Jow Forums BTFO

do you think he regretted this tweet?
why did he delete it?

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who, and who

Never talk about Jow Forums away from Jow Forums. Now he knows.

Sloppy job Mossop.

anyone have the thread archive?

post a link to the archived thread faggot OP

Based and midgepilled

>I put a kick me sign on today and got my as kicked

apparently it's this one although at the beginning I thought it was a fake

Kek he is such a little bitch. "Wahh people are saying mean things I'm gonna sue them" like dude how long have you had internet access? Fuck off.

He’s just another clueless entitled idiot who thinks his celebrity and wealth translates to power. Amongst the normies and polite society, sure, but he’s doing the same thing as many before him, fucking with the chans. It’s an endeavor that only results in your original issue multiplying exponentially until you shut the fuck up about it and move on.

>blaming Jow Forums for something 4channel did
Fuck this guy

What did he do to piss off /tv/?

sloppy flop mossop

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>hate has no place on the internet

apparently this is a second post by him

Didn't he do a movie once, or something? Anyway, people that aren't thick-skinned should probably avoid the internet all together.

Some autist posted a pasta about how he would torture warwick in a midget actors thread and got a bunch of (You)s because it was lulzy

But apparently warwick was in that thread cause he got asspained and started whining on twitter so naturally /tv/ anons took that one pasta and turned it into a cornucopia of midge memes

My favorite one is with the matchbox bed

Thinking the police & a lawyer will stop the full force of this sites users taking aim at his life & personal finances. He us a brave man, cant wait to watch him get broken like Lebeouf did

Even though I am a mere insect who has no right to live I still don't want hateful messages on my computer screen. I hope the F.B.I. gets you bigots in prison for what you have written online.

His lawyer probably called him a retard for trying to sue an anonymous board

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He’s just pissed Peter Dinklage is stealing his thunder.

link to thread?


kek, fuck that fat midget fuck. I want to fuck his daughter while he cries in the corner

fuck him. prove it. the archive can be faked.

>go of your own free will and adult volition, into Jow Forums
>complain about treatment
Why do you keep hitting yourself?



who knows? Jow Forums has common carrier protection. willow should bitch to the feds and let them find the offender.

Wow, talk about being pathetic

holy shit anons this is too good

what's in the water you drink, faggots, to make you shitpost like that?

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>demand something from a bunch of anonymous posters whilst falsely accusing
>surprised when they tell you to fuck off and call you an idiot
REEEEEEEEEEEEE I can't wait for his lawyer to also call him a fucking moron because he not only went looking for trouble, but stoked the fires with a demand/accusation. These people are living jokes.

leave willow alone!

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screens before mods deleted it

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sloppy job mossop

Kek I ws in that thread

peck... peck...
peck, peck, peck, peck, peck

underrated reply

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kek, why does this midge care again?

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Jeez, this guy has a short temper.

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so get the fuck off the internet, pussy

>forgotten midget celeb wants to make easy money and gain fame with a fake scandal

this reminds me of someone, or better something

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4plebs archived it

Shit that was actually him?


>make threats to yourself on Jow Forums

shiggy diggy


val kilmer will always be a bigger star than warwick davis

>Warwick, known for his toothy smile
No, he's know for being that fuckin midget on TV

>those vile bigots


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Jow Forums is a publisher, there’s no way around it. Jow Forums is responsible for all posts made on Jow Forums. Google, Jow Forums’s owner, is liable for all posts, as this is a publication, not a platform.

By deleting so many perfectly legal posts not breaking any rules, Jow Forums has accepted responsibility over all posts made in this web publication.

I'm dying.
That whole thread is fucking GOLD, Jerry.

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stop harassing him

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highly doubt it was him

they can do what they did with wapanese and weaboo, and soi boi, just have any mention of warwick davis autocorrected to "peck" in the server.

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Congratulations Mr. Davis,
You have discovered the one way to ensure that Jow Forums will never, ever leave you alone

imagine kidnapping him and his daughter. you bring them to a secluded location, and strap davis to a chair. "LET US GO!" he says.

His daughter is visibly scared. you approach and grab her. she resists, but it's no use against your average male strength. you take her clothes off till she's just wearing her little panties and a bra. warwick is begging you not to. he starts to tear up, knowing well what's about to happen to his daughter. you rip off her last two pieces of garment until she's standing there completely naked, infront of you and her father.

You can tell she has never been with a man before. You pick her up, and enter her. She's fucking tight. You barely get the tip fully in before she begins to bleed. She screams in pain as you go deeper and deeper. in and out, blood smears further down your shaft as you progress.

As you stretch her virgin pussy out more and more, it gradually becomes easier to penetrate her deeper and faster.
your average sized cock begins poking out of her stomach with every thrust. she still screams out of pain and fear, but now her little midge pussy tells a different story.

>this is a publication
We're all pro writers nao, and our publicist is 4chinzz.

Jow Forums is not a publisher, it's a common carrier

They are right. I see nothing but the most extreme forms of hate on Jow Forums. We drastically need to do something about it.

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A 30 year diet of maple syrup and Tim Hortons will do that to them. The only cure is a rake.


Jow Forums is satire

Stupid peck! Doesn't he realize he only makes things worse the louder he screams?

Wait I'm suprised it wasn't b

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This is fake right? Right?. . .

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>7 (seven) days
is he a /sp/artan?

someone post that pasta about smashing his head like a melon, gets me every time

Hes this midget that played in the 80's movie Willow.




This literally who vs. /tv/'s cunnyposter.
Who would win?


aaaaaaaaand it's gone!

Yeah, Willow in like 1987 lol.

He realized he was a bit short tempered.

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I didn't hate him before but this shit is starting to become obnoxious and I am beginning to dislike this little midge unironically.

target acquired

demand... that's adorable.

Warwick Davis is a rapist. It is not even that he is guilty of the crime that is the problem, the problem is that he is so guilty that it makes him innocent. This is the reason that he was found not guilty.

When he entered his plea of not guilty the judge demanded that Warwick Davis explain himself. Warwick stood, his towering stature left the courtroom in awe, several women fainted. He turned to the jury and stated "I raped the living shit out of them", he paused, "And, now I am raping you". Over the next five and a half hours he proceeded to rape the entire jury, stopping only briefly to defecate on the witness stand. When it was finally over three women and one male juror were in comas, and there was one juror who was left unidentifiable, their entire intestinal tract had prolapsed.

At that point the judge had no choice, Warwick was innocent. It was not that he didn't rape, but rather that he raped so much that it could be no longer considered ordinary rape. After consulting all of his legal references the just was forced to admit that there was no crime on the books for ultrarape.

lmao did he really name the file "on_my_way_to_the_lawyer.jpg"

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>he posted on Jow Forums
>trying to STOP hate
He might as well have asked to be doxxed and harassed

>Cage fight

All we'd need to contain the little scamp would be a shopping cart.

Why didn't he just use his magic acorns on those trolls?

>Imagine being a tiny little bit of a man. You wake up in the morning and throw back the napkin blanket from your matchbox bed. You almost roll off and fall to your death. Feel around for the ladder with your rice sized toe. There it is. You climb down. Now you see an ant. The giant brute lumbering toward you. The smell of tiny man meat intoxicating the insect. You run, or more like you hop, towards the safety of a small crack in the wall not even the ant can fit in. Take a moment to rejoice and let your eyes adjust to the darkness. You're so small you can see every individual ray of light. Hungry from your morning adventure you decide to eat. Luckily a feast of atoms and other subatomic particles lay before you. You eat barely a third of a neutron and you're stuffed. That's when you notice you've accidentally begun to fall through the very fabric of existence. You grasp out but everything is too big to hold onto. You fall into the abyss.

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