Why do Mexicans hate black people so much?

Why do Mexicans hate black people so much?

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they are not pathetic cuckhold faggots like you maybe?

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They arent in denial like dumbass whites are, that's why whites get slaughtered and raped by nigs.

everyone does actually

Because if they had a kid with one, it would grow up to be too lazy to steal.

Mexicans are not necessarily our biggest threat, no niggs are definitely our biggest threat

Nobody likes niggers. Not even other niggers. That’s why so many niggers are killed by other niggers more than any other race combined.

No it's just that whites have already evolved and adapted thru the "grr kill and conquer and rape everything" phase and in modern times have the IQ to realize a gigantic change away from that primitive, animalistic savagery into intelligent and sophisticated futures of cooperation. All shitskins are still stuck in the primitive "hunt, kill, over breed in case some kids don't survive cuz our societies are dangerous" phases, whereas whitey understands they need to be financially, mentally, and socially stable before they have kids, and they don't need to breed several because they know focusing on a few or just 1 kid will net better results instead of spreading focus and hoping one of your dipshit children will get the goods like inferior nonwhites do. Whites are at a social and technological stepping point to becoming advanced space fairing technological civilization and we can't be brutish, rude, stupid, pumping and dumping, breeding 50 kids, only learning manual labor cuz brain 2 stoopid for higher tier intelligence retarded shitskins, to do that.

The problem is nonwhites aren't as advanced as us. They aren't as ready for the next stage, they're still struggling with primitive bullshit and whitey just refuses to ignore and leave them all behind, cuz we have this stupid over empathizing weakness that primitive jackasses love to exploit because they're inferior. We want to uplift shitskins to be at the same stage we are cuz we have this foolish notion that if we just help you guys get on the same page, you'll stop trying to be brutish savage retards who want to take advantage of our empathy to fuck us over and instead cooperate to help everyone advance, but some of us realize you will probably never evolve out of your inferior mindsets and accept the needed change. So it is either die off trying to make shitskins better or kill the shitskins and finally move on.

Everyone hates black people. Black people aren’t hated because of some lies were spread about them hundreds of years ago. It’s because of how they behaved and how they continue to behave to this day. I honestly find asking people what they think of blacks as a good barometer of moral character. If they like blacks then they’re either idiots or degenerates. If they are neutral they are normies but redeemable. If they say they dislike blacks then that means that the person values the truth over what’s fashionable and therefore a person of integrity.

The real question is, who DOESN’T?

You're an idiot bro, its just a new trend based on misspelling logos.

But yeah, we do hate niggers, actually.

t. Mexicuck

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>being high iq means being a limpwristed faggot, so highly evolved!
Yeah, nah cunt. This is not 'readiness for the next stage,' this is being weak and on the verge of destruction.

Yeah only because primitive shitskins want to destroy us instead of cooperating, moron. I'm not saying to not be tough I'm saying the only reason we need to be savage and on edge is because not everyone is ready to let that go. If you think alien civilizations exist you can damn well bet they let go of that primitive shit and you might call them "limpwristed" but they could still fuck you and us up 50 billion ways to Sunday, and not because they're physically strong and gigantic and powerful but because they advanced their intelligence and built godlike technology that gives them more strength and actual power than the physically strongest biological organism could ever have because biology is limited as fuck on its own.

You're kind of proving my point though with the aliens example- for all their technological advances, they are still capable warriors.

They don't need to war and they are not capable warriors. They are so advanced they can do whatever the fuck they want without anyone even knowing they're there, so there is no conflict, there is no war, and there is no knowledge. That is what superior beings would do. Why be obvious and messy and brutal when you don't have to? Why invade and conquer a planet with force when you can just infiltrate and take over without your target even realizing it. You wouldn't be so stupid as to waste time and effort to blast down the doors gun blazing as it were. Ironic you are so primitive and unintelligent yourself you didn't even consider this. Yes, rage and build your weak, limited body to punch things all you want. Superior beings will be over here with their thought controlled nano machine swarm that can take any form, is nigh indestructible and can go anywhere as a sort of avatar to crush resistance while they sit comfy on their home planet billions of miles away. While you wasted your time trying to be physically strong, they outclassed your retarded brutality by a magnitudes and only had to build their minds.

He says as his race dies off

Interesting post. We've come a long way from your initial comparison of blacks and whites. Whatever aliens end up doing, we're not there yet, we must still rely on ancient, primitive instincts.

Dies off? You mean the weak are being culled and the rest are being strengthened? Yes. Whitey has been through much worse and we've always come out on top. I'm just lamenting that we've had to waste so much time interacting with primitive shitskins.

I wouldn't say a long way and I include more than just blacks. It isn't about individuals either it is about the groups overall. I am not stubborn and ridiculous to not understand there are nonwhite individuals who are better beings than some white individuals, but as groups it is objective that whites have the most positive attributes while maintaining the least negative attributes. In group comparisons this means they are the objective best. Without having such a large amount of inferior shitskins to deal with we would be the superior technological species with nano machine swarm bots exploring the universe while all the sensory data they collect is instantly translated to your brain wirelessly as if your biological senses were experiencing what the nano machines were doing, without any of the risk. And even more advanced insanely awesome shit.

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Not Mexican but my mother is Brazilian. The point is that non-Western people see Niggers for what they are. Western people see their actions always with the subtext of slavery. When I see a nigger robbing somebody I see a nigger robbing somebody. Face value, no PC. Even the semi-realistic viewpoint of "variance" holds little appeal to me since we are judged for the average. Its regression to the mean, not regression to an ideal phenotype.

Because they're short.

Subhumans like to hate other subhumans to make themselves feel superior