Norwegian insurer blames Iran and says the crew on the Norwegian ship was not rescued by the Iranians, they had already been rescued and then the Iranians came along and forced the crew to board Iranian vessels.

This is looking worse for Iran every minute, first they are seen removing one of the limpet mines, now the crews are making statements that they weren't rescued but forced by the Iranians to board their vessels.
>Pentagon believes crew of Norwegian-owned tanker Front Altair detained by Iran. US officials say crew first rescued by merchant vessel, Hyundai Dubai, but Iranian gunboats surrounded ship demanding crew. Captain ordered crew to surrender. 23 crew members being held in Iran

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Hey Rabbi, you know nobody believes you, right?

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how crazy will the world get if this turns into a USS liberty style incident, but everyone with an internet connection can find out immediately?

why would Iran pull a stunt like that

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Yeah I don't really believe Iran would either but it isn't looking good for them.

Is Iran really this nigger tier?

Norway is a part of nato, and the biggest vassal state ever.

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Iran’s aggression deserves a massive smack down.

they just insured it tho, I cant find out who really owns it.

Gee, it’s not like it’s difficult to trust anything any ZOG country and (((media))) has to say. I mean, there were never any false flags lied about before, so this has to be real. Like, Iran TOTALLY has EVERYTHING to gain from this attack and ISRAEL has everything to lose, right?

This documentary clears things up:

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Nobody cares, Ziofaggot. We're past that. Your false-flags are going to be ignored from this point forward. You want to fight Iran, then go over there and do it. My country has no interest in such a thing.

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Because they wanted to ruin their relationship with Japan once the PM finally came to visit them, and they want America to fight them in behalf of Saudi Arabia and Israel.
Iran can't wait to get us to war with them. Hehe we'll show em. Americans Last!

They would probably never do anything dumb like fuck with us.

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The attack was the work of revolutionary guard. They want war with west to help get the youth in Iran mobilized against the west. They are losing the cultural battle.

I hope these Jews know that if they start a war with Iran, then Israel will be vaporized in less than a weekend.

How in the fuckity fucking fuck could they have done an insurance investigation already?

The probably didn't do it on purpose, don't underestimate the incompetence of arabs. I've worked with them and they are idiots.

Driving an armed military boat into another nation's waters has consequences.

what's that

Iran has been pulling shit like this for decades. They act like faggots in the straits because the bulk of their navy consists of boghammers and they simply can't project them that far.

US hungers

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This is what I've been saying but no one listens unless you blame Israel and Mossad, the Iranian government and the Revolutionary Guards have been at odds for a while.

Now the US is saying Iranian boats fired missiles at one of their drones prior to this incident.

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One is owned by Kokura shipping, a Japanese company.

The other, more interestingly, is called the Front Altair, was built in 2016, and is the sole vessel owned by a company called Front Altair, Inc.

>(((insurance investigation)))
Ask Lucky Larry Silverstein

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More info please. Sounds like a front company.

>Pentagon believes ... 23 crew members being held in Iran
Didn't your government first say that YOU rescued all the sailors and that Iran had none?
Now some merchants rescued them, Iran kidnapped them and YOU have none?
Your story keeps changing man. I don't know what to believe.

These jobs can get sloppy.

This shit I don't understand.
We WANT to sell you fucks our oil, for cheap as fuck too. But you refuse to buy it.
You'd rather invade some shit hole to get worse oil, at a much more expensive price.
Why do you hate us more then you love yourselves?


Wow you see guys, Iran good guy.

We should not go to war and let Iran do what it do

Allah Ackbar

they wouldn't

see (((Syrian Chemical Attacks)))

Soon in the next history books we will be the ones who sparked WW3.

>believing this is about oil
This is about bloodlines dating to biblical times.

'seen removing the mine'? On that grainy video which could just as easily been anyone else including Israel, Saudis or Bolton himself? Probably somebody from the state department reached out to them and said it was likely Iran so they just repeated it. And given the whole media climate one can understand why the Norwegians are hesitant to board the Iranian ship.


Go away jew
Might happen. The US is desperate to start a world war while they still have (arguably) military superiority. All China and Russia have to do is wait a few years until the petrodollar collapses and America is ruined.

>Be Iran
>Warn US not to fuck with the oil shipments
>US fuck with their oil shipment
>They start blowing up tankers
They did warn you faggots not to do it. You could avoided all of this by not walking out of the nuclear deal, but apparently a bloody war was a better "deal" for the american people

Wag the dog before you start
SchlopSchlopSchlopping up another war


This is not about oil itself, it's about the trade of oil. They couldn't give a flying fuck about the oil, they just want those countries to sell the oil in petrodollars so their fiat currency won't crash.

Hate to say this children, but I smell war.

>die for us goyim

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>talk with my sister about this (who doesn't know a lot about current events)

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"I’m one of those people—not at all unique in Washington—who has contacts and friends all over the political spectrum, including in the Trump Administration. After work and over drinks, they like to vent. What they are telling me privately is what other Washington insiders are telling the conservative press. The White House, and especially the National Security Council, are in disarray. And Bolton will soon be fired ..."

"... Trump said just a week ago that he was willing to begin talks with the Iranians “with no preconditions.” This was a major softening of U.S. policy toward Iran and it immediately drew Bolton’s ire. Indeed, The New York Times pointed out that the policy directly “overruled a longtime goal of (Trump’s) national security advisor.”

JOHN KIRIAKOU: Bolton’s Long Goodbye - June 12, 2019

>Be low IQ brother
>ask high IQ sister who did it
>she says the russian
>low IQ brother laughs
>doesn't realize this is 6D chess by the russians to provoke the US into a war with iran so they finally collapse
Hahahaha you're only playing 4D chess, get on their level.

Lie plot thickens

i dont care how much the ziocons cry wolf, too many people died in iraq for israel and it wont be happening again

Petrodollars isn't a thing. The whole theory which has always been fake, presupposes peak oil, which never happened, and even in the context in which you are using it is incorrect, because it requires high oil prices, and currently oil prices are currently at all time lows.

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You have zero understanding of economics, or even the concept of the petro dollar. The petro dollar means that you need dollars to pay for oil, creating an artificial demand for US dollars
> presupposes peak oil
has nothing to do with this
>because it requires high oil prices
No it doesn't


The Ireanian apologists all said "i-iran didn't do it, don't blame the inbreds!". Now they're going to say what Iran did is justified.

Iranians aren't Arabs but they're just as incompetent, if not more because Iranians are arrogant on top of it.

It doesn't require high oil prices, just high demand. The oil trade is at 1.7 trillion dollars every year when at 50$/barrel, which is the price it is at right now, and it is almost exclusively done in USD. If everyone dumps the petrodollar, your currency goes to shit. It doesn't matter whether you buy a car or a loaf of bread with a currency, if everyone stops using it, it loses its value.

Iran wants the US out of that area. And they think they can do it.

When Iran is caught red handed, scream FALSE FLAG and DA JOOS to distract.

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>norwegian (((insurer)))

>This is looking worse for Iran every minute, first they are seen removing one of the limpet mines

Go to hell kike. No one believes this obvious false flag.

Just because. Don't ask questions

>biggest vassal state
Not so fast Anders. Got you outcucked there

>They want war with west to help get the youth in Iran mobilized against the west
Oy vey oy vey oy vey!

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>(((merchant))) vessel

>I've worked with them and they are idiots.
I've worked with Polish and they are the dumbest fucking whites on the planet. Literal nigger tier stupidity.

I thought this entire thing was a kike scheme up until I found out Iran is holding one of the crews hostage.

Can someone explain why the fuck are they doing this? Are they actually dumb enough to think they can beat the Americans and the kikes?

>Iran has been pulling shit like this for decades
No they haven't kike. You are a liar.

Iran removed the mines from the ship to hide the fact that they actually used missiles. Genius!

There's people in our country that legit believe we have the right to be anywhere in the world and how dare anyone fuck with us in their waters.


>presupposes peak oil, which never happened
But it will. This is essentially just the Extreme value theorem

>I thought this entire thing was a kike scheme up until I found out Iran is holding one of the crews hostage.
Lying kikes make up lies. No one is being held hostage.

it was a korean ship from what I know? I am sorry I didn't write it down.

so why is this big? anyways the crew were all russians, georigians, and philipons...

as they screwed us all out of working at sea in like the 80ies or early 90ies. I don't know, all I remember the latest one was one of my uncles and he got injured and had to have a wheelchair.. you won't belive what he did... he worked at the factory later (yes the factory as it was only one in town this is norway)

anyways this is not for us anymore as they all outsourced it after the fall of communism

You're right. Petrodollars isn't a real thing. The USD is the world reserve currency because of the power of the US financial sector and all of its shenanigans along with the trust the world has about the US economy.
There isn't a single academic textbook that agrees with your petrodollar myth.

Let's say that petrodollar is true for a second. US shale industry is so big and powerful that the fantasies about US dollar collapsing is irrelevant anyway, even if petrodollar myth was true. When your bad theory can be checkmated from within, you know you got a bad one.

Paid actors

Wow, high explosives hitting a target at speed look similar. Who woulda thunk.

She was made for BBC

I'm sure you'll be on the front lines when war breaks out right? I bet your chink ass will get sniped from a mountain top before you step out of your humvee.

i want Jow Forums to leave

>There isn't a single academic textbook that agrees with your petrodollar myth.
False appeal to authority. Why are leafs so fucking stupid when it comes to authority fallacies?

Uhh but they are though. The crews are releasing statements now, its breaking news all over the world. Why would a non-kike and non-American crew lie about being taken hostage?

Mods seriously need to start perma-banning schizos and memeflags

Also, it's great to see Iran is following the Assad school of strategy. After all, the best defense is needlessly antagonizing your enemies and giving them the moral high ground and the casus belli to blanket your country with bombs and missiles. (((Nothing fishy))) at all here, no.

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You can have all the white women you want Jamal when their goy friends go off to die for Israel.

(((norwegian insurer))) aka JIDF lies totally discredited

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big if true


SA /MUTTS doing this ..
Have Brother ROYAL MARINES an IRAN HAVE NOTHING AROUND SHIPS .. SA sent Patrol torpedo dummy warhead .. in Iran colours FACT ..


okay okay I will bit, p..

nah I don't care if you find out,,

you know what happened and this is real, the old man doesn't many years left now. but anyways he was a sailor for a long time of his lifu wich was normal here, then he went to some port in saudi arabia. drunk as a kite as they did when they finally went to land, so if it was illegal or not at this time to drink booze in ksa... I don't know

but it ends up with him(if you only understood my tribe and my people.,.) I can't translate to you, but this was extremely hilarious to him. to see grown men, with their ass up bowing down in the sand (again untranslatable)... so he ran in, and kicked as hard as he could in one of those homosexual ass flagging faggots in his ass so he slid forwards...
he also said something but i don't remember what

now they had to run
they just went j** wtf.... RUN

and they almost made it... but this town/village/city got him

so I remember after a long time of hospital, sitting in wheelchairs with this steel through his legs
... you idiot.. was it worth it?
... omg my son is sitting here listing
>NOW SON! You have to listen to you..

my god this is how I ended here wasn't it?

and this time I am not joking this is true

durr let's get lost in international waters hurr

>Uhh but they are though. The crews are releasing statements now, its breaking news all over the world.
No they aren't you fucking idiot. In 5 days, there will be no talk of hostages. Remember this post anons. In 5 days, no one will be talking about hostages and this canadian piece of shit will look like a loser who's incapable of basic discernment.

In 5 days Tehran will be a nuclear crater and you will be dead you fucking jihadist piece of shit

Oh for fuck's sake, Mordechai. Everybody and their dog knows, it's you. Please fuck off and go fight your own wars.

>In 5 days Tehran will be a nuclear crater and you will be dead you fucking jihadist piece of shit
In 5 days the kikes will still be kvetching because no one will be fighting their wars for them.

In 5 days there will be no hostages, because there are no hostages.

In 5 years, the American people will finally wake up from their slumber and stop funding israel.

Which one of these pants pissers is you kike?

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your map is wrong or outdated.