German School in 2019

Click the twitter link for the video. Sound on.

So when does the next Hitler kill all of the invading muslims/ africans and ALL of their spawn in Europe?

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The West is lost.

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Goddamn those monkey noises they make when they get really excited.

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What an absolute joke.. G*rmcucks are pAthetic

If my autistic ass was in grade school and this type of incident happened. I would have started to kill these fucking niggers. And i wasn't even racist back then.

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I see a rocket scientist, engineer and a future WE chose!

im pretty sure all of the good german folk moved to America or elsewhere. Germany is lost.

Niggers are gonna nig

its just amazing to see the same shit behavior exhibited no matter what their environment

Why do the citizens let that happen? Why do they keep voting for merkel..? When we had niggers from sudan in tel aviv we marched and protested until most of them were kicked out... why are the real germans such cucks?

Said the sex tourist.

This isnt Germany. The teacher and the students are speaking Portuguese in the video.
Probably Brazil.

I'm truly starting to believe whites (this may include asians such as japanese/ koreans) have superior alien DNA mixed with some monkey DNA in them. Blacks are just pure monkey.

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this is what you did kike. this is what you fucking did. And your kind will pay for it.

maybe you are right. regardless; this is the future when more of these muslims and africans breed and become the majority.

kill em all 2019

its all going according to plan

Those fine gentlemen will surely safe our pension budget when all those boomer will retire

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sure you would, little guy

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pretty sure every US public school looks like that

only the actual "little" would comment like you just did.

That teacher probably voted for this.


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>So when does the next Hitler kill all of the invading muslims/ africans and ALL of their spawn in Europe?
Can't come soon enough!

This is brazil, you fucking retarded amerilard useless fucking faggot. Go stuff your fat fucking face with mcdonalds, mutt.

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IT DOESN'T MATTER. This shows how shit skins operate.

also cut your nails degenerate

*whips out gold playted UZI's*
*aimt at head before aiming at ceiling*
*point it at niggers and blast them with 200 rounds of 9mm

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It would make sense. Despite the "bug men" stereotypes, Asians and Europeans are the only races to consistantly display sentience. Whether it is from convergent evolution or from design, asians and whites are the only two races capable of the higher pursuits. Blacks and browns capable of higher thought are really just mutts who won the genetic lottery and inherited all of the good white brain genes or mutant freaks with stupidly high IQs.

>Looks like any American school to me
>Looks like any British school to me
>Looks like any French school to me
>Looks like any German school to me
>Looks like the fate of any western school to me.

*Those fine mentlegen shall surely save our pension budget when all these Nazi's retire.


The west is done lmaaaoooooo. What's important to whites though? Lgbtq teachings.

We were wrong - we were so wrong.

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This happened in Brazil. They have the same monkeys, different language.

French manicure?
>show us your tits sweetheart

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Since when did Germany become Haiti?

Niggers gonna nig.

At least they didn't have guns like 'murica

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>case in point

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This. One of my German friends moved to the US because he said "Germany is not German anymore"

Next Hitler is studying or doing something better than browsing Jow Forums right now.

All the last good german men died in WW2, all we have left is beta slav rape babies.

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I can't wait for Europe to launch the next Civil War. This time, all shitskins will be the target.
I gladly welcome a Nigger Genocide.


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Stop believing women, that's a massive shit test

>Andrey Gilber @AndreyGilberI hate "enrichment" as much as the next guy but this is just fake news, It happened in Brazil.
what did he mean by this?

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It’s insane. No matter where the negroe is it behaves savagely.


They are all parasites. If you want to get rid of them, end the free gibs.

how come your race is so cohesive while whites spread their cheeks..sometimes i think jews are all right..ony if their leaders didnt sacrifice children

This isn't a german school. There is not a single word of german spoken in the entire video.

This. Niggers are the same everywhere.

In my country, they make 13% of our population yet account for more 70% of crime.

All niggers should be deported back to their mudhuts.

>saw images
>thought it was Brazil, kinda looks like it
>open video
>they are speaking hue
Unless they speak Portuguese in German schools, OP is baiting

that's supposed to disprove it?

This is Brazil motherfucker. They are speaking portuguese.

The teacher is speaking an awful lot of Portugese for a german school

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Is this normal in our public schools?
Shit like this make me lose hope for this shithole

>refugees are more valuable than gold, GOLD

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Too much Schwarz

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>have a lot of factual material to make fun of a cuck country
>still make up fake stories
Yeah,such fake stories are used as an example by lefties to dismiss the real stories in front of the normalfags. Greate job

thats not germany

Monolingual mutts.....

Guten tag

God I hope good combat smocks come into style again

Niggers are a global issue.

If we accept that homo sapiens and homo neanderthalis coexisted at the same time and were two seperate subspecies based on their skull shapes and behavioral patterns - then why is saying that the same holds true today with homo sapiens and homo negris racist hate speech?


>The West is lost
Sounds gay and cringe Shlomo

Does anything similar happen in American schools?

>Click the twitter link for the video
Suck my balls or post the webm

This is Brazilian school, not Germany, and all the class is mixed, even the teacher.

They are speaking portuguese, not german....

That's in Brazil. They're speaking portuguese.

Because we live in hell

Thank God

What a fucking idiot! Apparently he doesn't realize that school is training him to be successful in life. He is too stupid to see that he has an opportunity for a good future.

>school in Brazil is training him to be successful in life
>in Brazil

Isn't acceleration the key? Might as well destroy the indoctrination camps to reverse the establishment. Of course, the minorities are only capable here. Because the natives are cucked. So stop complaining bitch.

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Because if they march and protest they will be labeled as hateful racists and punished. Luckily Israel actually cares about it's people.

Oh, I thought it was in Germany. Still in Brazil or anywhere, the best way to succeed is through school. Actually learning in class is a huge benefit.

>School is training him for success

It's establishing parameters within his psyche to subjugate his thought process for foreign interest, cuck. He's justified in his conduct knowing this.

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there was that comedy movie ... hmm ... high school high or smt

so that is !

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not Germanys problem, this footage is from a US airbase in Bavaria

>next Hitler

The next "Hitler" will be named "Mohammad" and he'll finish the three jobs Hitler started:

1) Killing all the Jews in Europe
2) Killing all the Germans
3) Killing all Whites in Europe

>having hope in the first place

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First thing is: A Mind who planned this, not even 100% jewish (like hitler thought), but someone who at least claims to be jewish.

second thing: the same Mind controlls the Banks and the banks finance the media and politics

majority of people in "big" (compared to tokio/mexico city they are nothing) cities like Berlin (worst shithole), Munich (best place), are just reading the typical brainwashing newspaper. The Newspapers in Germany are owned by 5 rich families. The "Bild" Zeitung is the best example - pure cuck propaganda, lies, corruption (they pay people money to get interviews from them, what a fuckin system?)
Nearly every "typical" german reads this paper at work or as app.

The result all of this is, people who think "wow the greens are so nice, they want to help trees and animals (while they get paid from the Rüstungsindustrie) and go vote for Green.

The Green Party in Germany is the same as Merkels CDU. The politics has not a real difference. so Merkel was clever, even if green take their votes, the CDU just moved to green and is still on the top.

They vote for their own death, like the mass always will (if the mass is brainwashed enough)


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yeah? but this scene is played out daily across America infinitely more times than it is in Germany

Makes me happy my grandfather in the US army only killed japs and pygmies.

I think a class of wild un tamed apes would unironically be better behaved than a class of nigs

Just so you know, this isn't Germany.
Im pretty sure that was in Italy a few weeks ago.

your grandfather was a loser then


It's not just germans, most of the west is going this way

Because.Jewish lobby groups will pressure the gov crush any descent. Just look at the ADL/SPLC in the states and CRIF in France for example.

Greater Israel is the only reason we have refugees, don't even try and pretend otherwise.

Based UganCHADS