The Boring Company

Musk's end game is Deep Underground Cities connected by tunnels. Remember his game is species continuation. Mars is part of that plan, get us off this rock while we can, but if that fails the only people who will be able to survive a nuclear holocaust will be those who live underground. He's going to use the Mars tech to build underground and under-ocean habitats that will more than likely be geothermal powered.

I think the end is near lads, I am guessing 10-20 years until the sun sets on humanity.

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I haven't heard him say anything about underground or underwater cities

>But user, how would you get to an under-ocean colony? use a submarine? KEK

Why do completely random people declare facts without a lick of evidence to online forums as if they know what they're talking about?

Is the allure of dramatic roleplaying really that enticing?

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>It's not just Hyper Loops


So underground roads and crucial facilities like Sewer lines are both withing easy grasp of the company.

It's pure speculation, but I thought I'd bring my thoughts forward. Roads are the veins, eventually he'll connect them to a heart.

he'll be ready for the mini-nova

Why wouldn't you, to shut the ever living fuck out of climate change tards, use these 'boring' machines to build canals on any low lying 'soon to be flooded' area's?
Open up new economic zones, desalinization plants... Hydro electric etc.

The Boring Company is a scam. Hyperloop is just a fancy name for subway or tunnel for cars. Musk is a con artist.

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Tesla makes shitty cars, his solar panel company is stupid,...

Their first product should be called the Boring 737 Max

Well, he'd better quit smoking pot and banging thots and get his ass in gear.

Brazil makes shitty people, the whole country is stupid


The only thing standing in his way are bureaucratic fuckers, as they have been since the fucking wheel was invented. He's already successfully complete a 2 mile long tunnel in Hawthorne, in a fraction of the time it would have taken the FHWA to do the same work.

Yes, but it doesn't change the fact he is a scamming wigger.

>nuclear holocaust
the holocaust part should give it away that it is a fiction. the effect of nukes is grossly overestimated by illiterate fools like you

He should just focus on a virus that kills jews, niggers, poos and chinks. That'll buy us a couple more centuries.


The effect of one nuke is overrated. But you're a fool if you think that several thousand nukes targeting key locations is not going to be an extinction level event.

his plan is taking advantage of reddit r/science dummies who think he’s doing anything more than making assloads of money off of theater, a subsidized industry and big promises.

no. you are a fool. the damage caused in world war 2 is the equivalent of thousands of nukes. the majority of nukes will not be used to destroy cities but for military targets. only major cities will be affected. robust housing will survive even in close proximity to the epicenter

That's D.U.M.B

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wait a second, how's the hyperloop going?

another scam, musk is alright and probably a good guy overall but his fans are delusional

>I haven't heard him say anything about underground or underwater cities
Didn't he tweet something about Asuka being best girl? Clearly he wants to make anime real again.

>under ground shitties
Because Earthquakes dont exist

The way he makes you cunts bitch is all I need to like him

Reminder mars is unreachable in reality, nasa is fake, ect.

Any rocket to mars will just be detonated to kill off key people

Elon is just trying to create a civilization that niggers can't get to. Won't work though because Merkel will build a nigger rocket to send to Mars

It's going to be alright dude, moving to other planets are the least of our problems. Keep being you fren.

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>because in my sweet fairy-tale only military targets get the nukes

pic related is from 1984, not only that but Dead Hand still exists

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you're complicating it
semites (eliminates all jews and arabs)
brown eyes - takes care of the rest

Based jungle monkey

>I can't afford his cars

>t. schizo retard #87

because shut the fuck up that's why