>Cyberpunk’s latest demo has attracted controversy for a couple of reasons. Rock Paper Shotgun pointed out troubling racial undertones with the demo mission, where players infiltrate an abandoned mall to fight a gang dubbed the “Animals” that appears primarily composed of people of color. (CD Projekt Red later said this wouldn’t be true in the final game.)
Seems this game might not be based after all.

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There will only be spics in la by 2077 and some small percentage of niggers and chinks

Christ these people literally browse here to not do their jobs

>No no no, we won't use that name in the final draft.
>Let me introduce you to "The Darkies" so named for being a gang that knows how to work in the shadows. They are lead by Lord Jiggaboo. A highly respected crime boss.

Manufactured controversy from kikes u mean

>Seems this game might not be based after all
>polish jews
pick one

Yea but they want to include white gang members in the game


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White gangs are plentiful in the game, they're called Corporations.

This person is literally schizophrenic. These are not the words of a sane individual.

You get raked last

But what if the created character is black? Is it then just a Chicago simulator?

Leftism is a mental illness.

>we cant make a fictional game anymore, it has to be based on real world representation


And no one on Jow Forums is discussing this

I see that so many times, but honestly it'd just be a hassle if you tried to figure out which one you're supposed to avoid.

Follow up: Fuckin' called it. Pic related.

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the journalists want POC to be the only color character you can choose and all the enemies have to be white nationalists or hicks

Jow Forums said street gangs were all black thugs

Is Asexual just the word unattractive women use to cope

"we need more minority representation in the games"

"oh wait not like that though"

This game is gonna be a huge disappointment might not buy it if its gonna go down this route

Not necessarily, but I'd say highly likely.
Primarily it's an issue of intamacy. Spergs have trouble in that department, and the cream of the spectrum crop like to think that deciding it's a "choice" or an "orientation"(whichever fits their view of sexuality) means they don't have to improve.
>I can't talk to women. I can't engage with someone sexually.
>ah! I'm thus asexual. No need to improve/work through that issue.
Once you claim a problem as just part of what makes you unique, you don't bother solving it. See: Fat Acceptance Movement


What's to discuss really? A handful of mentally ill trannies are chimping out on twitter all the time and somehow convincing society to bend to their wishes.

Nah I knew a qt asexual. She was some kind of sperg.

Never said physically, you can be mentally/emotionally unattractive too

Meanwhile tons of games where you indiscriminately murder loads of white guys and not a peep out if mentally ill faggots like this.

by the time it comes out it will be riddle tons of horseshit and CDPR say something like this on release
"thank you anita sarkeesian for giving us your input. This game is now even more inclusive inoffensive"

She had a few boyfriends. Obviously never fucked them though.

They're all just salty that it doesn't look like a "Resist Trump" protest.

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Insightful and based.

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based leaf

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there is no journalists I hate more than the edgy, woke video game ones.

its literally fucking pixels. people are getting upset over pixels.

also on a secondary note, the entire cyberpunk genre is built around exactly what this game is presenting, its a fucking disgusting hellscape of a city owned by big buisiness and corporations where "freedom" and "progress" has gone off the rails.

>it's based off an RPG work from a black man
Trannies are being pretty racist here.

Her boyfriends were probably losers who never had the balls to just fuck her. Some girls will literally never initiate anything like that if they have no experience.
Give her one night with a guy who will just fuck her and lets see how long she remains asexual.

Could also be women who were raped so they want to “take the power back” by never engaging in sex again or whatever

pick one or admit your uncle was a fucking failure.


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I dont know this programming lenguage wtf is this shit

Jow Forums lives in their moms basement and doesn't deal with unsavory types in the criminal underworld

yeah, I was thinking of adding that as well. I'd bet my last paper like drink-box water bottle sorta thing that any "aces" that aren't on the spectrum were raped or diddled.

Verge is vox

just because theres 2 black gangs doesnt mean they're the only ones