Is Ben Garrison retarded?

sincere question.

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Well, this one does make a lot of sense

Fuck off, kike.

>memeflag shit talking zyklon garrison
Jow Forums is lost


I always liked his work.

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No you are kike faggot

this is 100% what is happening
even Iran thinks Trump doesn't want the war but his cabinet does
it seems true to me

based ben nailed it again

pretty decent tbqh

>implying Trump isn't /ourpresident/

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Man trump is actually such a pacifist its pretty cool

Hillary wouldve been in iran in 2017

Is that not an edit? Pretty great.

Kike is mad.

No it's spot on, fuck of boomer Jew.

>its unedited

What do you have against Iran other than what the MSM tells you?

>implying Zion Don didn't handpick Bolton

What a fucking jackass. Imagine having the brain of Ben garrison.

needs more labels

Ben is hit and miss. This one's breddy gud.

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Iran attacked us. We must destroy them to preserve freedom in the world. There is no choice now.

Based birb.

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Well, yeah, but at least Boltron hasn't managed to get his way yet

Ben Goyrrison strikes again

D-did he just name the J*w?

He is right though you fucking faggots. Fuck kikes and fuck israel.

Are you retarded?

God I hope trump is as antiwar as I think he is.

Israel has nothing to do with this. Iran attacked us directly. On video. This is an act of war.

Its pretty much what everyone is thinking user. How many false flags in a row do you think they are going to attempt?

Jews btfo. Zyklon Ben delivers again

Needs a hookier nose on bibi

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It's an almost good one though. The only thing Ben Garrison gets wrong is that Trump is mostly on their side and will do what they want eventually. Garrison seems to think Trump is his friend or something. Remove the Trump hair from the eagle and it's accurate.

That weren't even your tankers. If you choose to shill, at least think it through first

No they didn't you jew retard.


You forgot to hide your flag. Russian interference will not stop us.

What's his name again, Jow Forums?

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We just gave you a little push in the right direction. I see no harm in that.

I am no Jew but as a Christian we must defend Israel at all costs.

fuck off boomer shill
it's been full of you faggots here for the last 2 days


Can he make up his mind already?

uh what ? this is breddy accurate. but i'd expect this from a memeflag

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>Implying Zion Don wasn't "coerced" into hiring Bolton

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Nah man, he's pretty based and redpilled desu. How's the weather in Tel Aviv btw?

ok, now show the unedited version

Thanks Ben.

Sorry kid when you grow up you will learn right from wrong.

very accurate

Trumps kept us out of illegal wars. Exactly what I hoped from him.

Ben Garrison is retarded Trumbot but sometimes he hits a jackpot like now. Beautiful drawing and good message.

Garrison has always been /ourcartoonist/.

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I nominate this user for the next guardian of zion award.

>Is Ben Garrison retarded?
No, because that comic is 100% accurate, kike.
>what could possibly be behind that memeflag?

Could he be anymore retarded than an user that wears a memeflag?

>hires someone the kikes want
>never does what Bolton says
Until we go to war with Iran I'm still holding out for Trump

>glowniggers gonna glow

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is that a motherfucking star of david?

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>There is no choice now
Hey look at you hear that? The sound of nothing happening? It's too late for your foreskin though kek

Oh boy, he's skirting fucking close to a shutdown now. He unironically started naming the jew constantly.

That's Netenyahu.

attacked us?
>Jap oil tankers
pick one

Is this real?

Do you not understand what allies are?

Japan and Iran are trade partners, why would Iran attack an economic partner?

Cool, but where's the original?


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its real

oy vey. shut it down.

Imagine being Bolton, desperately trying to convince Putin's puppet Donald Trump to do neoconservative strategies, and failing all the time.

as usual ben is right
there won't be a war
people have had enough of it

>Ben Garrison names the jew

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Blood's on our hands too, we made him what he is.

>Is Ben Garrison retarded?
he was, a long time ago, before we reeducated him. Now he is spot on.

A bit too obvious though. He even wrote it out.. (I guess its for the american audience)

So in your head Putin is telling Trump to do...what?

Where's the lie?

on twatter:

I always find myself wondering if maybe Trump figured he'd just let Bolton play bad cop to keep everybody off uncertain, although it's really not evident to me if Trump is that shrewd or in control. The entire reason for having the NSC at all is so that the CIA can lie to the president and convince him to authorize them to engage in their usual "fun and games."

Boomers out

In all seriousness, why would he say that about the columns? Twice?

Eagle America Trump looking swole as fuck there

Day of the Pillow

Bolton seems like a bluff or a last resort attack dog. He has a reputation of getting the us into wars that are pointless for itself and highly destructive to its target. Considering he was picked when US DPRK talks looked like they might half I don’t think it’s that crazy

Time stamp a pic of your nose right now god damn it

Best ben yet

fuck off boomer scum

Garrison always draws Trump as a jacked turbo-Chad. He does it to fuck with shitlib cartoonists who draw Blormpft as a fat manlet with tiny hands.

Based. How do non zyklon garrison artists draw guys like Nadler?

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Can't be his

so fuckin' based

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Never understood that trump is 6 something only slightly fat for his age. Why is every liberal political cartoon some bowling ball shaped manlett with some insane triangle hair the idea is to exaggerate features and personality not create your own.

His Twitter confirms it’s his

shills out

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I wonder what that sounds like. Seems like it must be a real one-trick pony if there isn't another normal kick drum to use as well.

bolton is trump's mad dog on a leash, it redirects the criticism of his maximum pressure foreign pressure to him, his record puts enemies on their toes, he is good at sounding scary but behind the scenes he's just overseeing sanction campaigns, potus got him under control, he even jokes around saying if it was up to bolton he'd be up in 3 wars right now

>jew star
This is probably an edited one