Comfy /mex/ thread

Lets talk about how our country destroys itself.

>Our stupid president accepting Trump's terms and conditions
>We have to reduce the amount of illegal inmigrants crossing through our country in 90 days or Trump will force us to be the Third Secure Country
>Marcelito Ebrad takes the charge to do this, a man without any kind of experience in migration issues, but the guy knows english and idk, he can talk with other countries
>Just today this guy quits, probably because he already knows there is no hope.
>According to this article: our migration centers are overloaded by 400%, just at 2 days since the new migration plan started

Just politics, no racial Jow Forumsshit. Let's enjoy the ride.

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How would you feel if our military tracked down EVERY single cartel member in your country and executed them all like rabid dogs?

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Unlikely. The cartels that matter have good relationships with the CIA.

universe brained thinking here

Don't disillusion my fellow amerifat about the ways of the world

You are right. Three polite thing to do is to offer him some drugs.

Cartel members are indistinguishable from ordinary Mexicans. The only solution is forcing all brown skinned persons south of the Panama Canal.

That means 56% of Americans are indistinguishable from cartel members. Oh my, the plastic coffin sales are going to soar high

>t. cartel member

wouldnt do much.. Cartels are just a symptom of the bigger issue which ultimately is Mexican culture. They tolerate corruption and living in filthy. You could wipe out all the cartels but if you don't majorly reform the culture itll be back where it started in a matter of months

How much would you give me for this here sack of (((oranges)))?

>Just politics, no racial Jow Forumsshit.

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This. Things are easy to understand, really.

In all fairness Mexico is VERY hard on illegals and uses many of them for indentured servitude on coffee/banana plantations, especially Guatemalan Dreamers just trying to have a better life in Mexico. Weird double standard to have, this President is more malleable than Fox and sees how useful other Mestizo people are in filling positions Mexicans "don't want".–Mexico_border

>In 2006, Joseph Contreras profiled the issue of Guatemalan immigrants illegally entering Mexico for Newsweek magazine and pointed out that while Mexican president Vicente Fox demanded that the United States grant legal residency to millions of illegal Mexican immigrants, Mexico had only granted legal status to 15,000 illegal immigrants. Additionally, Contreras found that at coffee farms in the Mexican state Chiapas, "40,000 Guatemalan field hands endure backbreaking jobs and squalid living conditions to earn roughly [US]$3.50 a day" and that some farmers "even deduct the cost of room and board from that amount."[2] In 2008, the Mexican National Institute of Migration estimated that 400,235 people crossed the border illegally every year and that around 150,000 of them intended to enter the United States.[3]

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Lol this mexican thinks hes white

This is not your house. You are a guest here, so follow the etiquette of the house, jew nigger.

Well then hopefully someone engineers a virus that wipes Mexico's entire population out

I am not asking him to leave, he can do what he wants. I am just saying he is an asshole.

Fuck your shithole country. We already have the best Mexicans here, so fuck off.

>inb4 oranges for $1.50/lbs but naranjas for $0.75

>How would you feel if our military tracked down EVERY single cartel member in your country
We'd have to properly invade Mexico and depose their government too because they are in with the cartels 100%. I want us to do that very badly.

No worries we are already doomed. But not thanks to you, but this idiot.

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Cholo spotted. Strangely doctors, lawyers, engineers, educators and politicians are absent from those caravans. Seems to me the only people that are leaving their countries are people without qualifications to do anything. Could you imagine being such a loser you're not even qualified to be a garbageman in Mexico?

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you retards couldn't run an actual civilization if your LIVES and the lives of all your bean-flavored children depended on it.

ANY semblance of western civilization you have in your country was either given to you by us or you copied it from us (badly, I might add). Mexicans are the sole reason mexico can't have nice things. Instead of going to good countries and making them shitty, you retards should try your hardest to make your country less of a heaping pile of corrupted shit. But that's obviously asking too much. Despite the meme, mexicans are actually lazy as FUCK.

Shit Paco that’s just the way she goes bud. Those third world Central American savages are your problem now ;)

>Cholo spotted., you mong.

>But not thanks to you
No shit, it's all thanks to YOU.

Why are all the best Mexicans still in Mexico? You agree that it takes a loser to not hold the qualifications to be a garbageman in Tijuana, and have to sneak into the United States to scrub toilets and make Dunkin Donuts coffees for blanquitos, right?

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THIS is the type of answer I was looking for.
Since Mexico MORE than qualifies as an enemy is well past time for an all-out invasion

Anyone else just enjoying this wild ride? Like literally clown world.
>Cut money from environmental dep.
>Over 150 fires cases
>Pollution reach historical critical levels
>People sick everywhere, kids can't even leave their homes. Entire city engulfed by smog.
>Ahaha like what the fuck dudes just don't go outside haha

>Get the most incompetent fuck to rule Mexico's city
>Entire city constantly flooded
>All new buildings and works canceled just because therefore millions of people unemployed
>Free local healthcare removed
>NBA, F1, NFL canceled
>And all of this just because this cunt did it out of spite against the former guy in charge
>Hey fellas don't bully our little princess she knows what she is doing (But I don't)

>Take away money to finance a train project absolutely no one asked for
>Do nothing
>Stop immediately the construction of the new international airport because your buddies aren't the ones building it.
>Tell everyone to eat shit you got proof that your new airport is not only cheaper but in a better location, produces less ecological damage, etc.
>Never prove that but people manage to find enough proof to call it bullshit
>Tell them to eat shit they are wrong you are right. The new airport is not happening.
>Immediately start plans to sink it to completely kill the project and no one else can revive it
>Called out because you are wasting millions on sinking this shit but you don't give a fuck
>Start your new airport but immediately is stopped by judges because it doesn't even have an environmental/ecological study to back it for starters
>I uuuuuuhhh (FUCK mafia del poder)
I love it, the complete destruction of this shithole is the most hilarious thing ever.

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It has been really entertaining, indeed. I am using Twitter more often because of it, and I am being more involved into politics too.

Every fucking this this president is doing is backfiring him. And I love seeing their supporters squeal and trying to justify him.

I just hope that, by the end, we end learning our lesson and stop supporting socialist parties.

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Keep dream Juan, the retards here still want socialism lmao

>Why are all the best Mexicans still in Mexico?
No, the best ones are here, not in Meh-hee-co, spico.

Fully agreed, too bad people are too pussy to make it happen, so we'll just turn into another Mexico.

so are the democrats and neocons, probably

So it's my imagination Mexicans here clean toilets and make coffees for white people, and they're really engineers, doctors, lawyers and Mexican politicians? Damn.

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>We will build a wall, and mexico will pay for it.


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Ojalá alguien mate a Amlo antes de que suprimir turno acabe

Su primer*

You missed my point because you're dumb. Sorry, user. Better luck next life.

>so are the democrats and neocons, probably
No, the democrats want Mexico to be as out of control as possible that they keep sending new democratic voters. Locusts, all of them.

i already knew this was going to happen

lets not forget the possible threat of chinese/russian agents missing the chance of creating an Afghanistan right next to the us

maybe not this year or decade, but eventually

>The country is going to be destroyed at the end of this period.
Kek, nothing is going to happen as always. Another bad government will pass like nothing and the next is going to be the same.

The fact that Trump had to go this far to get you off your spic asses makes me want him to tariff you anyway. 90% tariffs for one month going down 5% every month after that just to squeeze you dumb fuckers.

You knew this was a problem for years and only now getting on it because of trump. The guy they hired quit like you said. This is horseshit lazy fuckers.

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What point? Mexicans in general are shit-tier people, but the ones in Mexico are actually worth a shit.

México is in its balance. It's not destroying itself. Go outside every once and a while and you will see. Like everything else I Mexico, the immigration crackdown will start stong then go into its natural balance.