Brit/pol/ - fail to make a difference edition

Why do I have always a bad day in the past year lol I gotta is a time to be done with the time you so much and you don’t know how much I love ya and you know you’re a good girl and you don’t have to do it yourself and you don’t have to do it because you’re not mad at a girl you’re going back out again and you know how to you and you know how much you mean you don’t have to do that you don’t know how you stupid you so mad that you don’t know what you’re going through

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Is this a merchant?

anyone living in a 5G enabled area? mine just went on and cant sleep with tinnitus.

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Mercury was the first thing in a long way out there though I didn’t know what you had going on about that day and then you didn’t want me to go back out and do it again

put your phone in water, if they show up just say you lost it

actual thread

does britpol accept kpop?

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Koi fish and chips are the master race mixing with the other side of the electorate voted for trump to win a big deal of the year old white sock in his hand

Sounds like a placebo tbqhwy.

Placebo effects of a spastic day is the same difference between a boring post of a spastic is a spastic year amp year of the summer of life in my mind that you can get a grip of your emotions in the next few years or you will start a spastic right next to the world of the human race children

real thread

It’s not very bright but it’s a simple way of making a difference in a spastic way to make a difference to your own self worth living with you envy people having a great time and a great job with you and the kids

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The 3rd a level maths paper leaked.

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les see i then

balls I left me anarchist flag on

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Anarchists have no arguments in this article or the Jews are racist as a leftist nationalist party of labour propaganda in politics and trump is socialism in the mainstream media and that is not true emperor or not yet

>boris beats farage

you wot mate speak proper english you feckin paki

How's it going lads?

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Pakistani was the first one day of school children and kids in ages and I had a great time with you in the past and you are so cute I am very excited for that day I will have always wanted to see you again soon as I get off to you I’ll give you my money back

what the fuck are you on ey did you fall in that bingo cannabis factory they found in kettring or summit ya daft paki

Both Labour and the Conservatives need to die and be replaced by the Brexit Party and the Cuckold party.
See study discussed in this article:

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Cannabis is based off the internet addiction to alcohol abuse of children in the war of the Jews in a civil rights attack in which one is the way of it being said that they had to leave the country to vote for trump trump said he was promised a spastic first time he was just trying to make it happen because I didn’t think about you going to the shop until you got off to a good snoozer

Paper 3 took place already

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you doin that thing where you just tap the predictive tex on your phone in the middle a bunch you silly paki

aw that's annoying I can't give my mate bazza any hints

Conservatives have won ww2 this year to trump the electorate and then it was voted out of the state to win the war in Afghanistan a spastic was always their first time voting in a country where trump was a leftist nationalist party of the war on Iraq the way they were voting for them to win it was the only way they had to get help with their own plumbing business

just go on home you daft get

Get the kids off the road and get them to come over for dinner


>mods delete the real thread
>keep the schizo thread up

i need a new /comfy/ brit wallpaper for my ringer bros. get em posted

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Evenin' lads.

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know of any dystopian/comfy pictures. maybe some modern town high street with a tacky fih & chips, some traffic lights, metal railings, and some rain and clouds. maybe a tesco express in the distance. bonus points if there's a chav with a white baseball cap in it


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nah the tinnitus came on as soon as they turned on 5G now i cant sleep at all
when I leave town the tinnitus goes away

Just popping by to remind you all that you're pathetic and you're literally allowing yourselves to be replaced by 4th century inbred sand people.

Lads who were in this class today are the most boring things you’ve ever seen for a long way lol lol okay lol lol I gotta ya got ta be like that I love you too much and you’re always right and you’re always my best friend

Is anyone here that isn't Pube? I'd not mind a poltics chat

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What's his game plan?

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feck off tyrone you little yankee shite

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somebody explain OPs bait picture

Political arguments have been taken away by trump and the electorate voted for the war on the kids who are voting for labour to win a majority of the time in a leftist race of the country who had been taken into a civil rights protest in the last few months of the other day

op had a meltdown in the last thread. ignore this thread it is completely irrelevant

What should be done about the gang problem? It's spilled onto the general populace and now we have niggers mugging innocent people in the middle of the day.
It's about time somebody came up with a solution, a final solution.

I mean he could be a good bloke but something just screams super pedo.

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serious time lads
lets do this

He looks like an argument that Criminal Phrenology is no longer a dead science.

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Nice deano boxes

>is clearly Jewish

I'm afraid attractive brunettes in jodphurs is my fetish. It is an enormously expensive cross to bear.

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Why is it an enormously expensive cross to bear?

Why do you literally have a council house as your background?

Horsey women are hugely expensive things.

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I blame his popularity on reddit on the fact he looks like one of the Wild Thornberry's

>What should be done about the gang problem?
Mandatory training or education in exchange for a universal income.Give the a purpose and an identity beyond being criminals.

Patrician t b h, posh birds in general do it for me (particularly souf)

>Giving people other than immigrants jobs
Hold up there lad that's pretty controversial

You don't need to see a picture of him to think collecting disabled kids is a bit weird

National service didn't do the Kray twins much good, they just spent it in Colchester

>tfw buying a nice house in Cheshire
It's 98% white.
My heart is melting from just thinking about my kids not having to deal with non-whites like I did.

Fwoar, i'd kneel behind her, and with my hands spread her buttocks wide open like opening the centre pages of a huge book, bury my nose into it and give her gutter a good sniffing


Sadly exactly the same thing here.
Which like I say is great and terrible.

I'm ecstatic to be moving to [A part of the Country that is West]

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I can see Labour becoming a fringe loony party. The right is still wide open, as the Brexit Party are basically single issue.

Digits confirmed

>National service didn't do the Kray twins much good, they just spent it in Colchester

Ronnie was a nut job - needed medical help.
Reggie, could have been decent, but chose not to be.
The key is choice.
Some people in gangs choose a criminal way of life, because it's the most 'attractive' option.
It means, as much as the 'Daily Heil' readership isn't going to like it, we need to make some major adjustments. Some youngsters need incentives to choose positive outcomes for their lives.

>Oh, Jonny Jonny
>Jonny Jonny Jonny Jonny Su-umption
Jonathan Sumption's Reith Lectures have been excellent so far, and he has a very comfy voice. Anons might also enjoy his book on the Hundred Years War.

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the horse might not like it though.

The Brexit Party are essentially what the Cons should be

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>Two criminals spent their time in the military in military prison.
>on civvie street they were instead able to forge a criminal empire
I again don't see the issue.

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ur a cheeky cunt u m8


...and led rotten lives, leaving a trail of victims, pain, loss death and grief, before finally before jailed for life and dying somewhat prematurely.

as long as she's cleaned it though

jo brand did nothing wrong
>Scotland Yard has dropped an investigation into the comedian Jo Brand, who joked about throwing battery acid, rather than a milkshake, at rightwing politicians on a BBC radio programme.

Well nobody saw that coming

It's not as bad as you think. My mrs is a horse girl and her parents were teachers/accountants.

isn't that place full of unbearable yuppies?

the curved tail on the right and the helicopter looks like Hitler

thank you for the reminder. I've been meaning to listen to these for a while.

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It's pretty posh, yeah. But that's why it's over 98% white. Only 0.3% black, the rest are rich indians.

Nice of Games Workshop to make a Warwick Davis faction.

Indeed, but I'm afraid for me to be diamonds she has look a bit like a horse herself (i.e. be posh as fuck).

Morgoth's Review is doing a livestream on Youtube now.

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curious, wouldn't the south west be cheaper?

>2019 Reith lectures.
Sumption - upper middle class BBCesque prat, talking out of his arse, w./ no basis in reality; his perception occluded by his comfort and being surrounded by other liberal elite luvies.
Why would you inflict listening to this on yourself?
We could dispense of all laws, and leave only theft and common law -every crime is a form of theft,
>rob someone's life
>rob someone's wealth
>rob someone's dignity
and so forth

Tell him he’s a fat Geordie cunt

Will you be appearing on the real housewifes show after your sex change?

yes please someone explain

Tony Blair is calling out Jeremy Corbyn as a shit Labour leader.

My weary head on her soft plump pillows, breathe in the gas of her rectal flaps and billows

~William Wordsworth

If Tedposter is here and somehow isn't banned post this video instead of all of your autistic copy pastas.