Can you feel it?

Perhaps there is more to the fate of the Jewish menace and his victims than most are aware of. They have created enemies of all types, and the enemy of my enemy is a temporary friend. They have abused men and women, blacks, whites, and asians. They have wounded and enslaved us with false promises and unhealthy temptation. They wish to control every free thinker and every ideology that is different from theirs, and as a consequence, have created a monster they cannot avoid, only delay.

Every individual and group that circumcises the young is creating a massive vortex of psychic trauma within the human unconscious. It's widespread sexual infant torture. Imagine the vengeful wails of millions of people tortured as infants merging their hateful symphony with the rememberence of hundreds of thousands of moments of unjust suffering they experienced as a consequence along with the memories of the unborn who were murdered in the womb. The only reason there hasn't been a massive explosion of Hell on Earth yet is because the trauma is so repressed, that it often gets redirected into bullshit like Israel funded goyim wars and comforting addiction.

The body keeps traumatized memory of the events. The damaged and distorted nerves within the nervous system, the brain and peripheral, are the physical proof of the suffering we've gone through, and existing on that physical substrate is a large source of untapped psychological malevolent vengefulness. It exists within all of you.

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We have to face the truth.

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It's painful to see, but true happiness requires accepting what has happened to us. We must make the best of these things.

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We have to make this world a better place.

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Yeah but for whom? just Whites?

Scientific studies

Foreskin restoration shops

Foreskin restoration

Foreskin facecream articles

Foreskin shops,MM_NF-SCC058

Anybody want to buy foreskin? There are stem cells in them.

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Stopping circumcision will help whites. How would it not?

Yeah i know, but you said "We have to make this world a better place.", a better place for whom? everyone or just Whites?

i feel it

Just for whites, clearly. Are you autistic? Who cares if niggers keep letting themselves get their dicks cut off?

> inb4 cutdick shill brigade arrives

New France
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New France
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New France will ban together against imposing religious proponents of infant mutilation.

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How and when?

the jews are slaves of the roman catholics

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2020 election.

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Biggest load of shit. The Jews are slaves to Judaism. They're possessed by the ideas they espouse. They'd eat a Roman Catholic if they wanted to.

Wow, you are really mentally ill man. That drawing is insane.

Do you prefer reality instead?

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>The body keeps traumatized memory of the events

Hey, Scientology propaganda on a Jow Forums board.

How the times have changed.

>The nervous system isn't altered during traumatic events
Read a god damn book holy shit.

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Anyone trying to sell you on circumcision will never tell you these things:

It is decades old knowledge that the glans penis almost exclusively contains free nerve endings, making it one of the most discriminatory parts of the body when it comes to touch receptiveness only superceded by the heel of the foot. The structures of the foreskin, most notably the frenulum, which is the most sensitive part of the penis and an enormous nerve center connecting the foreskin to the shaft, contain the majority of receptive nerves when it comes to stimulation. The claim about 20.000 nerves has never been exaggerated. The foreskin is the most extensively developed part of the penis with well observed sexual significance which is commonly underrepresented and has physiological consensus to back it up.



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