If you became the minister of health in America...

If you became the minister of health in America, what policies would you impose to ensure each male grows up to be a Chad?

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No vaccines
Breast feed till 1year old
Drink alot of dairy milk
eat meat
Play football, boxing

Surely not tackle football, right?

Of course tackle football, but i wouldnt want to push my kids to the NFL or colledge football, thats when they start roiding the butts

Enjoy the CTE

Martial Arts competency as requirement for graduating high school.

If you let your kids play football you are dumb parent. It's almost as destructive to their future brain development as circumcision.

Mandatory 2 years military service. Make sure the training kills off the weakest 20%.

Decriminalize and subsidize anabolic steroids and dextroamphetamine.

Massive carb cutting and that's about it really

Mandatory Pass / Fail fitness tests before graduation to the next grade.

Id circumsize my kid too

1. No porn
2. Be physically active and social
3. Join Boy Scouts
4. No soda, junk food

I wouldn't let my child play tackle football lol. Soccer is alot more fun anyway

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Nice try, kike.


Whats this guys name

Can you imagine how much pussy this guy gets?

"No vaccines"

That's priority #1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.


(Although I think wrestling and/or BJJ is much better than boxing for many different reasons.)

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We can't all be chad.

Luke Kuechly. His brain is gooey though.

Or just learn MMA.

sterilize the libs and the betas

Soccer is for euros. Football is alot of fun a gives a man some scrap. Little legue foofball isnt going to do no harm

eliminate the white race


Urijah Faber is a 5'6" manlet.

Meanwhile, I, a superior vaccinated human is 6'3" with impeccable immunities.

Mandatory athletics
Civil Service
Introduce socialisation classes to grade school children

Hire gypsies to bully small children
Those children grow up angry and anxious
They start going to gym which will be cheapened by the goverments policy

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Vaccine free are healthier than the vaxxed and you're a gross cuckold fetishist who can't get a boner without shoving something up your ass.

Also, Urijah Faber could kill you with his bare hands in seconds.

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Every kid from my elementary school ('79-84, Marlborough Elementary Calgary Alta) is what you idiots would call a "chad".
First off, we had lots of sports. Enough equipment that everybody could play whatever they wanted.

Also, every grade has its own section of the playground. And the lower grades had to fight the higher grades to hold their ground.
The first time I hit somebody twice my size was the last time I was nervous about fighting.
He laughed at me when I grazed his chin, so I tried quantity over quality. It worked, really well, and we both learned a lot in those short moments.

Which takes me to the next componant, fucking let boys be boys.
Let us solve our own shit as boys always have since time immemorial.
Sure, we got into fights sometimes, but the rest of the time we were perfectly civilized, no passive aggressive bullshit.
All this snarky shit where you walk around being a cunty little bitch simply did not happen, If you had a problem, you solved it or it got solved for you.
Again, as boys have behaved for many centuries.
The whole movement to completely sanitize and safeproof a childs life has left many people with the inability to solve problems among themselves.
And as a result these kids are so sheltered that they grow up into, well, you.

>vaccine free is healthier than vaxxed, goy
Kikes trying to make you think vaccines (invented by whites) are dangerous

either BJJ, weight lifting, boxing, or wrestling as a 4 year requirement during high school
eat healthy lean meats, vegetables, plenty of milk, different proteins, and carbs
join clubs to build social skills and relating to people

Judo, gymnastics, swimming, hiking, and marksmanship K-12; lunch periods turned into cooking/nutrition classes a few times a week; victory gardens as class projects with modern automation and monitoring technologies implemented.

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mandatory circumcision

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Ok faggot.

Testosterone from a lab starting at 16 , biannual cycles with PCT. stop at age 25.
Also it'll lower pregnancies without women needing estrogen

>join clubs to build social skills and relating to people
I gotta add that the mental health problem for people with anxiety should be fixed with cheapening of pills.
Believe me i know a lot of people who are sport types but take anxiety or depression pillls because they cant live normal without them

>into well, you
What did you mean by this?

I'm not sure, but I do know I'd institute mandatory nightly milkshakes and peanutbutter for the women to handle the surge in high testosterone males who are searching for big fertile birthers.

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Start euthanizing 90% of the population (we still have to keep some of the dumbasses around to do shit work).

Leaf means to imply that Jow Forums users are weak sheltered kids.

Keep kids fit and with a good diet
Teenagers join sports or drilling
Basic training after high school
Teach young adults a trade

eating tough, chewy meats fairly regularly is an underrated one.

thats legit why all of my best friends from highschool are retarded or have some sort of mental issue, football is a boomer sport. baseball

Well, as someone who isn't a boomer, I can honestly say I wlaked hime 3 miles everday from high school on 3 hours of sleep a night. Has wrecked my knees and ankles but it taught me perserverance atleast.

Authoritarian coaches/teachers

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Yea but i boys need physical contact sport to put all their aggression towards.

Moderate weight training and martial arts or sports. No mandatory risk like football or combat sports
Cardio conditioning.
One solid healthy and tasty meal each school day.
Brief education on how to maintain masculine vitality and why its important.
Mandatory vital monitoring (test levels, BMI, muscle development, frame measures, blood pressure, cortisol, estrogen, etc.).
Jobs specifically for students (cleaning the school, planting trees in national parks, cleaning city streets, etc.)

wrestling has real use cases tho and doesnt smash your brains around as much

When my boomer dad when in middle school they had marksmanship classes. Of course you can’t do that today with diversity


Baseball is even more of a boomer sport. I can guarantee that the younger generations care more about football and basketball than baseball.

My millennial friend from rural Missouri had marksmanship and archery classes. I'm sure they still exist, but probably only in a few select school districts.


95% of which is pumped with antibiotics and growth hormones.

enjoy your cancer and man boobs, faggit.

I love wrestling too, they also can be a little crazy but thats ok

>Luke Kuechly

poster child for steroids and head trauma

>minister of health

where are you really from?

kill all the men, the only way for everyone to be perfect is for everyone to be dead

Ban as many BPA/plastics in general, as well as birth control. Also impose a tax on onions. That shit pollutes the water and fills people's bodies with tons of xenoestrogens.

Wrestling, while being far less damaging, is also far more physically demanding. I tried doing football before wrestling season one year and all the time wasted standing around between plays actually set my training back a fair amount. I switched to cross country running and lifting on my own time and that did far more for my wrestling than a season of crashing into chubby kids who saw running a mile as a grueling punishment.

OP is a faggot you can't legislate these things in a country as kiked as ours.

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1) Stopping onions addition to food and animal feed
2) banning of plastic bottles with xenoestrogens, replacing this shit with recyclable glass bottles
3) daily sport exercise in schools, 2 hours per day beginning in elementary school
4) depicting masculinity as a positive trait in a man, banning kike advertising in TV
5) cooking courses in the school to avoid eating shitty industrial food
(a man has to know how to cook basic dishes)
6) stopping adding fluoride into drink water where it's technically possible (ozonizing of water is much better but more expensive)

* not 'onions' fucking sóy .,..

>t.city slicker

I had a bunch of head injuries through my days so I might skip football. I’m thinking the wrestling route if I’m blessed with a son.

This. Also water Polo and track.
My buddy did rugby in HS and college and is an engineer making 6 figures, owns 2 subways and an engraving business that makes 40k in his spare time. So if he suffered any brain injury it certainly didn't screw him up. Fwiw he also did wrestling in HS.