Let me get this straight

>T. nog rapes wyte wymn in elevator
>huwites clan up and arrest youth in question.
>nugus show up in arms and one of them fires into the crowd of whites.
>whites proceed to burn the ENTIRE town to the ground.

so whites basically kill blacks and burn their town for no reason, do i have this correct? whats youre alls problems huh?
arent blacks opressed enough to not have to worry about everything THEY built getting burnt to the ground over nothing?

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But..he dindu did nuffin.

I don't get it, is this bait? You walk through the clearly defined steps of escalation and conclude "wtf wypipo"

no, clearly there there was a reason, a rape and then some nog shooting, whats your problem?

Bigger detected.

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>and one day, for no reason, whites basically kill blacks and burn their town for no reason

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>no reason

every dead white person is a reason.



Yea but I heard that there was already mobs of whites systematically slaying blacks.
> not responding to reports of rape and violence
>an besides all his did was whistle at her

You are either stupid or being sarcastic. I don't know what you are talking about. I think killing innocents is wrong, but, if a black man rapes a white woman, I think he should be killed. Hang the body in a public place as an example to the others. We cannot allow anyone to hurt our women.

nice flag


>niggs show up in arms and one of them fires into the crowd of whites.
>so whites basically kill blacks and burn their town for no reason

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>lefties complain when whites actually chimp out and race war
it would just be fucking terrible if something like this happened to today wouldnt it pol?

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>niggers tried to start a war they couldnt win

Didn't burn down the town.. the town is still alive and well. You might recognize it as Tulsa, Oklahoma. Greenwood is a _district_ in Tulsa (even today).

semantics, watson.
>humor me
>the entire town of greenwood
>town. . .
>tulsa, city.

>Hurr durr, a district is now called a "town"
It's almost like you don't realize that words can have numerous definitions. One definition of the word "town" is a synonym for "city". Further, YOU called it a town in your OP. Greenwood is NOT a town.. it's a district inside a city. You can't now change your mind and say "gosh, Tulsa is a city" in an attempt to say that you were talking about different things. Districts aren't towns. Greenwood is literally fucking downtown Tulsa. I live here. I know.

Oh, almost forgot. "Synonym" means "a word or expression that serves as a figurative or symbolic substitute for another" -- or "the words mean the same thing."

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Its almost as if you misread semantics for synonym.
>muh burro.

No rape occurred. Some shoeshiner boy at his job wanted to use the bathroom, and the bathroom that african americans could use in that area was at the top floor of the building near his shoe shining spot. It just so happen that operator of the elevator that a black person has to use to use the bathroom was a white woman.

What's real bizarre about this case is that both of these people where working at a unusual time. It was memorial day and most shops were closed that day. Also, the women statement was never recorded and she told police she didn't want to press charges but the police didn't care anyway. Odd behavior from a white women of the time, this lead people to speculate that her and the black boy might've been lovers.

Anyway, the boy had a good reputation with members of the local black community so they were worried that a white mob would just lynch the boy without doing a proper investigation which seems by all evidence to be the direction that the situation was headed in. So about 50-60 black men, armed with rifles and shotguns, arrived at the jail to support the sheriff and his deputies to defend the boy from a mob racist whites that demanded the boy be giving to them for torture and lynching.

It was at this point things just went to shit, the mere sight of seeing so many blacks armed caused whites to chimpout, and when whites chimpout, its wholesale destruction on a level that most can't imagine.

Sounds like you were there, seem to know exactly how it "went down", or did you get that narrative of history from somewhere?

I got it from the best evidence we have available from the case. Yes, I know it hurts your heart to hear white people were in the wrong in this instance but that's your problem to deal with.

Source it

This meme that whites should never escalate is garbage. Start shit get lynched burned alive. fuck rhyming.