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I hope they were flying back to Africa. Less racist white people there

Plane is probably stolen.

lol, this is so sad. if i was black i would never say something so racist against my own people. of course africans can fly airplanes. dont say such things about yourselves and imply that its impressive when you do basic shit. its sad. you can do better africans, i believe in you less then i do most other races. but yes you are human and yes you can fly a plane, of course, obviously.

>oh wow, we can fly planes, im so proud of us
-black person

lol, its so sad


>Less racist white people there
but without waycism what will niggers talk about?

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I mean yeah being a pilot isn't easy, you have to be able to do math and geography and use coordinates and stuff. There's a ton of responsibility and you have to know what to do if something goes wrong. Good on them for being successful.

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Gotta give dat mad respect to two bradders who done showed up and did they job justa likka sum fuckin cracker

>What are statistical outliers
These are 1 in 10 million niggers.

Do you retards not remember those Boeing's they had to ground?

Most "pilots" these days don't know how to actually fly across country.

Autopilot does cruising, take off and landing


>Hey do you think if I land this successfully, Alaska will give me a job as a pilot?
>You know, I think they would give you a job doing anything if you could pull this off.
>Yeah right! Nah, I’m a White guy.

Someone please shoop the background to the twin towers

No shop it in Detroit with check cashing places and quick marts

>congratulating them for not crashing the plane

They look very competent and intelligent for niggers. But I still wouldn't trust them flying an airplane.


>animals doing normal human things

*Clap clap clap* what a huge achievement to do what whites do every single day

The 10% doesn't excuse the other 90

>black person does something everyone else has done for over a century
>another black person sees it
Do they not understand how belittling they're being to themselves?