The new YouTube, no censorship

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> new youtube
> only users are right wing refugees.
Not going to happen. Need to have a group of influential people behind it to reach the common people.

When can I watch videos in 720p

But we already have vevo

>right wing refugees

HAHAHAHAHA what a fucking oxymoron. also all those people are actually on pornhub

Evacuate youtube, stop supporting them.
End them overnight

Bitchute, Brighteon 2.0 or

the whole decentralized platform thing is a total meme

I've heard BitChute is P2P? How does that work?

I have been switching over to bitchute as much as possible

I’m trying to watch more content there but Jesus the GUI is rough and slow.

>not watching youtube videos in 4k while using Adblock to increase their streaming cost

you are doing it wrong

>How does that work?
bad, basically like torrenting. you get videos from other users I would guess. But it is very slow here in croatia, probably because nobody uses it here.

If more people used it, it would be better I would guess.

Anywhere that hosts Moonman gets my seal of approval

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This desu. I still will use it tho, fuck yt monopoly.


I wonder how free speech it really is

If only
Degeneracy is their main agenda while using those retarded ugly mutilated fucks to silence everyone they want.

but do they have 15+ years of judge judy episodes? or dr. phil?

Such a shit name for a website

It also couldn't play videos for shit either. GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER SHITCHUTE

Fuck YouTube.

why is that man wearing a dress

No one goes to bitchute because the interface is shit, the search function is shit, and you can't watch videos in HD.
With that said, I still support what they're doing but they really need to revamp their website.

Butt Shoot is a Jewish creation.

they banned atomwaffen.

when you move to

I'm not going to bother wasting my time on there until the userbase exceeds 40 million.

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Hell yah...hopefully they dont fuck us 6 years from now

let's all flock over to gab and bitchute, big tech will die any day now!


I won’t move to the wild west til people are shitting on the streets of san fransisco

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>I'm not going to bother wasting my time on there until the userbase exceeds 40 million.
The sooner a bunch of people waste their time on there, the sooner 40 mil will be hit and people like you will come over, snowballing it to a proper site.

Idiot, everyone who believes in free speech is on there.

Bitchute is comfy af

They dont call it bitPOOPchute for nothing.