How do you think long-term loneliness and isolation will affect millenial men as they grow older?

How do you think long-term loneliness and isolation will affect millenial men as they grow older?

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I’m Gen Z and it’s already affected me pretty badly

Good luck anons. Godspeed. We're going to get through this.

It will just mean you learn to live in your own mind a land of perfect bliss

What age does that translate to?

lolwhocares, I don't buy anything, advertisers can't really use me. I'm safe to be left alone to die.

Aren’t we all just jaded? I thought that was the general consensus

It will make some of us better men in the long run. It will also destroy others as well.

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But are you content to be left alone to die?

I just get the impression that there is widespread depression out there among young men within a certain age range. And when you consider that middle-age is when men start dropping likes flies, it doesn't bode well for millenials who are now approaching middle-age.

Wasn't the Gen X stereotype that of being jaded though, e.g. Slackers, Less Than Zero etc?

How do you think being childless, debt ridden, anti-depressant dependent, tattoo covered, cock/puss carousel alumna, overly dependent on animals, etc. is going to affect all of the post wall millennial women?

Have sex with a chubby english blonde

deaths of despair: suicide, alcoholism, drug addiction and so on and so forth.
on the bright side, ones that survive the coming existential crisis of spiritual death can keep each other company in the walmart fema camps. now pass the roach milk, i'm parched.

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I was born depressed. There's nothing that can be done with a smart child in a world of idiots.

What happened the last time there was an entire generation of isolated, lonely, and disincentivized young white men?

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I think it's going to get worse, however personally I don't feel like humiliating these women. Some are very repulsive in their aggression and hatred of men etc, but I see it as a great failure on behalf of the culture at large, which is just sad. Every one of us was a kid at one point, content to pick flowers and ask what different objects were - to see those kids grow up and be corralled into lifestyles which are ultimately damaging to them, but provided them (and others) with short-term, retrospectively meaningless pleasure makes me sad. I wish them the best honestly.

america is not white

There will always be a beta waiting to pick up the slack

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mega an-hero wave. suicide spiral.
it'll cause panic

I haven't had a friend in 10 years. The loneliness has made me incredibly skilled at woodcraft. I have 4 violin commissions right now.

i seen an ad for canned wine on the bus the other day. looking pretty dire for them desu.

Apparently suicide rates are growing in America, but in the UK somehow the figure is relatively low compared to recent decades.

Isolation? Fucking lol. You mean the inescapable suffocating tide of information and stimulus? Millennials are probably the inflection point. Gen Z will have already adapted to curate it better.

>28 years old
>no frens
>dead end job
I unironically pray for nuclear hellfire.

How does one adapt to it? Deleting social media you mean?

From what I can tell Twitch, Youtube and the various social media platforms are massively popular with kids as young as ten.

I don't. Shitty choices have consequences and it's important for others to learn to not take the same self-serving path.

Extremely beneficial, half of these people will become Greek gods and the other half will kill themselves. You can only create a beautiful diamond by great pressure, some will crack but so what?

Would you care to explain why you're at this point? Genuinely curious.

I'm becoming a doomer while ending my bachelor's... don't know where all this will go... totally demotivated.

I was a lonely as fuck virgin with a shit job all through my 20s. I have a serious gf now who I'll probably end up married to but goddamn my 20s were fucking awful. The loneliness coupled with my former job drove me to drink. I wouldn't say I ever hit raging alcoholic levels but I'm just glad I got out of that rut in my life. I did at least get pretty good at bass during those years though.

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Apparently, as a genetic population, it will make them focus their sexual energy into works of genius. An incel bugman army with feminists and their globalist handlers in the crosshairs.

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It's affecting us now wtf

I still think it's the right thing to do to offer these people compassion and to encourage them to do right, rather than humiliate them.

Socially awkward. You wouldn't know it looking at me though. I'm 6'7" and generally fit. People think I'm some Chad but I have the 'tism and it cripples me socially.

Who cares, your generation is scum and deserves to have it rough.

some people are built for it, some arent. personally i dont care about being alone as long as i use my life to create something useful for the next generation.

Thanks for answering. Are you doing anything to try and overcome what's holding you back?

Glad to hear it mate. Care to share what job you had and how you managed to reach a better place in life?

Experiencing daily life as a curator instead of an explorer. Learning to ignore what you need to ignore.

Not really. The only thing that helps is drugs but I'm sober and intend to keep it that way. It has opened a lot of new doors though.

The number of those types of betas is decreasing imo.

IOW, you can't delete the abundance, all you can do is learn to filter it.

I made 27k a year doing a night shift help desk job. The sort of help desk job where they're constantly monitoring your numbers, how often you go to the bathroom, boss constantly breathing down your neck, etc. To top it off it was in a shitty old office with buzzing fluorescent lights and yellow walls, much like that backrooms meme. It fucking sucked, but I lost a little weight, got more active hobbies, met a cute little librarian who's as awkward as me, and got a good govt. IT job. Life has slowly been getting better.

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It's not

Thank you for answering.

Wish you luck for the future mate.

I walked out of a basement job 3 years ago and now I get paid twice as much, and get to lolercaust all day.

I can see that. Men's standards going up while women stay stagnant. I can only hope that will be the case, at least

find I'm fucked in making decent close friends
I put a good amount of effort into it without being a tryhard or humiliating myself and make loads of passing acquaintances but never does anyone return the favor and make any effort to see me
think I just have to prepare myself emotionally for a life mostly alone

I've been always interested in handmade stuff like that, mainly leatherwork but never got around to try it
I live in a commie block and don't have enough room for that sadly, but woodworking...
Do you think it could be done in a small enclosed space or will I need a garage


men don't have any theoretical wall to hit. i think more guys are realizing this as they get older and notice they're more desirable, so their standards go up.

We're going to see a lot more men falling prey to cougars.

No, eventually everyone will take the bloomer pill

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We will have a generation of men who spent their youths with knowledge at their fingertips and some of them will actually be putting in the time they have to themselves doing what they like, mastering their craft.
Well have alot of useless cannon fodder but also it will turn into quite a few renaissance men that will be historical greats.
Our great test is one of time and patience.

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>In miserable relationship
>Begs me for kids and marriage but won't make an effort domestically right now.
>Demands all my time to the point I feel like I've been isolated.
>Job is actually pretty cool but no benefits
>Want to just Say fuck it and pack up and move back to me previous town where I was happier
>But we have a dog and it feels like staying together for a kid. Fuck I love that dog.

What do I do? I have these mini meltdowns when I have a minute alone and I now struggle to hide how shitty my mental health is.

We need to purge our bodies and minds from weaknesses through sun and steel

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unironically this

For anything more than whittling, you will need garage.

Well you're very young, as you know. Keep your conscience clean and your chin up, would be my advice.

Buddhist school.

I can't find compassion for them. I'm 36, married to solid 8 wife who is great to me and we have 2 kids. In high school and through my 20's, I personally was around a 7-8 looking guy and athletic. I didn't have too much of a problem dating girls, but many of the 8-10 girls that I took interest in all wanted to play cock carousel with Chad's and never lowered their standards. Now I see most of the same girls are fat, not married, no kids, still going out partying every weekend and then wondering why they can't find a good husband. The obvious answer is because they chased Chad all their lives who only wanted to pump and dump and the good guys like me who were fairly good looking, but not perfect, focused on having a good paying job and getting married to girls who weren't selfish sluts. I'm sorry, but many of the girls like that out there deserve what they get and that is nothing.

Not sure as I don't have relationship experience, but couldn't you try articulating your frustrations to your gf?

Men handle living alone just fine.

Exit. Take the dog. She sounds manipulative

Even surrounded by loved ones we cross the bridge while they stay behind. Don't kid yourself, we ALL die alone.

Why are suicide rates for unmarried middle-aged men so high, in your opinion?

tell her to do x, y and z or it's over. let her know you're miserable and the goddamn dog is the only thing keeping you around.

I have this lifelong problem of not being able to pipe up for fear of saying hurtful things.

She's in a worse place mentally than me. I genuinely think she won't be able to take it because she melts down over EVERYTHING.

Some single women are already offing themselves at 28

35 year old dude raised in a religious house here, what you want to know? I am a virgin who has experienced long term loneliness.

shit, I'll be doing tiny little violins then

Friends are overrated. People are horrible and selfish. Why subject yourself to heartache.

end the relationship and take the dog
if she makes no effort domestically now she's sure as FUCK never going to after marriage
sounds like she'll be the type who'll get post-partum depression and then just become lazy the rest of her life while the husband takes care of everything

Hypergamy doesn't allow them to "settle".

what's your favourite dish?

Ah yes, the roasties are starting to get pretty toasty aren't they?

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This is the most blackpilled pussy thread I have come across in a long time.
you fucking doomers need to lift, stop jerking off, and get out more.

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I have the same problem, and due to past events in my life I now have this paranoia that my hurting someone in any way will lead to their potentially committing suicide.

However (and again this is coming from a loveless virgin) I don't think allowing someone to hinder your life because they can't deal with things maturely and instead break down, is healthy. If you love her, then just tell her what you want from life if you consider it fair, and then let her know that you would like her to remain in your life but that things are getting you down. If she loves you surely she will make the effort to understand?

I'll live until my immediate resources run out, then I'll die.

This whole isolation/loneliness conspiracy is just a front propelled upon us by the same globohomo clownword kike apparatus that's looking for a quick consumer dollar. If nobodies out being a good mindless consumer drone, the system or clownworld societal traditions start to die a quick torturous death.

Ol' Chaim and Boomer Joe just can't handle it.

I've been trying to explain what's going on to a few of them, but the level of delusion is off the charts.
Some small changes would make their lives a lot easier. Been getting absolutely nowhere with it though.

>tfw turned 32
>no kids no wife
>shit Job
>gf of 4 years left because of some health problems im going through
Wtf? Does it get better?

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Steak and baked potato. Mom made beef stew is a close second.

best dog breed?
Good friends are one in a million now, no need to feel bad about not having them if you are comfortable with yourself
I'm still friends with lads from middle school and man, I'd die for them but most people in high school and later in life were snakes, I'm telling you

Sorry to hear it. What health problems, if you don't mind me asking?

Not as badly as it will the women who have no chance at a family once they hit the wall. At least we have the hope of a family and children in our future.

Millenial women are going to lose their collective shit in about five years. Buy stocks in anti-depressants and whatever else because they are going to look to spend their way out of that hell.

More mosque shootings on twitch

I'm literally fucked now I can't handle blue pilled normie faggots or women I'm 21 and I literally came to this decision today I live alone so I don't fucking care anymore I'm staying in and keeping away from women and normies can't do it

Male suicide will grown in absurd numbers. Female suicide will grown too, but only for old roasties.

What contributed to your feeling this way?

You are not alone, user

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read my book user

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Growing up in fucking children's home from 7 a corrupt and evil system that if I was a weak faggot would be dead by now from suicide because they completely set me up to fail. I'm a fucking social retard because of it now always say and do the worst thing its like I'm fucking autistic and I hate it because I know its a problem but I can't change it

>personally i dont care about being alone as long as i use my life to create something useful for the next generation.

Also if anyone who worked at browsers pol or Jow Forums KILL YOURSELF YOU SICK SAD CUNTS I WILL GET MY REVENGE

We all need tribalism.

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Sorry to hear about your background mate, and I won't try and patronize you with advice considering I haven't lived your experience. All I would say is that channeling your anger in a sustained, serious, intense and most importantly productive way will help you long-term. In that sense, you have an advantage over your peers who don't have that inner store of fuel to burn. In my early 20s I was very angry, vengeful, resentful person and all I felt I wanted was to go and live in a forest somewhere. But recognizing the struggle of others was a way of allowing that anger to subside.

Doing all that already +reading +playing the piano. But where do you go in a fucking city? There is almost no nature and even if I go to the largest park in my city you can still hear the fucking traffic from outside. You can never relax

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