Imagine believing the earth was flat

imagine believing the earth was flat

pic unrelated

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the earth is a tubular hologram

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Flat is justice.

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Imagine believing that the world isn't a 4 dimensional hollow cactus.
Fucking retards.

imagine believing the earth

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>he thinks reality is a fixed construct

Lazania is flat
Earth isn't
Simple as

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This kills their whole argument

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Imagine believing the earth is real


Pics always related

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The earth is 2D information stored on the event horizon of the universe

Jon should have smashed you against the wall maybe then he'd be knee deep inside that roasties clunge

As the English used to say after the war, "He may be aiming for the Moon but he kept hitting London instead."

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I always wanted to put a room full of Flat Earthers and a room full of Hollow Earthers together just to see what would happen.

correct. but! if holographic principle were true, we could make another attempt at phrenology, no? since all the inside information is contained on the surface.

sunlight kills the flat earth argument

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Imagine believing there is a reality of any sorts.

I wished he'd come back and hit London a few more times.

Mins blown

I hear most flat earther also think the holocaust didn't happen.
I've heard this from normies

surface tension of the air droplet on an ice plane, bends the light rays. also, if mirages come from light only 100 yards away imagine how much light could bend in the cosmos of space! probably all the way into those big curves.