Be me

>Be me
>See social media sites blocking people for their views
>Know that ultimately, being that the social media site has a right of ownership to their property, they can silence whoever they want for any reason.
>Know a little PHP code and SQL
>Decide to build entire blog platform because I know I wouldn't silence people for their beliefs.
>Actually fucking do it. Took 3 months, been working on small changes ever since.

Today I have added a facebook crawler meta tags to be able to pull an image to then show when someone links the homepage. Additionally some SQL entries that had to do with some back end stuff, long story short "making https load all images through https" versus just text.

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You should make an explanatory meme of what this is, like this image is doing. It'll attract more attention

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too bad jordan peterson is already launching his free speech platform for only $19.99 a month. he has sargon on it ffs, who you got?

Interesting idea. I do art as well, I might be able to pull off a comic or something.

Yeah, I mean I don't have the power of Sargon or Jordan. but this shit is mine. I built it. I won't get silcenced on it and neither will you.

i'm just taking a piss, buddy, mostly on jbp. good for you, though, looks like a reasonable idea

fuck the avatar requirement tho. remove it

Nice work, user
I don't know if you have to comply or not, but for European users you may have to show a notice for it to be GDPR compliant
Just trying to add up to your project, in case the GDPR shit is needed

Is the commenting part of your app as well?

So like... I wanted people to have ownership of their own article. IF at some point they don't like an article tied to their name, they have a right to remove it freely. Of course, in the instance of registering itself, no personally identifiable information is required to set up an account.

The commenting system is entirely hand coded. Yes. All of it goes through the internal database.

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yeah but why do i have go upload an image file? duck that

Care to share your script

Oh I see what you are saying, yeah I don't have a bit of code for a default picture. My fault. for now here is a picture if you want.

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>I won't get silcenced on it and neither will you.
Yeah, until far-leftist corporations, domain registrars, hosting services and banks get wind of your platform and decide to deny you their services.

Its.... it's a mess with like tons of modules that need to load in order, it wouldn't be easy to share without uploading the whole thing, and then that it requires the database itself to reference.

Understood... Nice work though, keep it up

Thanks user!


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Sing my fucking petition

Based postal poster


i'm thera atm. it's a nice site.
added to fav

Thanks user. I'm looking for more writers. More writing = more visitors. Basically if you have an ideology to shill, it's all game. Even better, if you ever get banned on some other site, your articles stay.

you know, it would be really really cool if you could host videos too like youtube, expecially now that most "troublesome" youtubers got demonetized just for reporting things or have sided with the right like dave rubin or the quartering.
there's a huge demand of free speech right now

For sure. The issue is of course, I am only allocated a certain amount of space. and it isn't big. Considering a single video can exceed well into the hundreds of megabytes, it's just not feasible to do it.

Keep in mind, Youtube operated heavily into the red for many years before finally turning a profit. it isn't easy to host videos.

Banned from YouTube in a previous purge.

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understood. hope it will grow stronger in the future

we need more like you, user. success or fail, at least you're actually manifesting something out there that's aligned with your POV. i wish you the best of luck and I'll have a look.


Thanks user. I want it to be successful. The way to do it is simple. I get more writers, there will be more readers. People often share their content when they are passionate about it or want to share an idea. It's too easy to share content that is small and therefore too simplistic.

With larger structure, people have the ability to really write what they mean. People like this person come out of the woodwork.

Over time, I'll get more readers and writers.

Unfortunately, in the virtually impenetrable market you've just attempted to find entry to (although I don't believe it is impossible)... the only chance you have at success is via organic growth like you've described; along with a bit (a lot) of luck.

When I have some more time this weekend, I will def check it out. I wouldn't call myself a "writer" but I certainly have a passion for it and have gotten a reaction or two from my material in the past... which is very much aligned with some of the subject matter found on this south korean basket weaving image forum, for whatever that's worth.


Cool man. Yeah, I wish you luck. Keep in mind there are people who write, but they suck at writing.

Godspeed brother... if you ever start to hit some momentum and have a need for any web service or marketing automation work, come find me here. I could use a philanthropic project that doesn't consist of helping out nigs or fags. I'll be the snarky, satiric jerk in non-slide threads, preferably having to do with occulted knowledge...