of em where gangbanger type fellows
>they start jumping in bc mi familia
>niggettes start getting punched by latinos as niggettes overpower the smaller latinas
>the nigger boys tryna get in
>Latinos and niggers are evenly matched
>its an all out race war by this point
>security is getting in
>me and the weebs are laughing our asses off
>suddenly one of the niggers sees me
>gets tacked by latino security bro
>latinos looking after eachother
>theres this 6'9" niggette everyone feared
>shes built like a fuckin mix bread of a NFL player and a cyclops from god of war 3
>she jumps down the stairs and a small earthquake
>couldve sworn i saw a small kid fall from the sheer kenetic force
>nigclops charges in
>3 security gaurds latch to her
>shes fuckin dragging them like ragdolls
>they start pulling her to the wall where i was
>the niggers charging towards me
>mfw i dive out of the way like a fuckin swat officer
>land doing a jojo pose
>nigger slams into the wall with 3 security gaurds on her
>she cracked the fuckin concrete brick wall
>look around
>tables flipped
>niggers calling the staff racist
>see weeb friends crushed under nigger fallout4 supermutant lookin ass
>her face when being crushed

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id buy that teacher a shot or two


What stands out to me is the women in the comments (they might be gay to). They either are defending the kids and calling the teacher racist or they are turned on by the teacher and want to call him daddy.

What's with all the fucking reddit reposts? There's 3 up currently.

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>suddenly one of the niggers sees me
What the hell's this shit, should have used the opportunity to get a few good licks in for yourself.

>security guards in schools

living the meme

>Linking to Reddit

Thats what (((they))) want, prison is the only place where slavery is still legal in the US.


Hardy is a manlet lmao

heh cool story pablo

Do white Americans really go to school with loads of blacks? We only had 2 in primary school and zero in secondary school. There were about 4 chinks but they kept themselves to themselves.

"Another thing that struck me [in the American] was the great influence of the Negro, a psychological influence naturally, not due to the mixing of blood. The emotional way an American expresses himself, especially the way he laughs, can best be studied in the illustrated supplements of the American papers; the inimitable Teddy Roosevelt laugh is found in its primordial form in the American Negro. The peculiar walk with loose joints, or the swinging of the hips so frequently observed in Americans, also comes from the Negro.[3] American music draws its main inspiration from the Negro, and so does the dance. The expression of religious feeling, the revival meetings, the Holy Rollers and other abnormalities are strongly influenced by the Negro. The vivacity of the average American, which shows itself not only at baseball games but quite particularly in his extraordinary love of talking – the ceaseless gabble of American papers is an eloquent example of this – is scarcely to be derived from his Germanic forefathers, but is far more like the chattering of a Negro village. The almost total lack of privacy and the all-devouring mass sociability remind one of primitive life in open huts, where there is complete identity with all members of the tribe."

When and where you went to school makes a big difference. For example I watch those Big Fat Quiz of the Year shows and the demographic of the kids sketch bit changes drastically over the time.

>for me
>elementary school in small town - less than handful of minorities the entire time
>middle school outside of city - now about 1/3 black/mexican/asian
>high school in the middle of closest city - all the little surrounding towns don't have enough population for their own - suddenly white minority


I hope Lincoln is burning in hell for what he did to America

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