Is a Civil War coming?

What do you think will cause it?

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probably a gun grab by the retarded nuDemocrats that will ignite the racial and political tensions all at once

Yes, absolutely. Too much hate

Oh shit...if it does, dont shoot deep in the blue but ill be fighting my way

>not acting as a fifth columnist
Heroes can't win a war alone. We play with the cards we are dealt.

Neither side wants to begin a Civil War, so it would definitely take something completely divisive and controversial in order to actually start one. And it's possible that both sides seeing a Civil War about to happen, would come to some sort of compromise.

Only if they ban snack food...

Recession. But it will be midwest vs. Coasts. The coasts will starve and try to advance into the midlands to secure food. The outcome will be obvious. US army will keep out of it

This map is truly, deeply fucking retarded.

Systemic economic collapse followed by mass hunger.

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There is no way in hell West Virginia is in the blue.

Yeah no. Maybe Nashville and memphganistan. But nobody else.

A false flag at this point would cause it since there are way too many safe guards put in place to prevent such a collapse. The powers that be will not allow it.

1) GUN GRAB (or maybe just even banning AWs)

2) NUKE exploding in NYC and/or DC--detonated by terrorists foreign or domestic


4) TRUMP LOSING and based states like Missouri saying FUCK THE FEDERAL DEMOCRAP GOVERNMENT and basically seceding in all but name

The key missing ingredient at the moment is the complete lack of right wingers to organize on a national level. Once they organize and build a 5 million man plus militia, we will know we are headed for CW2.

you have the new civil war map all wrong

use the trump/clinton map, the county by county ones

blue areas gonna starve

Yes, we hate each other now. My sister hasn't talked to dad in a few years, and she barely talks to me. It's all because dad and I voted for Trump. You see stories like that a lot. Sound an awful lot like brother against brother to me.
Actually, it's moved beyond just hate. Both sides see the other as evil. You don't compromise with evil. You destroy it.
The only thing I know for sure is that the cities will starve at the beginning. Someone here said large cities are like F1 cars, fast, efficient and fragile. They require trucks and trains delivering food 24/7. That's food grown in red states that must travel through red states. Any big cities anons should really be looking into rural life.

I don't think the right will ever organize as long as Trump is in the White House, but once a dem is, it will get real.

>flag design sucks, goes from meh american design to trash
>libertarian idealism doesn't work
>the new "US" isn't stupid enough to end the war this way, having to trade with a former enemy that is autarkic
the last civil war didn't end like that for a reason. It's an all or nothing deal (maybe kick out california)

Manson said it right love your next, but if your next is a treasonous drag on your people be ready to cut off lose ends and show no pity. Old Charlie was ahead of his time

It's already begun. Based Nassim was the canary in the coal mine.

Bogus. No way MT, ID and WY aren't in the free states alliance.

That means two countries for libshits. One on each coast.

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Bullshit. As Rockwell said it best each time has his own answers. For 1930s Germany it was Hitler. Hitler wouldnt have worked today or in the 60s. Trump is the best for today as he forces traitors hands to do mistakes. A democrat would simply bail out and move the army to secure food for niggers and spics. Trump will not. He will focus on external security and let the states and people figure it out

Curious, what makes you think the division would occur like that?

I think a civil war is innevitable but civil wars lately havent been clear affairs. There were more than a dozen participants in the Syrian war.
Likewise when SHTF not every reigon will be affected equally. A lot of asymmetric warfare. Very few battles and battle grounds.

map thread

The Tea Party was the reaction the right had to Obama. Something else will rise the next time a dem is in the WH.

civil rights will be the ultimate trigger.
when the civil rights act was passed the country was 87% white and 13% non white. whites have no civil rights protections, that's sensible when the country is 87% white but no so much so when whites entire the minority. when that happens whites will be a minority without any of the protections a minority group gets.

it's essentially a racial caste system where whites become the untouchables, we're going to be South Africa tier whites in our native land and it will be legal. this can never be addressed because non whites will never give up their advantages. civil rights will not be extended to whites because that would fuel whites viewing themselves as a separate ethnic group. the moment whites start seeing themselves as white first the country will go into civil war.

this is why they are so afraid of white identity. this is why you so see many "whites don't exist", divide/conquer and purity spiraling. they will do anything to suppress and derail whites wanting an identity. the government however views you as white and doles out muh cibil rights based on the ethnoracial pentagon/hexagon.

this is why mass non white immigration has to be stopped because for every non white you're adding another member of the victim class into the country. these victim classes won't stay united for long and I suspect Jews will be the first to be expelled from it. most non whites see the holocaust as white on white violence and unimportant, so no holocaust guilt. the system they created to protect themselves and the golems they imported will ultimately be their undoing.


vermont may be blue on this map but when civil war breaks out the women who vote will be hiding behind their men with guns, we will exterminate the druggies in the cities then kill all invaders from ct/ma

Please let it be this:


RED - Republicans of European Descent

Why you lumping Tennessee into the north bullshit we'd join the south FSA.

Its a great possibility. Assuming this bullshit with Iran doesn't pop off.

when they arrest black draft dodgers during the Iran war.

>something else
>please let the dems choose the next supreme court jew
You are to blunt. Go back to shill school

Wyoming and Montana staying in the US.

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>north carolina
>not being red
Yeah no

That's what Northern boys were saying in 1859 to boys south of Maryland. Everyone is a doubter until the bullets start flying. HATE is all we need and massive HATE is what we got. War will happen.

Talking it up.

>the next supreme court jew
This meme?
The dems will just "rebalance" the court when they win next. Increase the seats with 5 new fresh D justices.
They will just breed until they win an election.
There is no way out.

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"War in America will start with an internal revolution in America, started by the communists. Some of the people will start fighting against the government. The government will be busy with internal problems. Then, from the oceans, Russia, Cuba, Nicaragua, Central America, Mexico, and two other nations, will attack! The Russians will bombard the nuclear missile silos and America will burn in one hour." The nuclear missiles will land in California, Las Vegas, New York, and Florida."
- Dumitru Duduman

Then, the man spoke again, “When America goes to war with China, the Russians will strike without warning.”

The West is probably in the last stage of post-communist subversion. Many sides of potential conflict have been ramped up, society has been polarized.

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WAKE UP user
>>WAKE UP user
WAKE UP user
>>WAKE UP user




>>nothing you read here is real, only a fool would believe it.

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What am I looking at here user?

>Increase the seats with 5 new fresh D justices.
That is so hilarious impossible for them to pull off

So the options are
>with Trump
One or two conservative supreme court justices for the next 20 to 40 years that will not get involved when states start to go at each others throat and oppose the bail out dreams of democrat jews, and 4 more years of Trump derangement syndrome forcing the dems and media jews to agitate the left enraging whites.
>Some dem
1 or 2 uber liberal globalist supreme court justices not opposing bail outs and more aliens, making media jews relax and "some other right movement" that can be subverted

Easy choice for whites

>being this uniformed
The number of Justices on the Supreme Court changed six times before settling at the present total of nine.
President Franklin D. Roosevelt appointed eight Justices and elevated Justice Harlan Fiske Stone to be Chief Justice.

Assuming that the USA on that map represents liberals, they have way more land than they should have

The map I posted with this is merely a placeholder from google. I didn't mean anything with it.

The Judiciary Act of 1789 called for the appointment of six supreme court "judges".
The rules will always change to give them what they want.

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the 1960s really fucked America hard. the America (((they))) wanted was always bound to collapse. I hope we can unfuck the mess but the way things have been looking I don't think it's possible.

Depends on who wins the next election ...but either way, either party is going to stick it to the losers.

it's a bit more complicated than that

Now say the shill line about how trump is a kike and how whites should vote dems to (((accelerate))). honk honk?

Yes, those guilty of it are communists of all stripes - neocons, far-left agitators and antifa and even far-right crypto-commies and useful idiots.

You assume that the kids of the sixties knew what we know today. They were far more politically active and lived under the cloud of the cold war.

Your generation is the one that thinks they can lawyer everyone to death and not face retribution.

A conspiracy by international cabal to undermine economic growth, thereby diminishing the electoral prospects of the resurgent right wing.

There is only one logical rational choice for whites. Trump. It enrages the left keeps aliens at bay and secures two conservative seats. you can accelerate in 5 years. For now no. And btw the 8.7 trillion of corporate debt maturing will do it anyway

>(((international cabal)))

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What does FSA stand for in this context?
Flexible Spending Account lol

you sure are in a hurry to ignore reality and label me with some agenda.
Maybe you can explain how we can win? Did I elect Trump or Trudeau?
The only way to win is to let them in, in record numbers and give money to Israel!

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Read siege. And understand it faggot. Each time has its own solutions. And the some agenda projection, just put it up your negro democrat ass. I cant be more open negro.

The elites want a civil war. If you watch the “news”’their coverage is clearly designed to instigate one. That way they have an cassus belli to do whatever faction they are with from wants to do
>Bill Gates wants to kill us with a super virus
>Soros wants to keep us like pets in glass enclosure
>Trilaterral commission wants to rip up the constitution and drag dissenters to FEMA camps
>CFR wants to put on a light show featuring fake UFOs who are from the intergalactic counsel of faggotry. We will be told we all need to become brown trannies, not build the wall, and enable all the spyware built into Windows 10 or the aliens will kill us

So tiresome

>“When America goes to war with China, the Russians will strike without warning.”
And our boomer subs will destroy Russia. The end.

Fool, it would not be on state lines.
The coming civil war will be fought via 4g warfare, this is certain.

Its past due
The left needs to die

it's going to take something big. Arresting trump and then police overreacting and firing into the crowd causing the right to flip its absolute shit. Then the msm tells the liberal normies its a fascist take over and everything spirals out of control

Stay calm, keep arming yourself, train, network, get the fuck out of the metropols and vote Trump.

>t.Wishful thinking
How did that Russia collusion thingy go?

>Tells me to Read Siege.
>against acceleration
are you high?

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It would be 4th generation guerilla warfare. Rebels could just destroy America’s nightly delicate electrical grid. Destroy bridges, lay siege to large cities Los Angeles or New York.
Pretty much all senerios ran by the DoD resulted the government losing every time.

The North beat the South in the Civil War because they had an almost unlimited supply of men and material. The men was due to having large city populations, of course, but underneath that they had a large influx of immigrants who were dirt poor and more than willing to go be a soldier for a paycheck. Material was due industrialization.

Contrast this with today and you see Democrats taking in as much illegal immigration as they can get and they also control most of the large city centers.

Everyone who thinks a CW2 would be an easy red state victory because of leftist snowflakes should look to the past and see why it would not. Juan from South America today would just as willing get paid to be a soldier as was Paddy from Ireland in 1861. And industrial production would favor them as well.

Either way, war is bloody and a potential civil war involving modern technology would be catastrophic. Everyone should hope that it never comes to that.

No it isnt. The number of Supreme Court justices is not set by the Constitution, its set by plain legislation.

I know you tried to memejack siege for your agenda. But if you would have actually read it you would know, that each time has its own solutions and voting dems would be retarded, as it would calm those that are more prown to start going crazy. Let the left accelerate without power preemptively. action reaction shill. The city people and sheep dont matter even if they are white. And racially aware whites ablevto fight and willing to react are prepping for it anyway. A dem would in no way accelerate, just make the left calm and take away a revolutionary impulse. It doesnt matter who starts shooting, but if it is the left, even better
>based nigger macro
You smell shill

Can I move to USA and fight for the whites?

They’ll start WWIII if they see a civil war coming in America

Electricity wasn't a thing back then and the US grid is incredibly vulnerable.

Wut? WW III will only happen if the US loses its military hegemony or goes full protectionism. And it wouldnt be (((them))) who start it, not in their economic interest. Russia and China might have an interest, but nit really. Would be very local. Also if the US goes belly up china will not really profit from it

The bottom row of red States are basically all either half black or half Hispanic's that gonna work?

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>do nothing goy

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Well armed and trained New Yorker here. Once war starts, I'm turning insurgent sniper.

It'd be open season on beaners

I always wondered why something so important is vunerable

Did I say that? Vote trump to enrage the left further and secure two conservative supjudges, prep and train, react. And if the left doesnt goes 1920s Austria, or the economic bust makes things go south. You can still vote dems in 2024

Who keeps making these gay maps?

I haven't assumed anything, the cultural revolution they planned in the 60s for a pluralistic multicultural America has failed. the social engineering has failed.

of course anybody under 30 knows this and the boomers had no fucking clue what was being done to them. whoa child free sex and drugs, fuck it.
the problem is structural. Trump is allowing illegals to flood the country and just deflecting the blame but his DHS is shipping them all over the country and he's shilling for more non white immigration.

if anything Trump is accelerating the collapse but trying to lull everybody into a false sense of security. the cultural revolution of the 1960s has failed. civic nationalism will never work unless non white immigration is stopped.

it doesn't mean the US has to be 100% white but at the very least 70%. not all immigrants assimilate equally or as fast. every non white immigrant is just another member of a federal mandated victim class. voting for Trump does nothing if he keeps shilling for immigration. we need to limit legal immigration and push for repatriation/deportation. anything short of that is pointless. the courts aren't going to matter unless that is done. Trump's "bold immigration for the 21st century" done it for me, there won't be a political solution with him.

McCarthy was right and really the last chance to stop the shitfest.

So you stay home let the spics and nigs vote Biden and flood the US even extremer with whites having to build up new momentum and racial awarness while the libs smugly chuckle instead of going full crazy. Good plan, just eat the bullet same out come cuck

You don't fight in that situation. You blend in and become a spy.

The only thing that can, People need to stop thinking someone else is going to lead the charge...what are you doing? Only YOU and YOU alone will enact change.

they're already flooding. under Trump we've had more illegals than ever. Biden/Trump literally the same shit. granted Trump will deflect and bitch about it but he's facilitating it. Trump's DHS is busing and flying them all over the country.

sorry functionally there is no difference. all Trump's campaign rhetoric was bullshit. what he delivered on was the same shit any neocohen would have done.
they're all Heritage Foundation picked. do please tell me that a neocon isn't going to do the same.

there is no political solution. once you realize that you will realize it doesn't matter who you vote for. Trump didn't drain the swamp, he surrounded himself with the Koch and Bush niggers who have done nothing but facilitate the liberal agenda.

you want me to vote for a cuckservative, go fuck yourself

Trump pushing globohomo. please tell me how that's different from any democrat

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Food price explosions, general rampant poverty.


All of this, probably.

Can't wait for your disgusting caricature of a country to go down in flames.

The world will be a better place after you are gone.

>The big idea in President Trump’s plan is that “pro-America” and “pro-immigrant” are synonyms.
yeah Trump can literally eat a dick

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Some idiot takes a shot at POTUS and sparks a war.

Despite all of the shit you spewed, the Dems are 1000 times worse.

Nothing would spark a snowball effect. Neither side would want to escalate things

>Food price explosions, general rampant poverty.
Kraut if you actually knew anything about our country food prices increasing would be the least of our worries. Half of this country runs on growing and selling food.

>The world will be a better place after you are gone.
hahaha, we're not going anywhere Kraut. If anything this retarded government that really isn't our own anymore will just collapse and we'll rebuild.

what you called shit is the truth, it's undeniable.
yes the democrats are 1000 times worse but both are leading us to the same place and that's collapse.
whether it's in 4 years or 10 it's all the same. it's as if two cars are speeding off a cliff and you're complaining about how soon we go over the ledge.

both are headed in the same direction. the establishment isn't going to change, just mirror and tricks. reality says something entirely different.

you know
we could just put the undocumented immigrants on Indian reservations

Pretty sure if civil war hit my state(jersey) would be a meat grinder. Literally only blue cause of the fucking niggers and spics in the cities which you can see in your map. People on both sides despise the government here and honestly outside of the cities most whites are conservative or libertarian and are done with the bullshit rules and regulations here.

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>wyoming aligned with california
fuck off retard

the fed is trying to crash the economy to ruin the trump presidency