Does Russia suffer from Asian immigration like Canada and Australia? You are close to China after all

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What do you think

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how is it suffering? it's a godly gift.

Kill yourself.

Gooks from Central Asia invading Russia every year, hundreds thousand every year. 80% of the bus drivers are from Central Asia, I see groups of young male muslims and the children of migrants (Tajiks, Uzbeks, Kyrgyz, Turkmen and Kazakh people) in large groups.

asian immigration to australia? is very small, nigger. you should worry about your own shithole nation being infested with sand niggers, mexicans and jews. those numbers are staggering.
>You are close to China after all
retard logic. only americans can make it possible.

>Very small
>All major cities chinked to high hell

>asian immigration to australia? is very small, nigger. you should worry about your own shithole nation being infested with sand niggers, mexicans and jews. those numbers are staggering.
I'm not denying the shit the US is going through but that doesn't mean I can't check up on other countries
>Retard logic
In case you haven't fucking noticed but we share a border with literal mongrel-savages that just walk up to the border. So yes, I'm making perfect sense. If the US was lucky enough to be an island in the middle of nowhere maybe I'd be inclined to agree with you, but since my nation borders these worthless fucks and I live in a border state, fuck you and fuck off you dumb abo.

Chinese immigration exists, but is not as bad as in Canada and Australia, because Russia is much poorer than these two countries, so not as many of them want to live here.
Much more significant problem is immigration from Central Asian -stans, which used to be parts of the USSR, but even that is not as bad (though bad enough) compared to Western European cultural enrichment.

Very much so

>Close to China like hundred kilometres


Central American traveled over 1000 miles to get here, don't give me that shit.

why would Chinese move to this shithole?

Come and see

we'll send you back to central asia soon

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>bunch of white people
>cute girls, educated looking types

>pro putin demonstrations
>geezers, fucked up face asiatic types, and darkies

Why is this? Does Putin just bribe the lowest common denominator of his citizenry to prop him up?

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I get that reference

>You are close to China after all

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1. We are half-asian on our own
2. Yes, we have lots of asian migrants.
3. There is no gibs program so it's very different from those countries.

Why would they even move here

Outside of Russia, Putin portrays himself as the right-wing bastion who crushes the skulls of western leftist cucks. However, inside Russia, he has nearly destroyed the most right-wing groups and appeals to the churkas and other faggots. He even pays the Chechens to keep quiet instead f disposing of them.

Yes but its different. Here chiense gob up all the realestate and keep diving prices to insane levels.
In asia its mostly worker migrants.

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well... russia is big, they are going to get pissed when I say this now, because who wouldn't... russia is big sweden..

you are young, you are an hamburger, all you see the cold war. I bet you several times wondered
>why the hell is norway sticking their head out for russia?
well russians are not aliens user... russia is family to us, it's big overblown big brother that did this drug called communism, which we also started with

the world... as much as you say you hate him, you follow what hitler said.. which was historyless, clueless, all to fit their propaganda...

russia cousin.. or more preciely my nephew

look see here, they use only historical sources..
I can give you tons of these... rus and norse, ruse are norse. Slavs + norse, kissie kisse = rus = russland or russia as you call it

I know you have short term span but here on

if you want to know more a ruric, I don't if it's the same channel but check there, again they use primary sauce. no
>I think this
>I think that
but it's ususally written later now sing with
(folk song related)

And don't even get the idea that I am kissing your but....

I already said you are basically big sweden, or big svitjod as it was called. so watch it now, you are know how brothers are... look at sweden your father, you should be goncerned, very goncerned

and don't listen to denmark
>mountain apes

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>you are young, you are an hamburger, all you see the cold war.
Uhh, you realize burgers on Jow Forums like Russia right? I like Russia. They helped us out during our Civil War even if not directly or intentionally.

okay this is not realetd, but I love these guys.

watch this..
when harald went down there to fight with the rus, swedes, danes and norse with the varangians... he said he was just a random person

this is cruical and why communism was so appealing to us so we almost joined if it wasn't for lening being such a hard ass.

They looked down on this those romans
>you are fighting? like a common solidier?
>wtf.. why are you not commanding those drones to do your bidding while you sit here and drink whine and watch those stupid peasants die for you

... instead it's the whole native belive thing again, now he was "christian".. he was out there to make a name for him self, with his own hands, his own might and he didn't want to get any favors

this attitute is ultra norse, like hooligan tier and it prevails in all of use to day, that is why we also like theoretical communism... it was just a political scam though so we didn't join the soviet union there in the early 20ies.

think I am talking bullshit? so would I 10 years ago, but they realeased the papers now it was labor... it was a penstroke away.. they wanted intependence, lenin said no, moscow rules so we bailed.....

america just goes, but I am white you are white... sigh.. and they don't even.. sometimes I just want to give up on my hamburger eating frens. I don't want to be offensive, but I know russia comes from an history censoring place
>we are all just soviets
much like america tries to do today....

but remember we never forget

Russia suffers from everything

Are you that same drunk Norwegian from a few days ago?

>burgers on Jow Forums like Russia right?
yes I do, but it is for their spice memes basically.

you do not understand our connection to them which was my point. I am not saying you-you, but your politicians and journalists they treat them as martians... well they are not they are our fucking cousins, before this it was hitler with his nonsense, then it was or before or after him it was communism

in the 90ies I gerw up, I went to a russian speak school, I had german though... they came here and ours went there about half the class... and I remember at the start when they came.. we just wondered.
>do these guys even have computers?
well ofc they did, and what was more remarkable they did the same as us! fast tracker2, cubus, early mp3, coding... so we started to learn then

later in life I have also been russian populated countries, and.. no it's profiling

but funny each time when I meat a russian for the first time and he think some sort of alien and we start to drink to gether... same stupid humor, well they have their own touch

my point is, we're not tolling your gov line on this one. we want our cuz back

it's no offence but russia is our blood... everyone seems to forget that,. including russia. I bet the russians deep inside hate whale too but now I am pushing it, his father doesn't know how to fish for shit and is a whale loving homosexual

but we were supposed to normalize again, then you start your shittery...

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I dunno if there is some middle eastern or syria thing, I only come when I am drunk.

But no ofc not that was not me user, because we're just anonymous. i was just the guy when all you went screeching the other day or two who posted the statements from our gov, because obviously I am pst and that's why the russians are silent now

lol relax buddy, I am just your old pal saddam hussain

don't ask this here man, please stoj

and ffs relax man I am not e-tjenesten or something spooky as that... if I were I would just be calling you negros or something