Are people actually convinced by climate potato?

Are people actually convinced by climate potato?

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What if people were lying to us for their own financial profit? Let's reduce that risk by reducing profit motives before tackling the issue again.

>tfw a 16 year old is smarter than your president

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Moreso than dipshit Republicans that literally hate higher education and trust fiction books over empiricism.

normies will listen to anything that authority figures tell them to listen to.

The people you trust have fake hair and fake genders.

*spits on you*

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Considering china is #1 polluter, this isn't exactly far-fetched.

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>Actual autistic retard
>Voice of a generation, allowed to berate the world

The eternal swede strikes again

Who the hell is this loli and why she so popular ??

Also why she hate my mother land russia ??

You mean big fossil fuel companies, some of the most profitable in the world, that have been known to orchestrate lies that even get the US involved in war, lying to the US just to make a profit?

You mean like how those same fossil fuel companies had research showing climate change was real long before the public was aware and hid the information?

I used to be on the altright, but the Greta Thunberg deradicalised me


Yes, I believe in Climate Change because I trust the scientists. I don't want to live in a polluted world. I want clean energy. I don't want nasty polluted air. I don't believe scientists would invent a fake problem and be part of some conspiracy. I trust scientists because they are skilled.

>Climate change is real therefore tax entire populations and send that money to the UN
Sounds legit


The Thunberg media campaing was started at the Davos meeting and was instigated by elites that are definitely not acting in our interests.

They want to make "Climate Chagne" the new globalized religion. And on that Altair of climate change the plebs is forced to sacrifice their wealth and give it to the elites via Carbon tax.

Want to do something against climate change? Abolish global trade and introduce tariffs and deport migrants from countries with high per capita emissions!

>Are the vast over-populated swathes of dysgenic fucking plebs who pay bills and die gullible contemptible fuckwits?
Shuh, yeah.

shes not actually making an argument so no

Came here to post this

downs syndrome

Ihr,Deutsche schient immer von solchenartigen Problemen bekümmert zu sein (fck my Deutsch)

I'm convinced of my need to be inside her

>climate potato

Пpивeт, Poccия, я хoчy вepнyть cвoй Кaлинингpaд.

They use her because if you call her an idiot, you're ebil for attacking a child with disabilities.
This is getting so old...
You have a failed engineer who was a children's tellvison show clown (Bill Nye)
A bag man for taking a bribe from the Red Chinese Army who got a D grade in "Earth Science" (Al Gore)
A bunch of proven liars at the CRU of East Anglia University (pic related)
An actual mentally disabled child (subject)
A Bar tender (AOC)...
Come on, America.

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>No actual real world evidence, and evidence that exists BTFO
Global warming goes in with flat earth, anti-vaxxers, and 5g conspiracists

Russia annex malmo pls that will show potato head

neck yourself pedophile.

>known to
>unaware public
>hidden information

take your pills

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you're a climate change denier. You deny the fact that there have been warmer periods in the historical records.

also cut all aid to africa in order to stifle the enormous population growth there, but as stated this climate bullshit has nothing to do with the environment.

Not trusting people with fake genders is ALWAYS relevant.

Heil german. Bringe 20 Millionen im Krieg getötete zurück

>t. Sweet Summer Child

If someone can't even see between their own legs what's in front of their eyes, I can't trust them to make accurate predictions. Please understand.

Also, when I was born, NATURAL HAIR COLOR was still on passports. Cunt.

The Austrians started the war.
I blame them!


give them names and watch the tower crumble.


Fake airfare nails fake tits fake face fake makeup fake ass fake slender tummy fake personality it's all a meme desu

Most of Europe is from what I’m seeing. Which is irrelevant.

No, but it’s kind of cool, so they go with the flow.

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Jonk Jonk

>Checking non repeat digits
Absolutely newfag post delet and kys kthanxbye

The concept of Donald Trump was created by and for Israel to make American democracy non-functional

Neither here nor there. You're casting out red herrings because you don't have a legitimate argument.

As ripped from another user

>you mean my pattern recognition suppression pills??

I thought Trump was a controlled opposition plant by the democrats to give Clinton an easy win but she was so terrible she lost anyway.

Well scientists are very far from agreeing on this subject. The climate side lie with their '97%' etc. Many leading CLIMATE scientists (some of the '97%' are railway engineers etc, you may as well get my view). So, yes trust scientists in their area of competency, but not LOBBY groups bogus claims about scietists views.

>я хoчy вepнyть cвoй Кaлинингpaд
You know what to do, Hanz

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Youre a very good trier.
But I don't respect trier.
I prefer make it happeners.

>Well scientists are very far from agreeing on this subject.
No they aren't. Most of the scientific community including the international community by a huge marigin agree with the climate change findings.

The ones that disagree are usually faggot ass cocksuckers on the payroll of fossil fuel companies that convince useful retards like yourself that see most scientists telling you one thing and decide to just believe the 1 or 2 biased "scientists".

"People" like you don't desrve to live in a western 1st world country.

tee hee hee hee.

if that's the case... look up the climate models. Your goal is to find one that accounts for water vapour along a reasonable range of electromagnetic wavelengths.

Saying its chinese is kind of tinfoil hatty but the competitive part is actually really red pilly.

The problem is not if it is real or not.
The problem is that the "solutions" offered for the problem are designed to suck up your wealth.
Carbon Tax == boiling away the Middle class

The trade blockade of Trump vs China has done more to save the climate than all supposed green "policies" of last decade in Germany.

You're a gullible either a gullible idiot or this is a piss-take

the 'international community'/. on the 'payroll of fossil fuel companies/?


>your side is big business but my side isn't

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not a very diverse choice for the face of the swedish climate defense movement

Whe the ipcc claim 97% of scientists[or whatever it is]- are those scientists climate or related scientists or ANY sort of scientist?

Asbestos is bad for you and Canada still sells it. Science isn't as biased as your paranoia.


and I'm the queen of Spain

what are you talking about? The IPCC is a LOBBY group which coopts the good name of science. The is demonstble, ans has been demonstrated countless times.

No it’s all an astroturfed media thing

>Checks something stupid
>calls me a try guy
>apparantly knows greentext but not how to use it

what is the problem? i am saying the ipcc routinely make this sort of claim '97% od scientists say'- and this gets repeated in newspapers, and finally by know-nothings here: but this is totally bogus and falsified.

No. You caucus with schizophrenics.

This. Its a sick joke when these eu guys who use planes nonstop and push globalism as hard as possible tell us how climate change is the biggest problem.

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>climate potato
Irl kekd lad

The problem is that many of those initially listed got angry because their data wasn't very biased. In fact much of it seemed to point to no change/stable climate.

Two Danish scientists Knud Lassen and Eigil Chirstensen of the Danish meteriological institue discovered the much better at explaining theory of sunspot activity as an explantio for climate change. JUST FOR STARTERS. The whole problem with amn made climate change is the change doesn't not follow man made co2 emissions- at all. That is a big anomaly.

Yes, boomers believe everything that comes out of their CRT TV.


your clipped messages make it hard for me to understand what you are saying. Yes one scientist threatened to sue ipcc becasue they so twisted and distored the finding- that he refused to have his name put to such an abomination of scientific method.

This video and another I can't remember convinced me of it. The climate believers have a more convincing argument in my opinion.

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Try watching the CHANNEL 4 (uk) documentary 'THE GREAT GLOBAL WARMING SWINDLE'

just another messianic movement- a powerful force (((our rulers))) can exploit very effectively

Greta is the most based human to ever exist. She is a hyper accelerationist. She wants to ban fossil fuels cause she knows it will cause mass starvation and mostly nonwhites will die. It will uproot the current world order and only the strongest of white men will survive.

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I dont need to watch anything to know all the climate change talk is bogus. When the solution is taxing people then you can be 100% sure its not an actual problem. Also as mentioned before the people who push this climate change shit also push for globalism. You dont need a video to see how stupid this us

Yes- people with SENSE can see what is obvious about them. Other people need help. My film proves that leading scientists in the field do not buy it.

Russians eat and make booze from potatoes, so she fears being cannibalized.

Jow Forums won't believe it, because there are too many retarded American farmers and Poos-in-the-Loos in here, but 85% of greenhouse gas emissions are caused by methane, produced by the gigantic numbers of cattle. A study by the UN, former members of environmentalist organizations and various studies, explained that cattle produce more than twice as much global warming, than the entire mass of vehicles.

Greenpeace, Oceana etc. are all just paid by the agricultural industry to shut up about it.
Americans in Brazil, who pointed out that cattle was destroying the Amazon rain forests, were shot by the leftist government.

When (((they))) talk about co2, they just want you to deindustrialize your country, by agitating against (environmental) vehicles and energy. Electric cars run on electricity that pollutes more than Diesel, "green energy" won't establish itself on an economic basis, until next century.
((they))) want to abuse that situation, to utilize the UN and its big fat carbon tax to establish the ZOG entirely, which is why they push for globalism and international corperation now, as well as working with transnational monopoly-businesses, supported by Commie China.

This is the shrinking market that Hitler described.

Most biomass in the world is cattle, it stole living ground for wildlife in the West.
You know that wildlife is stronger. It's NS, to restore brutal nature, also for humans. The Heck brothers tried to recreate aurochs, for Germans to have game.
Cows, the only pets, whos ancestor got killed.

(((they))) want to accelerate the decline of the tropical Third World zones to bring in masses of migrants, to make the North Pole inhabitable, so the Mongoloid Natives grow stronger.
Desertation by desert tribes&desert cattle, to starve and colonize Europe.

Fuck modern agriculture that feeds subhumans, permaculture&hunting are to feed us and keep the living space.

NS is biology
Modern environmentalism is oil-mafia globalism

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Does anyone else think she is some kind of inside joke that got out of hand?

I still don't understand how flooding brown people into white countries stops the weather from getting wonky..

she's gonna get shoah'd soon

I really want to bone her

Let's believe in the kids. They know what is best for us

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Nuking China into the land of black glass would unironically save the planet.


she's very pretty for a girl with downies

>methane is dangerous
I thought germans were good at chemistry.

No but they will rather die than stop virtue signaling

Why would a potato try to convince everyone to become vegetarian, just another self-hating whitey smdh

we should let 15yr olds vote too as they are the future and know what's best for the planet
yeahhhhh freeedomsss