While right-wingers are out there fighting for tax cuts for the billionaire class...

While right-wingers are out there fighting for tax cuts for the billionaire class, liberals are fighting for working class people.

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People without secured means of food production are not voters, they are beggars. They don't want "progress" they want to be leeches on the american way of life. Fix ya fuckin meme flag

good one


It was a false flag set up by .gov

This is theater layered on top of theater

>being a first responder
>being surprised at having to do my job

This kikes people planned the attack

He is a centrist, though.

>actor cries on camera

exactly. Keep your faggy emotions out of the courtroom.

Also the FF already costs too much without the added benefits for the responders. Reality sucks.

Centrist? get real dude. john LEBOWITZ anything but a centrist.

He's a kike.

Right wingers are fighting for a future for our children while liberals are are fighting for groups that make up for less than 1% of the population

Try harder, commie faggot.

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it was 20 fuckin years ago? why do they still need money? They need Gibs for life for doing their job?

>Jon LEIBOWITZ spends his entire career helping democrats and pretending to be sane and a "voice of reason"
>he helps create a problem that shouldnt exist
>now all of a sudden he wants to fix it
>implying jews would have it any other way

wtf i love CNBC now
much accurate

there's a reason he thanked JERRY NADLER at the start of his speech

Fighting for more gibs so the shitskins vote for them. They don't give a shit about the actual people.

>911 missing links
Jews do terrorist attack on America then whine and cry for the people they fucked up.