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Do you own land Jow Forums? If yes, what have your experiences been? If not, why not? Land ownership is a central tenant of Western societies and is an inherently political issue. It is a right that cannot be taken for granted in modern times. Also, dump memes, info-graphics and share successes and failures you have experienced regarding developing your own property.

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Today's farmers are not like those of old. In the past, they would produce food, fuel, and resources for local markets. They would either thrive or fail. Now, governments subsidize the production of Corn, Onions, etc. Our farmers are held hostage by government handouts, because those same governments control prices, and set them below market rate for the crops farmers produce.

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In the United States, some 30% of all fruits and vegetables are imported from third world countries. Why? Because of the American agriculture system that incentives the production of a few key crops and almost nothing else.

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Is it impossible to grow foods beyond corn, onions or wheat in America? Not at all. But it is difficult, our local food distribution systems have largely been neglected. Lettuce eaten on the eastern seaboard may come from California's central valley. Why can't it come from your windowsill?

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No matter how small of a space you have, you can grow simple greens and herbs. A south facing window will produce all the lettuce, kale, spinach and herbs that you could ever use.

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Have more space than a windowsill? Build a greenhouse and grow year round! Or at the very least, start a small market or kitchen garden and produce during the summer. The sky is the limit.

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Get out of the city, and for the love of god, dont move to the suburbs. Buy several acres outside of an urban center and begin your life anew, not dependent on the grocery store jew. Suburban homes are toxic piles of plywood and glue that you should not be using your federal reserve funny money on.

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Plant a fruit tree today, and your grandchilden will still be eating its fruit. There is no great sign of settlement than an orchard near a farmhouse. Food security means you produce your own continuous supply, not that you stockpile Cliff bars in your basement

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There are dozens of varieties of fruit trees. And if dont properly almost anybody can grow them, anywhere. Use a greenhouse to produce citrus in cold climates, and sell fresh, local oranges in December. You can heat a greenhouse with chickens in the winter without any need for artifical heat sources. Eggs and oranges for very little work.

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here's a self-reliance discord people here might be interested in: discord gg/8B3FK79

There is no land ownership in this country. Ever heard of property taxes?

Check out Richard Perkins for loads more permacultural/rotational farming techniques. Guy is a leader in small-scale regenerative agriculture, farming way far north in Sweden. Interesting guy, his book is kinda all over the place (you can tell he has tons and tons of info, but could have really used an editor to get it down onto paper more coherently).

Wow, what a unique observation, surely nobody knows about taxes. You got me.

Interested in learning more?
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Educate yourself on the traditional building systems and styles of your region, then fucking do, faggot. Dont buy a plywood box that will mold and fall apart within 50 years. Building something that your grand children can inherit.

Heh, nothin personnel.

Well. Thats about all I have at work. If there is even one single lurker, this was worth it. Im an experienced builder and architect and am more than happy to help anybody with questions. But, it looks like this thread is going nowhere

I'm here, nigger. I appreciate your posts, but personally I don't have money to buy all the materials I'd need to build this stuff.

Here is my story: I live in northern Wisconsin on 17 acres. The house was existing, but in rough shape. My wife and myself retrofitted it with passive solar and ventilation to increase its comfort and efficiency. In the basement of the house, there is an old, hand-dug well that drys up in early August most years. To ensure a steady supply of water, we divert the roof water into a 1500 gallon cistern and use a pressure pump to achieve water pressure(as the cistern is in our basement)

I appreciate the bump friend. You might be surprised at how little you can build your own home for. I recently finished the plans for a client who is self performing all the labor himself. The materials will cost him roughly $15,000 and my fee was only $500. It is a single story cob home designed to be passive solar with about 1,200 sf

In winter i use about 3 cords of wood for heating, and our two wind turbines produce all of the power we use, which is much less than the average american family. None of what I accomplished requires specific degrees or a lot of money, just your time and effort.

Does CO2 pumping really work?

I cant say, as I have never tried it. I used this book to start my greenhouse. All of the extra CO2 I have in there comes from the animals that I need there in the winter. The author of this book uses rabbits, but as I read Permaculture before I read this, I use chickens and goats.

That is a damn good price, but I have a full time job, and it would take me years to build a house over weekends. As it is, I am actually going to buy a big cuck-shed to live in on my family's property so I can save on rent.
You can make your own cement if you know a little bit of chemistry. Obtaining quicklime is easy, you just put muscle shells or limestone gravel in your wood stove when you burn wood. The pozzolan can be more difficult, but can be any finely powdered stone that is high in Silica (granite, quartz, etc.)

He did, before he quit. He saved for years to be able to afford his property (he and his wife I should say). It is smart to save on rent though, (((landlords))) are nothing but vampires (I am a landlord).

Is a cuck-shed another word for tiny house?,_Nebraska)
I realize that this board gets a hard on for traditional architecture. But not everybody does. About half of all the homes I design I would say the client conforms more to a modern aesthetic than to a traditional one. And you know what? Its fine. Any home built with natural materials will blend with its landscape.

Not even all fascists liked traditional architecture. This building was literally called the "House of Fascism" and is more modern looking than most western buildings built in that period.

Nazi architecture was essentially modernist at heart.

Architectural style is an incredibly subjective choice. Everyone is different -- the first home i built after starting my own company was for a VERY modern looking home, almost LeCorbusier modern. Two years later he recommended his brother (identical twin, brother) to me. For him, I designed a classically inspire Federalist home. They couldnt be more similar, yet different.

No, it's these sheds they sell at lowes, for about 6k they'll drive out and build it in a day. I still have to insulate it and put in windows myself though. I also have to hire someone to do some excavation first.

Additionally, homes heavy with traditional ornament end up costing a lot more than less decorated ones. The results are generally the same in regards to performance, but less elaborate designs can be 25%+ cheaper. Simple things like crown molding can cost several thousand dollars for materials alone.

Thats pretty interesting actually, and a fair price it sounds like. How large is it? Make sure to put a bunch of windows on the south side for heating (if you have winters). Stick framing is notoriously difficult to heat.

I have a quick meeting, If the thread is still up I will add some more stuff when I get back, and try to answer any questions.

Its quite spacious, I wanna say about 20x20, with a very high ceiling, so it's also possible to put in a loft/attic.

Pretty nice honestly, I am surprised it is so cheap. Although I cannot recommend living in an OSB box longterm. They offgas and if they are too tightly sealed can make you sick (Sick Building Syndrome).

What do you mean they offgas? Poor ventilation?

>Do you own land?
>If yes, what have your experiences been?
You need people to help you, if you're going to own a real big property, 600 acres or more.

You need to know engineering, biology and manage your farm economically to run it effectively.
What do you want for you land?
Fodder and room for domestic animals? Forest for hunting? Permanent agriculture? Growing fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, herbs or flowers? Attracting insects? Attracting wildlife?
You should know what you're doing, you should be aware of your responsibility and you should accept all natural conditions that might affect your life.
You also need to know your area. Buying foreign land is tricky and requires flexibility an the ability to adapt to any differences.

What my parents did since the 70's was to grow all vegetables and other plants that they could, keeping chicken, geese, ducks and pigs for food, and even keeping doves and bees. No pesticides, insecticides or fungicides, they wouldn't even plow the land, as the family found out a few generations ago that it hurts the ground, especially as their home is so swampy. Their machinery tools were basic; two trucks, a tractor, a milling machine and a harvester. They could do that in addition to their jobs, because 1. the state supported them (both were public officials in the GDR), 2. their family and neighbourhood would trust each other to help each other on their properties.

I have the same, good conditions my parents had. I pay workers for cheap labour, when neighbours can't help. I expanded into permaculture and after I found the right balance of mechanization, human work and natural symbiosis, I could feed my family sustainably&still sell a lot.
I also help recover the wild forests around my area and I let that biome flow into my fields, sectionally seperated by vegetation and beaver dams (love these beasties), so no invasion takes place.

Important lesson: local plants attract local insects, the basis of all food.

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offgassing means that gasses "leak" out of the material as it ages. Eventually it stops, but it usually goes for a long time. A lot of the gasses can be harmful to your health, like VOCs and formaldehyde.

How much rent does your central tenant pay?

I paid $220 in taxes last year. My land is zoned agricultural.

Pretty based. How many acres to you own?

Spread the word brother, we need more young white boys out there starting family farms and establishing large clans.

Oh... wonderful. I'm sure lowes uses only the highest quality osb and 2x4's.

>If yes, what have your experiences been?
in Brazil, to have land is to lose money, with the support of the government and the judiciary, in favor of the landless

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