What keeps you going?

what prevents you from offing yourself?
what gives meaning to your life and gives you strength?
in a world where culture, honor, religion, truth and all that's good is seen as despicable and those who abide the old ways are pushed aside.
What the fuck is the thing that powers your heart?

degenerates not welcome

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The hope that one day i will find a non brown eyed ashkrnazi babe to make beautiful blue eyed master race jews

>what prevents you from offing yourself?

There is only one sacred silence and the true blackpill is that no matter how hard you try, someone else is already busy enjoying being dead. you'll always slide back to the side of life. Try to drown yourself? You'll fall out onto the netherlands. Jump off a cliff? You'll just wake up at home, in bed.

Another day, another day, another day. Forever and ever.

Dunno. I just observe human nature at this point. I'm make a distinction between the person I act and the conscience I am. I'm probably turning schizophrenic...

I don’t want my mum to be sad

Waiting for the mother of all happenings.

all women are thots jew
all of em
cuantic immortality is a fucked up thing
pls I want it to end
mum is very important
keep going on user.

it's never going to happen in our lifetime

>what prevents you from offing yourself?

I’ll die one day whether I want to or not. Why rush?

I want to give my parents a pleasant retirement. They raised me right and my pa needs lots of medical care, so I have to stay close and make them a lot of money.

Once they're gone I don't know what I'll do, but I'm not hanging myself alone like some sadboi.

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The thought of civil war and a movement I can actually get behind and fight for happening during my lifetime.

You like to hope so, but out of all the human beings to ever exist, 15% of them have never died even once.

I don't have the guts and most times you end up in the ICU instead of dying. Since I'm forced to be alive, I'm always trying to get some people and their allies gassed.


Sometimes I feel down, but then I remember all the western Europeans who feel the same but still manage to not off themselves despite their countries being degenerate hellholes.

If they can keep on living I sure as shit can too

>what prevents you from offing yourself?
That one day I'll see my enemies defeated and my allies victorious. That and it's a sin in my faith.

>what gives meaning to your life and gives you strength?
My faith. My people. My people's culture.

The fact that offing yourself is exactly what they want.
Rebelling against the agenda.

Confusion atm
I just cant understand how so many people are able to live life through the motions.
How they find enjoyment in their menial jobs.
Is it all just fake? Are they all really unhappy but because they dont know any better, think that they are happy?
Another cocktail, another diner, another lunch, some laughs with your 'friends' (who'll drop you when shit hits the fan like the primitive apes that they are) and your good to go for another week? The older I get, the less sense the world is making. Am I going crazy? Maybe I already am....


Three mother fucking pensions! Five more years to collect. Then I can live the NEET lifestyle.

My faith in God

I don't know man. Stoicism? Finnish sisu? I don't plan on dying before my name is remembered by future generations, even if in a small way.

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I live in a remote location. Have access to a decent supply of tools and farm land. Have seed. Worst comes to worst. I'll die of laughter if the left takes over and starves everyone to death.

degeneracy in general keeps me going for now at least
I love my drugs and parties/concerts like to travel and fuck people from everywhere plus I’m a pussy when it comes to self harm

>all women are thots jew
>all of em
Even though this is true I still share Shlomo's sentiment That and a few other secrets that I wont reveal that keeps me well-grounded

nothing does, death is the end and i won't reincarnate into a white man

waiting for the Great Collapse so I can join up with Crusader units and ethnically cleanse as many mudslimes from European soil as possible

For Isanmaa

i wish i could earn being white in my next incarnation, i wish there was hope so that i could be white in my next incarnation

oh wow how fuck you

if reincarnation isn't real fuck you

Pretty much this.

if reincarantion isn't real i'm not okay with any of this


if ican't be white die

it's all lies

if reincarantion isn't real it's all lies

I’m not going anywhere. If you think I’m going to watch what thousands of years of blood, sweat, and tears worked towards get given to animals without a fight you’d be mistaken. I’m not dying before I at least match Saint Tarrants record
In Minecraft of course

there is no "innocence" if reincarantion isn't real

Trusting God.
The judgment is personal.
You and Him, nothing else matters.

For isänmaa.

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The existence of Atomwaffen division in my country

Because I'm not a pathetic loser. I have real world ambitions and goals. I have yet to do all the things I want to do. You're depressed OP, just get some more sleep, exercise, and start eating a proper diet.

Religion keeps me from killing myself, God gifted me with the ability to perceive the world as it truly is and it would be spitting in his face to kill myself.

>not a pathetic loser
prove it

Grandparents. After that nothing really.

Nice try FBI

I see two instincts at work in the world, both originating from the tragic awareness we have of our 'existence towards death' as human beings:
1. to get rid of this 'awareness' and 'mind' by focussing on not thinking at all. To become like animals again, one with the world instead of opposed to it. Savagery, hedonism and flatter than flat holliwood culture come from this instinct.
2. the eternal revolt of conscience, which will not let itself be pushed away. The mind keeps forcing awareness upon you to ever greater degrees. Philosophical investigation and the will to progress stem from this instinct.

Death will end both of these things, but not really. It is after all a matter of plains. On the plain of one life, everything is insignificant. On the plain of 'existance' the world is ruled by the tiranny of numbers and the hunger of life towards itself.
If the animalistic instinct wins out, humanity will diminish in stature, and dwindle back to the level of animals, and all life will again be trapped in the carrousel of mindless predation.
If the 'spirit' instinct wins out, there is a chance we can escape the shackles of biology, and maybe even the atrocity that is death (the key to life sustaining its horrific and wasteful ways via replacement).

I console myself with the thought they I can end everything for ME personally at anytime, and keep going with the idea of betting everything on the 2nd option, that more awareness will one day free us from the shackles of unconscious, but brutally cruel life.

This. So bloody fake and pointless.

Go to church, brother.


>caring about boomers

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Rainbaw my nigger is that you ?

>death is the end
This is what atheists actually believe. Imagine agreeing with liberal Jews on anything.

>what prevents you from offing yourself
The shit my dad had to suffer through growing up and him doing everything he could to give us a better life. I hard edge man that would never let us see the hurt he had inside. What a cuck I would be to betray him like that. It would kill him.

I dont give a fuck about you, loser.
Why would anyone prove shit to you.

My descent into insanity is actually helping me.

If this world truly wants my blood, it will have to take it by force.

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What if only a finite number of souls exist?

What if they simply cycle through different vessels?

What if the number of vessels outnumber the souls?

>what keeps you going?
Knowing that Christ will appear in my life time and BTFO Jews 10 times over and rid the world of degeneracy ushering in 1000 years of Christ’s rule on earth. Don’t give up user if only you knew how great things are going to be!

Find God

you'll be dead one day. no need to rush it. just enjoy the ride no matter what comes. you can't control what life throws at you or what other people do, but you can control how you react to it.

>If the 'spirit' instinct wins out, there is a chance we can escape the shackles of biology, and maybe even the atrocity that is death (the key to life sustaining its horrific and wasteful ways via replacement).

lol, this "spiritual" instinct and its revolt against the earth/nature is behind everything today, the more you to try transcend humanity, the more you do violence to it. read Klages. the LAST thing that will survive crossing that breach will be humanity, trust me.

Knowing that's what they want keeps from doing it

You have it backwards. There is no innocence because reincarnation is real.
We are all guilty of our own insistence on continuing to exist.

>implying there isn't only one soul spread out among everyone because time is linear only in our planar dimension

the "collective consciousness" of mankind is the whole soul, all we are is just tiny fragments, like individual cells making up a single body

I have people that need me here.
Also there are good moments in life. Great ones, even

What the hell?

Nothing ever happens

If youre going to off yourself, atleast take some kikes with you my man

>what prevents you from offing yourself?
>what gives meaning to your life and gives you strength?
>What the fuck is the thing that powers your heart?
I just keep on going. What's the point of stopping now if I've made it this far right?

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The real question is when are we going to get organised and get rid of them?

they're my boomers, though

My loved ones. I was fortunate to come from a good loving family that poured everything they had into making me who I am today. I live for them and to return thw waterfall of generosity and love they showered upon me unto the next generation.

Pretty much this.

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triggering manolos

Do you remember when you were just the minute hand, ticking along following the orders from your boss?

But never testing, what happens if I break the pattern? What happens if I go backwards? And the stupid boss, he follows you!

Worse yet, when you finally discover you are moving in an endless looping cycle. You try to break from the centre. But no salvation comes. You are stuck here until the batteries get cold. Could be trillions of years.

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I'm going to blindly believe in Eternal Life through reincarnation from now on, you guys should too. It's a happy feeling, it frees you.

My dad had it rough too, he died when i was 9 in a drunk driving accident. I can't fault him too much he a had a rough life ever since he was a kid, ran away when he like 15 i think and practically grew up in the street, worked as a fisherman/diver all his life.

I will fucking live forever faggot, i'm going to reincarnate as a pure White Nordid eventually. The struggle is eternal, and fuck you i'm taking you all with me. No man gets left behind.

HA! the Aryan is as close to innocence as it gets, FORWARD!!

There is only WORK WORK WORK and the happiness to be reaped from it. Do your duty so, we're proud of you. Next incarnation will be better, i promise.

Jesus would have to come back for that i'm afraid. ETERNAL LIFE FOR EVERYONE, EVEN JEWS.



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I just wanna see how much crazier shit gets.

fuck your optics

The truth about boomers is they should as white people be allowed to live the way they do/did. All white people and even white allies should. The real injustice is not that boomers lived their boomer lifestyle. The real injustice is that the boomer lifestyle has been stolen from white people.
Don’t kill the boomers, don’t hate the boomers. Hate the people that won’t let you be a boomer.
Kill them.
Then be the worst goddamn boomer the world has ever seen.
But be openly racist and sexist though. That’s the one boomer flaw. Tolerance.

Make sure you thank them for fucking the country. I hope they enjoy the fucking boons and beans in the nursing home.

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Hey you know the band Impertinencia? pretty good band, too uh... Red Nordid for me though (even though i'm basically a Red Nordid myself). I much prefer krauts, more serious. The true Aryans. But hey.

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Die in battle like a man.

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I am making money now. Saving to leave this shithole
Paid off student loan 2 weeks ago.

Knowing there's a 40% chance my problems with society will just go away by themselves

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My White Christian gf (irl).
(Yes, there is white people in Brazil that doesn't act like retards)

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My $14/hr walmart wage. It's the only thing I have in life.

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The key is to believe in Eternal Life through reincarnation otherwise it's impossible to get any motivation. HA! it rhymes.

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I have two parents that would be absolutely devastated if I killed myself so right now suicide would be a selfish thing to do.

Live in spite of your enemy or circumstances. Rage sits deep inside me like a nuclear core providing me endless willpower.

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b & r

same shit here

My son.

We all live forever through reincarnation, let them know. Then kill yourself and reincarnate into something other than an Irishman, like a German. Have some decency.

What? fuck you i'm kidding.

The Lord, Jesus Christ, Yeshua the Messiah

The game makes no sense, simply assume Eternal Life through reincarnation and play your part man. Have the fun that can be had.

Starship Trooper?

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Eh, he's an okay kid.

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The batteries don’t get cold. There are no batteries. The clock running is better than the alternative so you will never end it.

Jesus is not and never was real. Jesus is propaganda to make you submissive.

You don’t know anything about my incarnation. I have lived this same one over and over many times because this one is so good and it is also the one where I achieve more knowledge of life and death than any other. I am living the best existence of them all.


You get the picture now?

Yeah but paint the nurse black and have her throwing the elderly woman down on the bed, breaking her hip in the process.

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