Mfw pol doesn't think meds are white

>mfw pol doesn't think meds are white

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She cute apart from the mushtash

My meds are kind of a brown color.

>Brown eyes
>muh leaf post
>what is a slide thread
>you have to go back

skin not pink...

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Nobody is white on Jow Forums

she's cute making that face

everyone on pol agrees leafs are low tier posters tho

Aww, she's adorable.

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I'm kind of in the same boat as a slav/mongol mix from Kazakhstan border of Russia.
Jow Forums will definitely not call me while, but sjw wants me to apologize for years of slavery in America.

who gives a shit about what the cumskins think

am i white pol? also what about cute?

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if shes white then im white too

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> that self-censoring face

Yes you are. I'm guessing Assyrian?

That's the disgust face.

i used to bully a mutt that looks like you in HS, hes a trans sissy now



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no, im a kurd. assyrians are semites

>caring what Jow Forums users think

>am i white pol?
>also what about cute?

Wow, an actual Kurd? Go to Jow Forums and I see Turks bitching endlessly about Kurds.

kurds I've seen all look persians.

Persians are white btw.

She's pretty but brown eyes and brown hair is not white in my opinion

I think the UN is right

white people hate each other because they all claim each other not to be white so

fuck knows

whiter than you spic

No idea myself about it

I know nothing at all

theyre insecure about their central asian heritage. of course they hate the natives of the lands they occupy

Put her in a dark eyed dark haired breeding program and her kids will enter the ethnostate with full privileges if they come out light eyed light haired. 216309762

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If being white means being a feminine, Nordic faggot, then I'm perfectly fine not being white. Meds and Southern Europeans are the true sons of God while those snowniggers up North suck nigger dick by millions and get BTFO in every conflict ever.

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you're the dollar store equivalent of Ice Poseidon

>theyre insecure about their central asian heritage.

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Disregard my previous posts. This.

>shows palm
nice try nigger

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I would lick her ass hole like a lollipop.

Meds are psuedo white.

Eons of being raped by Africans have muddled your genes.

More of OPs woman

that shit used to disturb me so much as a child.

nice homoerotic fiction. i would destroy you by all means. Pic related. Ive been on a 2 year bulk

does that mean i can breed your sister?.. I mean meghan merkel is good enough for royalty so why cant i? i literally look like a sibling of OPs post. I am easily bleechable

call me non white all you want but i take offense to this comparison

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That's not a med. That individual has a relatively high degree of mongoloid in her. That's a mongrel of some type.

???? whats your point a nigger is white? NIGGER.

You're not white, unless you look like [pic related].

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Why all the hate?

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based and redpilled

God i'm so fucking lonely lads...

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