Mark of the Beast

>antichrist mandates the RDIF chips / laser mark / whatever the fuck it ends up being
>have to accept it of your own free will
>if you refuse has you tortured until you break and take the mark
>the torture circumvents your free will and you accept the mark to stop the pain
>god: you couldn't handle being skinned alive? no user, don't you see, you used your free will to stop the torture. guess you're going to hell boy. :)
What part of this makes any sense?

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Don’t believe Semitic religions

you won't get tortured, you just can't buy food and pay your rent and electricity and can't use cars and can't have a bank account and just can't live until you accept it.

no one cares, kys

Afaik you'll just get beheaded. So not that bad pain wise.

Saudis are one of the manifestations of devil on Earth.

God is testing us.

The 10 Commandments advise against being greedy.

This is a test for that it's the devil with money in its hand.

Shuddup, kikesucker:

>See what Jesus says about this to Zipora Bitrus: “You would not resist the great tribulation. That is why you have to be there with the Rapture.”
>Brothers and sisters, do you have any idea what Jesus is really saying here? Satan, the Dragon, will not just let the Christians go. He will torture them!

>There is a pain threshold. Zipora, would not make it… and in order to get rid of that torture and pain, she would still go for the Burn Mark, Sign/Logo (666). Because this is what Jesus is saying in reality!
>Many Christians (99.9%!) are mistaken when it comes to Armageddon. They will not make it, because the pressure to accept the nr.666 is too big.
(Revelation 13:7) “And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations.”

>The Christians will be tortured to the limit
>See book: “The Second Coming of Christ” (Jakob Lorber: Chapter 2 page 20)
>(At the time of Armageddon) Jesus: “Those in power will treat the people like animals on that day and will have them slaughtered cold-blooded and unscrupulous if they do not submit to the will of those rulers without any contradiction. by all sorts of coercion, and they will persecute and suppress any free spirit by all means, and there will be misery among the people as there has never been on Earth, but then the days will be shortened because of the many chosen ones. To be among the poor, for if this did not happen, even the chosen ones would perish!”
Copy and pasted from some website, but the guy who wrote it seems to believe in the Rapture which people I trust say is bullshit.

This. It will be slowly introduced the same way the rest of the tech surveillance apparatus/control has been. It will start as a convenience, and eventually turn into a tool that you will need to function in society, just like your iPhone. They won’t outwardly start turning dissidents’ chips off until it has become completely inmeshed within society to the point where the only alternative will be to try and live off fish and berries in the woods. I dont buy into the religious bit, but they will get everyone outside of the third world chipped. It is inevitable. We pretty much are chipped already. Your phone and computer already records pretty much everything you do and say, and your money is all electronic, meaning your access to it can already be turned off. The horror of this is not fully grasped by even users here. We talk about it on our phones and internet as the controllers record. They won’t outright get use these tools against us until they have consolidated control sufficiently enough to excercise total power with impunity.

Silly faggot. The need to accumulate wealth to provide and protect for one’s family is not greed. People will not accept being chipped because they are greedy, they will accept so they don’t have to watch their children starve.

Take your pills crazy

your (or somebody elses) interpretation of scripture =/= facts of the matter.
its safe to say nobody honestly knows much of shit for certain about revelations.
stop being british.

Sounds like my life now.

>whatever it ends up being
You already have one, don’t you? You even paid for it.

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Me too user, let's just jerk off

What if the mark is your credit and debt? Think about that, you basically need it to do anything to further your life from schooling to building a family.

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none of it cuz youre retarded innit m8

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>Implyibñng the mark of the beast is physical.
Political correctness if the marknof the beast

Put your kippah, jew

Somebody threatens you in the lunch line so you go to the back like a good beta
Somebody threatens you in an alley so you hand over your kids lunch money rather than fight
Somebody threatens someone with an acid attack so you tell them not to do anything to make the acid tossed mad.

See how shitty betas are for society? There are no betas in heaven.

This isn't about being bullied, dumbass. Everyone gives in torture.

Big brain on this lad

this guy gets it

so when your phone was next to your bed it means they have videos of every sexual active person having sex and every web chronik and every tweet and post and can/will eventually use it against us?

Torture, you poor britbong, is relative. The point is if you're such a pussy you'll allow a pack of narcissists treat you like cattle you deserve to burn. God says you have a soul, use it. Fight the bastards with all your life energy and you'll win. Give in and they'll find a way to destroy your soul with your permission.