Manlet Master Race

The Manlet gets the Milkers!

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Lucky manlet, she's beautiful and busty.

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Jueden arranged marriage.

I still remember Ben Shapiro talking about how his main concern was his sister married a Jewish guy, then he has the temerity to talk about how much he hates racial selection. I just laugh, the balls on that guy.

She's like 5'2

The nose knows

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Do short trad men beat their women when they wear heels?

I'd hit that.

That might be one of the most disturbing faces on a woman I've seen. Something isnt right.....oh...its the lack of souls and the radiance of infant blood infused skin.

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Big breastststs

how tall are you

Manlet checking in. Can confirm that we are the master race. There is literally no advantages to being a lanklet

He gets leeched for money too. And the temper tantrums, chimpouts, soul draining and all the typical basic bitch activities.

>tfw no Amazon waifu

why live?

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Not politics. Fuck off.

cucked daughtry and his bisexual cheating thot wife

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anyone know what ben's wife looks like??

Look it up


look it up for me. i'm lazy.

Females list over dwarven girth, there is NO equal.

>look it up
Hey! No manlet jokes!

Well. They say milk is good for a growing boy.

Manlet here. Can confirm. I'll die at 150 years old, while lanklets die out at 80

god I wish I had a woman like that (minus the kike genes)

> god I wish I had a woman like that (minus the kike genes)

You are looking at everything wrong. The so called kike genes, they are part of the appeal.

Sorry, user im busy