Ban guns, knives and... martial arts

> More SJW Cuckification

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At what point did Britain decide to take it upon themselves to turn into even bigger shrieking SJW's than our liberals

>7 billion people on the planet
>6 billion are completely useless
>4 billion wipe their ass with their hands
Why are we so worried about saving lives, exactly?

theguardian is about on par with your american democrats, you're reaching because you have a really gay hateboner for the uk despite not actually having anything to do with the original crop of americans who fought a war against us

"Don't learn, do or enjoy anything related to defending yourself goyim.Also testosterone be gone"

All of them. Self defense is an actual natural right, unlike all the meme human rights the crybaby left has cooked up.

self defense is illegal in australia, all mainland states ban personal armour of any kind

>Self defense is illegal
Yes, when you're a slave.

>they came for our farms first
>then they came for our guns
>now they took our armour

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because we aren't robots

>Self defense is illegal
All life has the natural right to defend themselves

how many lives have been saved by mixed martial arts? its impossible to measure but i would wager quite a few

Maybe that's what's holding humanity from progressing?

progressing into being robots?
that would be regression

if you want robots just build some fucking robots and go live on the moon with your perfect fucking robots offing themselves whenever they are inconvenient to you

what two men do in the privacy of their own cage is nobody else's business

How many more young people must die before niggers are banned?

> progressing into being robots?
I'm absolutely convinced some people Want to be robot/slaves.

ok, well, give them some instructions. give them some things to do that are mutually beneficial and its all cool. they sound like useful and lovely albeit dull people. but we need those kinds of people too. in the right system they would have a place they chose to be in and they could do well and be productive and have meaning to their existence.

Bin that hate speech or you'll be getting a visit from the thought police

>what do you need hands for when you can get anything with the push of a button? Only murderers and criminals with a need to manipulate objects in a 3d space will have a use of such appendages.
>What do you need feet for when public transportation will take you where you need to go? Only murderers and criminals ambulating on a non determined rout will have use for such appendages.
>What do you need an intact frontal lobe for when augments provide all the thoughts you'll ever need? Only criminals and murderers will use complex cognitive processes.

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all of them


Fuck off

But we dont get arrested for having knives or guns or saying nigger

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This game was still ahead of its time.

did i see replace them with robots that do everything and then over feed them with free food on a spaceship? no i did not. i said for those people who seem to want to be slaves, give them some work, in a nice way that respects everyone's freedom. and they can find meaning in their lives and such on have purpose. and that stupid robot people living like robots is dumb, you might as well have robots if thats how you want it. was my point is all

>did i see

How many more young people must die before niggers are banned?

>the guardian
Lad, the Guardian is anything and everything but British

this of course is the real issue that will never be addressed

die for Israel

are you up late too tassie brother

lol do they want to bad boxing and wrestling, though? Those are the top of the food chain concerning martial arts.


Just ban public places, they're obviously the problem. You can let me own all the land and I"ll make sure the animal folk enjoy it.


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So girls can't take karate to defend themselves against rapists?

How many bans banning things before banning things is banned?

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>posts Polish art

And cars, don't forget cars.

Not many people die in mma tho. Less than boxing iirc. Probably less than gymnastics.

Trips of truth, but the elite don't care. You are nothing more than a troublesome slave to them.

Asking the deep question

So there's an epidemic of mass punchings in the UK?

Not ilegal here, but you'll probably end up in jail.

Turn to the raight!

pretty sure gay sex is the most dangerous activity on earth.....

Martial arts were actually banned in USSR.

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Cut hands.

I love boxing, mma seems too touchy and bloody for me.
wish don king had not ruined boxing

That would be unfair to the rapists, user.

>how many young people must die before MMA ban?

all of them

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Can't have the goyim being able to defend themselves, only g*d's chosen are allowed to fight and own guns :^)

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Seems to make sense. I'm going to see America becoming United Soviet states of America SOON

You can't say that. You should turn yourself in to constable Mohamed, and maybe he will let you off easy with a few hours of sodomy

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I guessed immediately that this article would be in the guardian. That is the most cucked paper in the world.


you know Bernie Sanders talking points lately are straight off the 1936 soviet union's founding principles, right?

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No it's not you lying faggot.

>won't even have the right to bear actual arms

Best bit of the gurdian is the begging popup

>going bust, plox gib monies

No its not faggot. Who is fedor? Who is khabib? Who is Piotr yan? What are all these fucking Jews gaining by making shitvup like this. You Slavic fucks just had a UFC event in Moscow this year. Fuck off with your bullshit

soviet onion "constitution" of 1936:
The constitution repealed restrictions on voting and added universal direct suffrage and the right to work to rights guaranteed by the previous constitution. In addition, the constitution recognized collective social and economic rights including the rights to work, rest and leisure, health protection, care in old age and sickness, housing, education and cultural benefits. The constitution also provided for the direct election of all government bodies and their reorganization into a single, uniform system. It was written by a special commission of 31 members which Stalin chaired. Those who participated included (among others) Andrey Vyshinsky, Andrei Zhdanov, Maxim Litvinov, Kliment Voroshilov, Vyacheslav Molotov, Lazar Kaganovich, Nikolai Bukharin and Karl Radek, though the latter two had less active input.[3]

How many more young people have to die before immigration is banned?

2013. That was the year this shit began. Now the water is at a full boil.

>limiting the number of rounds is not a slippery slope
>banking bump stocks is not a slippery slope
>banning silencers is not a slippery slope

They banned wrestling in WA.

Why do Democrats think that people shouldn't be allowed self-defense?

USSR you retarded fucking mutt, not current russia.
How fucking mentally defective can a man be to post this shit?


>implying there are 1 billion useful people

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Dear UK comrades, please put your martial arts in bins conveniently placed throughout the cities so that no one will get hurt anymore. #defensefreeUK

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In Australia, it is illegal to import body armour without prior authorisation from Australian Customs and Border Protection Service. It is also illegal to possess body armour without authorization in South Australia, Victoria, Northern Territory, ACT, Queensland & New South Wales. (updated Jan 19, 2017)

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>how many more must die until mixed race marriages are banned
That would be a better article.

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Why aren't we simply locking these retards up?

How many decades are we going to watch the left demonstrate that they cannot function in modern society?

o fug

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Wasn't using your martial arts one of the arguments for gun control?
>Why do you need a gun to protect yourself?
>You have fists to defend yourself with, don't you?

What, pray tell, are they if not British?

The new MMA will be... Milkshake Martial Arts?

I approve. If it ain't banned, it's no proper martial art anyway, just a system of flowery hands.