Isn't there a single article saying who the fuck did this?

I've been looking all week, can't find shit. It's actually the first time they manage to perfectly suppress the information.
To the point where normies now feel free to say that they were doc martins wearing neo nazis 1970's style.

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The only hint we have is that one of the dykes claimed the boys acted like hooligans. I wouldn't be surprised if they were attacked from a Pakistani gang or a muslim gang but so far we have no clue and the hooligan term make people to think on skinheads, which also could be true considering alt-righters have been involved in violence and even terrorist attacks recently.

That's not important, what's important is to use this incident to attack white men and their evil homophobic ways

Exactly brother. Hooligan is a word use for whites. These cunts, as they were getting beat up, were already thinking of protecting the race of their attackers.
All of us know they were muslims, but this is the very first time I can't find a shred of information about the race...

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The people who did it were probably teenagers below the age of 16, which is why their info wasn't released.

they got robbed by "Asians"

Woke and gaypilled. But I need to fucking know for sure, I have normies around me blaming skin heads from 1981!

We know that one of them spoke Spanish

I'd be HAPPY with "asians". But even that is now too much for the british media!!

The biggest problem in London is niggers. Asians are a problem in other areas.

Asians, Niggers, I just want to know who the fuck did this. There isn't a single information, nothing, it's like the "victims", the press and the cops, are working HAND IN HAND to protect the subhumans

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Or maybe one of them knew enough Spanish from school to say something. These boys probably realised quickly that these girls were foreign. It was probably a group of niggers, aged 14 or 15. Niggers are most likely to hit women.

This. I'm fed up with retards on this board not realising that british media aren't allowed to release the identities of underage crims.

The only way we'll be able to find out is if someone leaks it.

And the only way that's gonna happen is if someone provides a financial incentive, if ya know what i mean

They admitted to starting the physical confrontation. So you're looking at two dykes who got in a fight with shitskins and lost.

I literally do not give a fuck.

So wot you're saying is, we'll never have the info

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this, expecting the (((msm))) to tell the truth is just bluepilled NPCism

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Without EXPECTING the msm to be saying the truth, I was always capable of finding an element in the articles, giving away the race of the attackers. Not anymore

You wanna know for sure it isn't whites?

They haven't told you the race. They would've lead with the race of the attackers if it was white. The fact that they're trying such a complex workaround to blame whites is proof enough

she wrote an article for the Telegraph today and she blames racist etc.
So no matter the race of the suspects, it is still white people's fault.

If the perpetrators are underage, the media is not allowed to reveal information like race.

It was just rough sex.

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Link it

Coulters law. If the longer it takes to release details of the perpetrator the more likely it’s not a white person.

It's illegal to name the Muzzies in Sadiq Khans London.

Thus, it was clearly Muzzies.

the news cycle is to circulate it heavy for 2 days then completely forget it ever happened, but reference it in future stories in single lines here and there

It was already said one was 18.

I can try to find the source by but one is 18 and should have been identified.

yeah she can give it the big one in a blog but guaranteed she'll start crossing the street a lot more

One of them was eighteen. But if they release his identity they'll indirectly release the others as well, so they won't release his identity.

where is your leaf?

they said one was 18, faggot, and you could still release the god damn cctv footage since everywhere in london, and all the buses, are videotaped. its fucking bullshit. do something about your country, you pathetic wanker.

but they were attacked for not engagin in homosexuality (enough)
if anything it was a homophilic attack

>the media is not allowed to reveal information like race.
>Implying "rules" ever stopped race hucksters
They don't care. And the "victims" would call them white as well

It was clearly staged. The UK has its own version of Jussie Smollett

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>but this is the very first time I can't find a shred of information about the race...
They're learning. Expect the attacks to ramp up but all blame be placed on "hooligans" whatever that means.

stop asking question user, they were just homophobes
now love gays and stop being racist

even Swedish media wrote about this and they said nothing about the attackers, just about "hate-crimes" increasing

Her injuries don't even look consistent with the "blood" splatter on her clothes. Look at her shirt, does it look like her nose rained blood down in that fashion? What about the runny streak going down her chin to her chest? None of it is consistent with her injury. Her nose would be all sorts of fucked up if she was really bleeding that bad and her face would be too, but instead she looks absolutely fine with just red marks on her nose.

That's how you know it was non-whites, cuz they'll never tell you otherwise.

>t. has seen all seasons of Dexter

Yeah so effectively the same reason. Also he was just arrested, no ones yet been charged with the crime as far as im aware.

A lesbian couple killed their 9-year-old son after trying to make him transgender by cutting off his penis.

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Aren’t court documents public info? They caught the perpetrators right?

It's just a pro-homo stunt, bro.

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It's sad seeing laws that made sense to support your rights be exploited by shit skins and the media to undermine whites. To this day I am still mad at the locked texas case because we know no details of the arrest or the court case due to Texas law so that little faggot can continue parading around as some innocent victim.

Personally i don't understand why the age limit is 18. Most of the little shits in this country committing crimes like this seem to be 12-18

Only thing thats provided is the age range of the boys. All of them "minors" so details related to who/what they are (Muslims) won't be released.

The day after the first article appeared online (roughly a month after the "attack") the British Police came out saying this was the first they heard of such attack, despite the women claiming a police officer was on the lower deck. 2 days after that, and a slew of hate from the LGBTQ community, the police took down that tweet, and claimed to have 4 suspects for the attack. Coincidentally they're all minors.

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This image is so fake it's laughable. Does anyone actually believe that blood splatter is real? It looks like a shitty halloween costume. Literally nobody cares that these bitches are lesbians, it's just a fake news story to convince retards that gay people are under attack because 'muh militant bigotry' still exists.

I just checked today to see if there was any new news, but nope. this story was nothing but pride month shock and awe sensationalist fake news.

The story was covered up because the attackers weren't the right race.

I like what I see.

most likely it was the two women who started the psychical attacks

that cant be true

Chris speaks

> I beg you to amplify and channel this energy to hold accountable the intersecting web of elected politicians, government agencies and corporations who have reinforced a status quo of clearly delineated inequality long before this single attack in 2019. Redirect your money from rainbow capitalism to people-of-colour-led organisations striving for justice. I donated to the Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice, Trans Women of Color Collective and Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund. Question why the photo of two attractive, white cisgender women compelled you to post about Pride for the first time.

no agenda here, folks

I'm just flabbergasted that the media called it a homophobic attack when they were allegedly attacked for not being homosexual enough.

It's plenty obvious who did it. Authorities will (((search))) for the culprits. If no (((suspects))) are found, the case will drop dead from the media like all the other ones.

The Boys did it

According to coulters law they were attacked by black holes.

the funniest thing to me is that neither of them are even British. One is an american and the other is from south america

Everyone knows it wasn't white people. Even the fucking leftists know. They know this based on reality.

Holy shit your'e right.

This never happened. Look at her face. Completely unbruised. The blood splatter looks like she kicked someones ass not the other way around. We know that's not the case.

Fake af

We all live in a clown world now, didn't you get the memo?

> X attacked/stabbed/raped/murdered in UK.
X is sandniggers.

This. I've had a broken nose. Your eyes go black almost immediately. Your nose swells at a fucky angle. Your blood is WAY darker and more viscous.