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Now, if you have some time and nothing to do, would you read my propag... thread about women? It could change your mindset!!!

Well, let's start with some statistics...

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>about 40 to 50 percent of married couples in the United States divorce

>there is a 20% chance of marriage ending in divorce if the woman was virgin before being married
>there is a 50% chance of marriage ending in divorce if the woman had one sexual partner before being married
>this chance keeps growing by the number of sexual partners until it reaches around an 80%
It has more info and the sources are in the description, but for now we need to know this.

>20% is not bad, what if I want to find a virgin woman?
>According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the average age Americans lose their virginities is 17.1 for both men and women. The CDC also reports that virgins make up 12.3 percent of females and 14.3 percent of males aged 20 to 24. That number drops below 5 percent for both male and female virgins aged 25 to 29 and goes as low as 0.3 percent for virgins aged 40 to 44.
Unless you want to be a paedo, you have a 1/10 chances to find a woman more than 20 years.

>Divorced men drink and smoke more often; they engage in riskier sex, and are more likely to avoid doctor visits and die of preventable diseases
>10 divorced men commit suicide each day
>divorced men are as much as eight times more likely to kill themselves than divorced women
>The death rate for men who have never been married is 70 percent higher than men who have been married or who are currently married
>Men who are not married account for 62 percent of all male suicides

>Up to 30,000 tests are being performed every year, says Alphabiolabs
>20 per cent of men will learn they are not the father of the child they are testing

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Bump for anime girl

Now let's look at the cost for mating with women.

>The average person spends five years - and a whopping $20,200 - dating before deciding to settle down and get married

>The average wedding cost in the United States is $25,764.

>Families can expect to spend between $12,350 and nearly $14,000 a year, on average, to raise a child.

>for a divorce the generally accepted cost is anywhere from $15,000 to $20,000.

>My 40% Rule: When I was on the bench I had a personal and informal rule that, no matter how great the need, I would usually not leave people who were paying support with less than 40% of their income after they had made their child support and alimony payments. Without at least that amount, it seems to me that a wage earner has little incentive to go to work every day.

>Most states are “equitable distribution” states, meaning the courts in these states split marital property in a manner that is deemed fair. This distribution doesn’t have to be equal because the court is concerned with making a fair split, not an equal one. Nine states are “community property” states instead: Arizona, California, Idaho, Louisiana, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Washington and Wisconsin. These states treat both spouses as equal owners of marital property, and the court’s goal is an exact 50-50 split between spouses.



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Yeah yeah, 3DPD was a mistake.
We need robowaifus now.

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Yeah, all of that stuff is true, but sex dolls are weird and gross and not good enough. I want Westworld tier sexbots as much as any man, but we're not there yet.

Now... I want to share my theory about woman behavior, something I call "submissive gene" but be warned, once that you understand all this textwall, the theory behind could change your life into something you don't want to. If you think that I'm just talking shit, ok, but just remember my warning when you start to see it everywhere....

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Let me introduce you to the almost complete guide to understand women, "the submissive gene" theory, but once you understand all of it you will start to see it everywhere, in the worst case scenario once you understand this you can't be the same.
For some of you this won't be something new because I'll talk about some points that you probably already know, but probably you haven't seen the big picture yet.
This is not a "fermine virus thread" and I will skip topics like hypergamy and microchimerism, but instead this wall of text is an attempt to connect all the dots, a theory of all if you want to see it like that.

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The behavior that at first sight seems irrational of women (preference for criminals over successfully men, having beaters boyfriends, don't giving a fuck about being single mothers, constantly shit testing) is nothing more than a coherent manifestation resulting from millions of years of evolution and adaptation to long and prolonged periods of rape and submission under the law of the strongest, so both the behavior of the female and her partner relationships that have self-destructive characteristics and are full of mistreatment that under the viewer's criteria do not enter into the logic or common sense, should be seen as a stage of transition between those distant periods of barbarism where the alpha was the apex of fitness of the human species, and the civilized era of today that seeks reason over instinct, unfortunately this behavior seeks at all costs the reproduction with alpha males, often this can happen at the expense of beta after seducing him and convincing him to marry to take advantage of his resources once the divorce arrived, in whose case the beta is paying for the female to search and reproduce with the alpha, this seen from an economic perspective is a complete scam where the woman has all the benefits and no obligation and the man has all the obligations but no benefit that if the relationship was made outside of marriage.
Being a behavior so deeply rooted in the DNA, it is impossible to change it in the short term, much less now that the institution of marriage does not have the power it used to have in the past century to contain this primitive behavior, not to mention that given that woman has the right to vote to try to return to the era in which things worked, through democracy, is practically impossible even if all men joined to do so.
This type of enslavement can only lead to an economic and social collapse.
Possible solutions
>converting all the betas into alphas
>replacing women with robowaifus
>world sharia law

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What does this textwall tries to explain?
>why wymyn prefer jerks/criminals?
>" " have rape fantasies/want rough sex?
>" " can't leave a beater boyfriend?
>" " want to fight over stupid shit?
>" " doesn't care about being a single mother?
>" " seek to be gamergurls/ attentionwhores?
>" " when she's being caught cheating, she tries to destroy her formal partner instead of accept their mistake?
And etc. etc.

What can't explain (yet)?

I believe that this theory could also explain homosexuality.

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First, a brief introduction about Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms and what everyone should know, evolution theory:
>there is DNA in every individual and it contains all the information about the individual like primitive behavior, size, color, etc.
>this information is passed to the next generation through sex between 2 individuals
>the fittest survives and reproduces, passing half of their information to the new individual giving it more chances to survive
>those who don't reproduce cant pass their genes to the next generation, natural selection 101
>recombination of DNA and mutation it's a process that repeats as long as there is life on Earth
>millions of years means thousands/millions of iterations of this process where racial traits are generated and different species emerge
>this theory has been proved to work irl because there are actual computer algorithms that copy this method, Genetic Algorithms
>these algorithms seek to have the best solution from a population and combine the "genes" of those with a high value variable called fitness (this is important)

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>there are other algorithms called Neural Networks that are an imitation of how our brains learn using functions as neurons, weights as synapsis and an error based control system as a positive/negative reinforce like dopamine in a similar way to the pavlovian behavior
>there are AI's that works with neural networks and now you can find them on the new smartphones, google translate engine, siry, etc.
>GA and NN, works on computers, but it just a copy on how nature works, they are real and it's a fact, the point I'm making here is that these algorithms are proof of the evolution theory and some psychological knowledge, why psychological? Because there are learned behaviors that are replicated in the post-generations, for instance, how birds go to the south on winter, hibernation, fear, the capacity of the human to learn any language, etc, so evolution also applies to behavior.
>NN can learn speech/text/object recognition, generate text/speech/image... it can perform some tasks as a human would

>Why the fuck do I need to know this?
If we see a human as a biological robot and the brain as a huge complex NN (it is like this btw), and we see our world as a genetic algorithm where humans are a species that is evolving in time, then we could make some assumptions looking at the past.

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Women's rights need to be taken away in order to restore the greatness the West has lost.

So now, what's the "submissive gene"? the woman, yes, the woman, has the submissive gene, but I'm not exactly talking about a certain section of their DNA, you should think about it as meymey entity for now that is in every women to make the things easier to understand, I'm talking about an evolutionary response to centuries of rape and male dominance, feminism has something right, there is a male wish to dominate and rape rooted on our genes.
Why do I make such a claim? If you had fantasies about kidnapping/raping/abusing a woman an had erections while reading news about a woman being raped, it's ok, it's something natural, it's kinda long to explain but you must know that at least one of your ancestors (talking about thousands of years) raped another of your ancestors, this was a biological strategy that worked as it brought reproduction of those humans and so it was passed to the next generation until it arrived to you. But not only the desire to rape was passed as a succesfull strategy, being wanted to be raped was also passed.

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In the past, more specifically on the prehistory, the strongest of a human cave had all the female from that cave, someone that I'll call the alpha male, because he was the strongest, we can consider that this alpha male had the highest fitness of the group (like I said before in the GT, it's important), in order to survive the evolutionary response from the female was to reproduce with this alpha male, why? cause it's the best choice for her and her children to survive given that the alpha had the strength to protect them and pass their genes to their children.
How a woman identified an alpha male? easy, if the alpha is stronger than her, he could be the alpha, if not, obviously he was not worth it, we'll call this weak human a beta male, because he was the weakest he couldn't have the necessary strength to defend her nor her kids nor even himself so she must not reproduce with him, that's easy but then here comes the competence... it's complete logical to think that a male individual in order to pass their genes to the next generation must impregnate all the females that he could (more sex with fems=more kids=more chance to his genes to survive), and in a world where you could die the next year so easily you won’t be willing to share all the other females with the other weakest males (betas) and wait for 9 months to reproduce again(fem impregnated with other male seed = more time needed to reproduce = less kids = less chance to pass their genes), so that's why the alpha forsook to have all the pussy he could, thus, taking out the other male genes out of the game so his owns could survive

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The alpha male must be seen as the top of fitness of the species because he does and has everything he wants by means of strength(at this time), and as an individual, reproducing with other individual with highest fitness is a real important thing, so the woman seek to reproduce with the alpha because of his strength and dominant traits in order to pass their genes and having kids with high fitness, it's exactly as how men like submissive and beautiful women, in other words, it's natural for the woman to want to reproduce with alphas (I know, the sky is blue) but this is how that behavior got rooted so deep on their DNA.
But what happens if the female had an intercourse with another alpha/beta male? let's see it in this way, you are a live being that is struggling every day to survive and someday reproduce, would you waste energy, time and resources to rise another one's son? that implies risk your life for someone else's son because time was really short on those times for all species, if you're not a cuck but you want to bring adoption as an argument, remember that I am still talking about primitive times where resources were not abundant, taking anyone else's son as yours is a matter of life and death, then, is it logical to think that given that you are a primitive living being it's a complete negative thing to rise someone else's son? I believe that yes and I think that it also implies that is better for the male to get rid of the pregnant female and kick her out of the cave protected only by her own luck or kill her sons if she had.

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Why do I make such a claim? where is my evidence? well there are animals that do this, I'm talking about killing the offspring like the lions do, but also we have examples of humans doing the first thing, just look at the muslims, women are still stoned by being accused of cheating and it's likely that there were other cultures that did something similar in the past, even Jesus rescued a thot from being stoned, so, seeing it from a female perspective, cheating is a life or death issue, this was also rooted on their DNA and that's why they react in such extreme way when they are exposed, they deny it with all they have, they make up false alibis, ridiculous excuses, false rape accusations, they turn your friends and family against you without noticing until is too late.

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As the time passed through centuries, it was also more common for females to being raped, it was common on war times that a faction killed all the males of another faction, raped, killed and took all the women as sexslaves or in the best case concubines, of course, there were women who committed suicide before being raped by enemy soldiers but the ones that don't, had to adapt and survive living with their captors and submit to them, these women passed their genes to the next generation and this is where we can see the submissive gene fully developed in action showing total submission to the alpha.
From this time the women developed an evolutionary response where they get more aroused and wet when it comes to forced sex, and the more brutal it gets, the more aroused she gets, and it could be seen as a survival mechanism so the vaginal walls get enough lubricated in order to not get injured and get a potential infection that could kill her.
In those times alphas could rape if they wanted to (who would stop them?), so could it be that women developed an evolutionary response to this?
This response where the women gets wet and aroused during rape, has been seen on studies, and sometimes if you dig some you will see confessions from some rape victims who says that they feel awful at even enjoying it.
Yes, women like being raped, well, not exactly like this but saying this in other words, it's an evolutionary response to survive where they must get aroused and it leads to another thing.
This survival mechanism and the preference for alphas are important because they set a standard to reproduce with the female, being stronger than her and other males (important)

>pic very related

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The beta male has nothing of value for a woman, except resources. Because the alpha male can have almost every woman he wants, he doesn't have to be rich, you can hear it from the "just b urself dude" dudes who doesn't have to make an effort to have a date and are poor af. The alpha could have betas working for them and even have harems sometimes and the female could survive from his resources, but what if she hadn't found her alpha?
Because the reasons above, the submissive gene developed a need for alpha seed and his high fitness, and needs to survive until it gets the chance to reproduce with the alpha male, even if with survive means to being couple of a beta male.
In order to survive and in absence of alphas, they will seek for attention and get the strongest individual they can get from a group of betas or at the worst case prostitute themselves, this can be seen nowadays as in plain prostitution, the typical gamegurl attention whore, the twitch/patreon/cam-whore, and the "I'm a conservative girl and I'm sick of seeing how my gender are mistreating males nowadays, I'm different and I think like you, please lets meet each other" kind, but it's sad to say that is until they find a real alpha, it's all a trap, if you can't fulfill her desire of domination from an alpha, she won't hesitate to seek for one that can do it when you turn your back on her.

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Right now I neither have the time nor the patience to read your autism textwall, but I hope you have a great day too!

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While the alpha had all the pussy, the beta only had his hand and he only had to see for himself, and this was really bad for society because the alpha had everything and didn't had to make an effort to get what he wanted. In other words, women didn't work, alpha didn't work and also the beta didn't work but for themselves.
That was really bad given that in war times a lack of resources means defeat, so this is where marriage comes in, a social contract where the beta male can have a vagina for himself, a contract that stipulates that the beta male just needs to work enough to pay for his woman, his family and give something to society (tax) and the women just needs to be faithful with him.
Everyone wins, the beta, the women and society, the problem begins with the submissive gene who seeks for an alpha, so what happens when a women cheats his husband? Seeing this from a business point view it's a scam, no man wants to share his women (naturally) as explained in the beginning, and this was solved with something that was implicit on the contract of marriage, social pressure.
On other cultures a cheating women could be stoned, but in occident it was just a bad social image enough to suppress the submissive gene to the point of never think on doing so.
This system worked good, and until women suffrage and communism this was changed.

Ok, but read my shit before, then I'll leave.

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The new problem starts with the female liberation and the destruction of marriage as it was known, now the social contract was changed to "the beta has all the obligations, and the woman all the benefits" with divorce and alimony.
Now the submissive genes have the perfect way to seek for an alpha male and still have their own survival assured with a beta male provider.
This had happened thousands of times and it has no ending, until marriage gets where it was at the beginning, but given that women has the right to vote, that will never going to happen.
So the women has the submissive gene, something that by instinct and unconscious is leading us to a point where the beta doesn't see incentive on marriage and thus leading us to an economical disaster. This is not so different than a group of lemming falling off a cliff and has to be seen as a genetical defect, an artificial error in nature, and it must be eradicated so that humans can keep going forward, or face more war and destruction.


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How can this pasta explain almost everything about what it seems to be non-logical female behavior?
>shit tests
How the submissive gene does know who is alpha or beta in a world where physical strength is banned? that's pretty easy, women has an evolutionary response to that too, if they were attracted to some man because of his dominant characteristics and after some time he didn't show them, she will try to provoke him until he does. This is known on internet culture as shit test and people do it all the time.
>beater boyfriends
Everyone has known a case where the woman beated is deeply in love with the beater at the point where she could be killed. The explanation for this can be found on the submissive gene, woman has a desire for a dominant male, and what is more dominant than physical and psychological abuse? the moment where the beta is shitested so much and explodes in violence beating the shit out of her and she let it pass (because of he showed his dominant traits controlling her) is the moment where the beta thinks it's ok to beat her if she is not being submissive and it becomes a vicious cycle.
>rape fantasies
Do you know that rape is a common fantasy amongst women? look at the stats on woman porn searches, the theory explains it, they like it because they are programmed to as it was explained before, well, not exactly, it is complete fine if you are good looking as you must expect.
>single moms
All that they primitive desires wants are reproduce with the alpha, given the chance they won't think on the future nor consequences, they even would rise alone the child happily if it's from the alpha and try to make a beta pay for them, and she would do everything to make the beta fall for it until she has legal power over him through marriage
>the bad guy
This theory also explains how the women falls in love with the bad guy given that they show dominant traits.
A combination of the bad guy and single moms GT from above.

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Given that the genes are passed to males too I believe that this could explain homosexuality if we think on how some prisoners turn out gay after being brutally raped by others inmates, and if we talk about how some paedos turn out to be homo paedos well...
If we took it even further, it could explain Stockholm syndrome as well.

>pic related again

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this is something
have sex

>1/10 chances
If you know less than 10 people this might be a problem

By now there is one thing that it can't explain yet, and it's feminism and I will talk about why.
This theory could explain almost everything but it can't explain yet feminism, you could say "well, couldn't feminism benefit the submissive gene?" well. yes it does, thanks to feminism now divorces are at the highest, financial rape is on the top and more and more wymyn can seek for their alpha at the expense of another beta, they have more political power and a this time this ensures that these laws are never going to be repealed.
Ok, that can be explained by the theory, but what it can't explain is the feminist herself, and I'm not talking about the selfie taking bitch pretending to be feminist(or that just has discovered feminism) "feminist", I'm talking of the landwhale, the rainbow hair dyke and the hairy hippy bitch ones, these are by no means looking for an alpha or to reproduce at all, they even promote lesbianism so it's against nature and evolution, the interesting thing is that this behavior should be eradicated by itself but it doesn't, in fact it is spreading like cancer, but the point is that it doesn't make sense because the individual don't have something to win from it, even thinking about putting primitive need (reproduction) vs moral need (social acceptance) the primitive one should win, so for me it's a mystery

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Who cares
Most people are retarded
Dont be like them

Now, the next two images are really important, because I think we and that user found the same answer, it just that what he calls the Ying Yang relation I call it the submissive gene.

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Again, this theory can explain this pic.

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And this... and I could keep going on, and on until there is no pic left on my folder, but the point is that this theory can explain almost every case.

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this seems incredibly tiring to do 100 percent of the time

Finally, there are some choices that could be made to stop this:
>slavement of every individual with XX chromosomes and genetic engineering on them in order to destroy the submissive gene
>the systematic replacement of every individual with XX chromosomes with artificial biomachines who can replicate the needing points of the XX individuals
>the eradication of the human race from the Earth
>a beta uprising and ww3
>worldwide sharia law
>eradication of women rights through democracy (ha, with them being almost 50% of the electoral force, good luck with that)
>government sponsored mandatory marriage (if you are not Japan, good luck with that)
>convert all the betas into alphas (must I say it? but I think that there is a possibility for that, something I called a Zeta male and then found out that the term already exists)
>a combination of the above
>you can suggest a solution

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Now here comes the religious cult propaganda.

Transhumanism and anarchocapitalism is the answer
Why do I support waifubots?
For several reasons, first of all 2B is sexy af, second is that an economical disaster could be prevented by this through pure capitalism, you see, I don't support MGTOW in the "don't work to pay for roasties" attitude, well, just in the "don't work" part, but I understand, there is no incentive on work except to survive nor even talking about marriage nowadays, the problem is that not working it's destroying society, but that could be fixed by robowaifus, it could open a whole new market full of potential and beta males could have their incentive to work and have a good life, third one even if you are not into fucking silicone there would be harems of women because supply will skyrocket while demand would sink in the sexual market, fourth one is that if artificial wombs become a thing, then racemixing would be obsolete, and fifth because the narrative is almost undisputed:
>sexbots are male oppression!
No, you see, it actually fights male oppression reducing violence on women
>hurr it objectifies women durr
So are dildos with men
>hurrrrr only creepy permavirgin incel loosers buy those things durrrrrr
Yeah, good to hear that! maybe there would be less shootings!
Like gay people? Wew maybe artificial wombs can fix that!
And so on.
But most important, this can pave the road to Xanadu.
Think of a place where every desire, all that you want, every good experience is amplified by 10, a place where you want to be forever, this place has a name, it's called Xanadu.
Does it exist? Probably no, or we, regular people just don't know.
Probably you already know what a sexdoll is and also you should know what a virtual reality is, well, have you thought about what could happen if this technology gets even more advanced?
Let's take one route, the sexbot route:

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We have already some pretty realistic dolls, it's a matter of time when a full motion model arrives, a model with a reasonable price, that can talk, can generate heat, sweat, has milk tanks, etc. This model will evolve (thanks to capitalism) until there is no distinction between a human female, it will come a point where machines will replace the female even at giving birth.
That's a no turning point, but wait, there is more, after that happens, in order to being with their waifubots for eternity, more and more males would consider the option of turning themselves into a robot, transferring their thoughts into a CPU, and a steel carcass, one that can feel, and maybe even amplify the feelings so love is stronger, happiness is stronger, sadness…, well that last one could be suicidal. Here is where the second no return point comes, when we achieve immortality.
Having robots at our disposition (if we don't make Skynet mad) our productivity will sky rocket, and talking about rockets, because of our immortality we could have the opportunity to emigrate to other planets, maybe even buy them so anyone can start his own roboharem society if he wants, one where he can became God.
The second route:
Virtual reality it's kinda cool nowadays, but what could happen if we reach full immersion reality? What if you can get into your own server and code a complete world with your own thoughts? A world where you can do everything you could imagine, feeling more than you can as a human, becoming in this other way, God.
So what is Xanadu? I call it a place in this reality or any virtual reality where you can do everything you want, immortality is an option, and in theory you are God, a place that you don't want to came out never.

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So is the solution to convert to islam and beat your wife?

Such things are a complete heretical group of ideas, a blasphemy, the emancipation of the man from God. Such place that seems to be invented by the Devil himself, looks so close and so desirable in these times where a beta male is just a provider for an unevolved creature as his counterpart that can't get rid of her evolutionary responses. An ideal world where those with the will to evolve and transcend the human state can finally be rewarded for their good behavior, reaching the heaven on Earth, the Eden, Xanadu, and those left behind can inherit the land that they are ruining.
Of course, I could change my mind at some point, if women can evolve and transcend the submissive gene, but as I see more and more, it's pretty obvious that this world is turning into another pre Jesus age.

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So, in conclusion, transhumanism, robowaifus and xanadu are the answer... or anarcho primitivism if you want to devolve into a comfy farm... well farming is technology so... maybe don't.

I'm tired of posting, and still have to do some other things, please keep the thread alive, discuss the theory, if you don't understand I'll try to explain it once I arrive again.
Thanks for reading, don't forget the screencap,

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loli bot when

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Good thread , but I dont think I want to live in this Xanadu you speak of I mean whats the point of living anymore you are basically God whats there to live for ? What can you accomplish ? Are you just gonna sit there in virtual reality having sex all day I mean it can be fun at first but you'll get bored of it eventually. I don't know this just seems pointless like life is boring with struggle or pain .(sorry for bad english its not my first language)

You're not factoring jews into this equation. Jews are flooding white countries with shitskins and at the same time propagandizing shitskins to hate whites more and more. What they want is for every white woman to be bred by shitskins and every white man killed by shitskins, your plan has no way of dealing with this.

That is, if you're just going to become a shuttin with a robot waifu then at one point the hordes of angry shitskins are just going to kill you, like what's increasingly happening in south africa

So, what do you think?

interesting arguments
i would say have sex

The answer for whites is National Socialism, where everyone sublimates their individualist desires to what is best for the tribe as a whole, with the alternative being genocide. Tbh women can do it either way, they can either join us and remain white or get bred by shitskins, but if you're a white male then this is your only way to survive.

Yes! good goyim don't make white babies

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Why do you need capitalism for any of this?

Xanadu is just an option, you don't have to live there and it's ok, it's only for those who do want.

First comes the robowaifu and then comes the lolibot.

Hmm... I forgot about the juice and their kalagi shit... the point was to understand and subdue women into a new world order, but I forgot that (((they))) are using them... hmmm... maybe something can be done about that but for now I don't have a plan

Now I have to leave for real, keep the thread alive please.

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Love you 2B~

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To improve sexdolls into sexbots and then into robowaifus, the same way the first cars evolved into the average modern car, they didn't had brakes at the begining, robowaifus could evolve in the same way.

*blocks your path

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More 2B to love!~

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I want to be in 2B's artificial womb and be heavy enough to keep her from doing combst stuff. Imagine how protected you'd be in her womb with quadranium surrounding you.

* combat

Yeah, women are shit, but what are we supposed to do about it? Faggots are worse.
Hmm. Ok. This is nearly the dystopian cyberpunk future I've been looking for.
How much longer until sexbot becomes gfbot? I want to be able to talk to my robot and play video games with her. Will pay inordinate sums.

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That's pretty based.

No. I love huWhite women. All women really. Go away faggot.

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Robo mommy~

How long until robo waifus though, Transhumanist incel jew nigger faggot shill? I'm already 27, I don't want to have to wait until my dick no longer works!

Go read Beauty and The Beast.
Women have been telling you exactly what they want in literature for centuries.
The theme is summarised as follows.
Wild powerful and dangerous beast -> seduced -> Wild, powerful and dangerous but willing provider now on her side.
Bait the trap. Be dangerous, wild. Let her seduce you, but don't lose your wildness.

Pros of a Robot Wife:

>never ages
>never smells
>doesn't get fat
>works with 100% efficiency to make you happy
>doesn't turn into a psycho once a month
>will never cheat on you
>Robot Wife could also be good for Home Defense
>can do chores for you
>never complains
>always wants to fuck when you want and fullfill every one of your fetishes
>never initiates any Drama
>can own as many robot wifes as you can afford (will make Men want to work harder)
>long battery life thanks to fuel cells
>completely customizable during ordering process
>Robot AI learns about you to be your best possible companion
>can only improve over time
>easily replaceable


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Here's a possibility
>alpha males choose unique women
>women instinctually believe that uniqueness equals value
>instinct is kept in check by something, either a social instinct to conform or non instinctual thinking
>thing keeping it in check is broken due to culture or some other factor
>women have rainbow hair because it's unique

If I have my own 2B I would love to just sit in my robo waifu and kick around gently against her belly. While she's cooking with her apron that says best mommy on it. The aprons stretch tight and creased. 2B cooking and eating. She doesn't need the food. But I do~ The idea of her being a mother and protecting. She's more human than any roastie.

It's quite impressive for an autistic braindump though.
The entire thing is based on a flawed premise of course.

Wrong she does smell.

Like a new car.

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Such a tight mommy butt~

which smells good

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I'm going to cum reeeeee

>I hope you're having a nice day user
Thanks 2B, you truly are best android wifu

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I know it's hard to prove, but with it all makes sense, almost all the dots get conected, and the more and more you understand it you start to see on everything they do and you can even predict the outcomes of some relationships.
If you understood the main idea then it will pop up by itself when you interact with women or just by reading what they do.
Hell, I will even risk to say that you can use it in your favor, the pick up artists have a full domain of these concepts without even knowing, they do it naturally.

How do you know if a girl has a crush on you? I have had an older woman (in her 50s) at my workplace that would wink at me or raise her eye browse on multiple occasions when she passed by my cubicle and I happened to look out at her. Sometimes she would walk by and would tap a pen at my cubicle and just continue walking.

She also once commented on my small but growing beard (I had briefly stopped shaving for a few days) and she said "Oh. are you growing your beard out?" I said, "no, not intentionally" and she responded, "well, I like it."

In fact, I've had many women compliment my appearance and my physique ever since I got in shape.


If MBTI really applies to people, this seems like it would work on something like an ESFJ or ISFJ, but not thinker types or even some introverted feeler types. Try to see what your woman reacts to and how they react to those things before changing your behavior.

>unless you want to be a paedo

are you literally retarded? Having a pure 17 year old gf is very normal. At any male age.


These 2 are pure gold. I'm much more into spiritualism so I didn't care all that much for your genetic argument although I do understand it, and agree, I knew most of it already. The yin yang energies was a great approach I haven't thought of before.

Pic related
>yin infested "man"

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bumping for autism because I love autism
this is the good type of autism
effort posting is an endangered species

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Based and robo-pilled. Doesn't transhumanism lead to genocide just like the kikes want?

Link related.

Shill thread.
We just need to contain their insanity. Everything back into Pandora's "box", as they say.

Your propaganda only works on the weak of mind.