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If you aren’t tipping at LEAST 20%, you aren’t white. Stay the fuck home if you’re too poor.

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Fuck tipping
A. Wyatt Mann

scenario A: one plate with two eggs
scenario B: one plate with lobster

same fucking job, why should i tip more depending on whats on the fucking plate if it's the same fucking job for the waiter?

if shes not young and fit and white and gives me the most intimate, flirtatious smile I've ever seen shes not getting shit

15% is the common courtesy, 20% is the amount you give to excellent service.

Wanna know how we can tell a monkey could literally do your job?

t. Pedro Garcia Jesus de Maria

t. Muhammad

>tfw never tip

They get paid for their work

the tipping culture must be yet another jewish plot

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OK. Enjoy getting laid off.

Nah, I live in Europe where workers aren't exploited to the same extent.

>i don't like my job
>therefore i don't have to be polite to customers
>i'm still entitled to the same money they would give a polite server
and servers wonder why they spend their lives carrying food to more successful people

Found the nigger. Maybe you should just stay home and rely on crack and johnny bootlegger for nutrition.

Tipping is just a jewish trick. I'd never tip but my wife and I only go to a few restaurants and I don't want to embarrass her.

If they are serving you, it is you who is exploiting them.


I tip relative to the service, as it’s intended. Then again, I live where only whites exist, so it’s easy to get good service.

I agree with niggers on tipping. You shouldn't ever have to pay more than the posted price.

>eating at restaurants
I worked at a restaurant when I as in highschool.
Man, how many pubes, dingleberries, cum and spot do you eat in a year, I wonder?

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You have a retarded take on the TQ because your society is low-trust.

I've worked in multiple kitchens and I can tell you.
I'd rather tip the cooks, you know the people who make the food I bought.

The good thing about tipping is that you can reward good service and not reward bad service. This is a kike slide thread and will 6 gorrilion replies but fuck foreigners and their non tipping ways. Tipping was universal before the kikes took over the west.

I tip them in boomer advice and $1 and watch them smile and take it. Increasing the amount of leftist serving staff seething on the internet while saving money is its own reward.

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Tipping is for shithole countries that dont have decent pay laws for employees.

15% for standard service, 20% for good service, as high as 25% for excellent service. also only tip cash at asian restaurants or else the owners will steal it for themselves.

What about you pay your workers, fucking americans

>all these people saying 15%

I was always taught 10%. Is 15% just tipslaves trying to gaslight people into giving them more money? In any case I prefer to get my food carryout and eat at home because restaurants are shit and I hope they go out of business.

t. wagie

Honestly the idea of paying servers less than minimum "because they'll make it up in tips" is exploiting not just your staff but your customers. I'm paying for the fucking meal, their wages are included in it, if i feel like giving them an extra couple of quid it's because everything has been exceptional and I think the staff deserve a little extra (it's standard in the UK for tips to be shared with the kitchen staff, so when we tip it is for the whole thing, service and good food)

Lobster is heavier than egg

>Americans give up an extra 20% of the bill for free just because it would be rude otherwise

>Europeans just pay more for food
i honestly don't see why it's a big deal. i have spent plenty of time in the UK and France and it's not like it's 20% more expensive to eat out in the US.

I only tip whites.

Im a waiter and I dont understand this either. Ive worked fine dining and diner style. diner is definitely harder and more stuff to do for each customer

>Europeans just pay more for food
We really don't.

i tip blacks because they're more liable to run to a website like buzzfeed with a picture of their receipt, and i have a business to worry about. but i don't tip them as well. then again this is almost always justified by poor service.

The person who wrote this doesn’t speak for servers in general. They speak for themselves. Most servers wouldn’t care if a bad server didn’t get a tip. Also, servers can be relatively successfully. I’ve seen some make over 60k at the right spot. And they deserve it. Some people are that good. This is a non issue.

Kek stay mad

If the client can decide between paying you or not, the worker should decide between serving you or not, like "nah this guy is a racist asshole go get your own order"

go find another job then cunt

okay hans please explain this magical economic loophole you have discovered where your restaurant owners are able to pay their servers significantly more without passing that cost on to the customer.

>your server would rather be anywgerebelse than doing this job

Obviously not bad enough to find a better job lol. I quit eating out though unless its work related and covered by corporate credit card. I used to waste so much money eating out it embarrassing.

0% for sub-standard
10% for standard
15% for good
In the rare instance where a server truly goes above and beyond, it's left to an individuals' discretion. I've gone as high as 25-30%, but I can only think of two or three times in my life where the service has been *that* excellent.

>eating at (((restaurants)))
lol no

yeah i was gonna say. one of my friends works for a high-end steakhouse in Indianapolis (the sort of place where 2 people can rack up a $300 bill easily) and he does extremely well for himself. but you also have to show up to work every day with a pressed suit, know an extensive wine menu, be able to carry a conversation, etc.
i have found that most of the servers who bitch online about their jobs work at some low-rent seafood emporium because they can't actually get a job at a decent restaurant.

>be me
>work as a short order cook in a diner during high school
>have some regular customers that never tip the wait staff
>without fail the food they order is fucked with while we all laugh at them
>eggs fried in spit rather than butter
>fried chicken thrown on the floor in the back room and used as a soccer ball
>a few drops of piss in your cup of soup
>all because you wanted to be a cheap ass to a bunch of sixteen years olds

Just saying.

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How much did you spend the last time you ate at a restaurant?

heres a TIP

get a real job faggot

The restaurant prices food based on what you’re willing to pay. They pay servers the least they can while maintaining their staff. They pay the rest of the expenses, and then the remainder is profit. Lots of factors, but the relationship is more complicated than cause and effect.

>Your server dosent want to be serving you, they don't wanna do their job, but you should pay them.

I don't wanna do my job either but I do it to get paid and I keep my mouth shut. I had a server give me some fucking sob story about how they don't get paid and work slave hours in an attempt to get more money, he got NOTHING.

You dont like working at Applebee's, go work at Walmart motherfucker.

Wow, did you just come up with that?

Not anymore it’s not. I’ve had dozens of checks with the “suggested” tip range at the bottom be 18- (i shit you not) 25%

In 20 years these fuckers are gonna suggest that the proper tip is the price of the meal over again

>Give me more money or I'll piss in your soup.
Sounds like a good way to go out of business.

OP is a jewish pilpul bot. You can tell by the image.

Yes, if you don't tip, you're a nigger.
No, if your server can't act happy at a job where they're literally paid to act happy, you should ask for a new server or leave the restaurant before eating.

St Elmo’s?

it is because that way they can pay their employers less while at the same time devaluing merit by forcing everyone to tip incompetent niggers

Tipping is uncommon here, so no.

You really think I gave a fuck if the place I worked at in high school went out of business? The majority of the people that work at greasy spoon diners give precisely zero fucks and will fuck with your food if you're either a prick or known to not tip.

Yeah, long story short, nobody wants to hear anybody bitch about their job, especially when they’re essentially working for you. But you might be suprised. Even low end restaurants can have servers who make bank. A lot depends on how many tables they let you work in a single shift, what kind of shifts you get, ect.

>dont like working at Applebee's
>work hard and gain experience
>move to a better restaurant
>work hard there
>eventually work at a high end restaurant and make real money.
>eventually run your own restaurant
nope better just bitch about working at applebee's and spend your whole life in menial jobs because of your bad attitude. god i hate people like this.

That’s nothing. Beer tips are stupid expensive, if you buy a beer for 3 bucks some shitty bar tender expects a dollar every time. When I was around 21 I was only tipping every other time and some middle aged loser called me out on it. I was embarrassed as a kid so I gave him a dollar but got him back for it later.

I don't know. I don't own a restaurant.

A few guesses:
>taxes are lower
>ingredients are cheaper (consider the shorter transport-distances we have in Europe)
>maybe drinks are more expensive in restaurants in Europe than in the USA and free refill is very, very rare

really depends on the restaurant, doesn't it? You get a good pizza for 8€ or for 24€

Are you all niggers by chance?

i'd say "good guess" but it's really the only one. place is amazing though. especially the shrimp cocktail.

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Their wages are literally not included. You want that, you go to McDonalds.

Idk man. Seems like maybe the restaurant business wasn’t for him. Probably better he didn’t waste his time there.

Aren't all of those things criminal offences?

Nope. Was in the UP of Michigan. No niggers within a 200 mile radius.

Just because it’s the only one doesn’t mean it isn’t world-class, there’s a reason no one tries to seriously compete with it

Also, don't throw the word exploitation around expecting it to make you some high brow commie intellect.

You're just a fat fuck who wants to eat as cheaply as possible. All of us can see that.

>Because a cop is sitting in the kitchen of a diner

>t. waitress ho
shoulda study more huh slut

or OOOOR i pay for my meal and if you throw a tantrum for not being tipped you get fired

>you're the ass hole
Yea I know, but I'm the ass hole deciding how much to tip, so suck it up

fuck nigger servers, lowest form of people

Anybody fucking with somebody’s food deserves the rope
People who advocate for higher tipping than we already have also deserve the rope (especially in Canada)
Be grateful when you do get a tip, don’t expect it, nobody owes you their hard-earned money commie filth

>we all act like niggers
you aren't making a good case for yourself

You don't get to decide in many places anymore. It's 18% mandatory in most tourist places in the US. Why? Because commies can ruin anything.

mandatory in what sense? It's already included in the bill?

Where in Germany are you from? I've traveled around the West, mostly in the middle like from Baiersbronn up to Dusseldorf, and people always throw in a few extra Euros.

I went to a Ruby Tuesdays and the entire staff was black, and the only patrons that were getting served were black.
I was there 5 minutes, and not one jig acknowledged me.
Haven't back since.

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You're literally going into a future where you will be called to counter to get your own shit. Then you will bitch about having to pay the kitchen staff.

You commies are all the same. Rapists all. All you ever really want is your ass wiped real nice by some black slave to the state in your state sponsored retirement home.

I bartender at a very high end craft cocktail bar and a 200% tip in not uncommon. Usually I end up making about 40 an hour tips alone. Tipping is a great.

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Yes. Loads of places in FL and CO already do this. Cause they attract so many degenerate Euros.

Like I said, it was during high school. Which was a long time ago for me. Haven't worked food service since. I just wanted to make it clear from first hand experience that if you don't tip it's not some fantasy that people will fuck with your food. They do.

But how do you do this if the person is a first time customer? What stops you from doing this to order just because you feel like it?

I never tip out of principle unless it's my local bar I go to every weekend where most of the staff is part of my friend group.

Only place where that was really common that Ive been to was Miami, and it was a shit hole.

It really is all about the clientèle. If they are regulars and need to impress, you will be all set.

If they are couples and families looking to get our of cooking for a night, you will be screwed.

Yeah, they'd rather you just waited in line for them to be handed money and you just fucking leave, immediately.
Then they'd complain about how hard it is doing that.
And why are people only handing them $50, they should hand them $100, it's hard work dealing with all these dumb fucks just coming in and waiting in line to give them $200, if they can't afford to pay $400 they don't deserve to stand in line to hand over $800.

Get used to it. Make shitty decisions and your power to decide will be taken.

Right, tipping culture has often been explained to me like this. The servers aren't paid an honest wage so the food prices can be more competitive and it serves as an incentive to deliver proper service and the customer is supposed to judge if the server is worthy of a reward for a job well done. It think that's a horribly lazy and exploitative way to conduct business and treat employees but Americans seem to love it so whatever. Trying to guilt trip customers into supplementing those shitty wages regardless of performance is just extra sleazy. What happened to trusting well trained employees to do a good job?

Good post.

We weren't complete animals. If someone was a regular that tipped, even a few cents then they got good service. If it's a first timer they got good service. Unless they were completely obnoxious while ordering. I.E. ordering off the menu or asking to Jew the place somehow by removing something from a dish and expecting to get it half price, etc.

>What happened to trusting well trained employees to do a good job?
You clearly haven't spent time with American teenagers.

>my lesbo friend and I went out to eat and she flexed on the hot waitress by tipping $20

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to be honest, it's only the apparent attitude of the American waiting staff that pisses me off. Posting shit on social media how they didn't get a tip or writing fucking guides like the common man owes them anything. You need to give me 20%, no matter what I do.
It's normal to give 8-12% here, if the service wasn't terrible. (At least that's how I learned it and see it in my social groups)

But if you don't tip at all it would be considered extremely rude from the waiter to say anything (except asking if he did something wrong or if the food was bad), he could even get fired if he would.

The same with delivered food, before the miminum wage came, they expected tips. Now, they are mostly thankful and don't have an expecting attitude.

i used to wait tables 8 years ago. most people tipped well except dark skinned people and canadians, canucks tipped zero. but being a fag who complains about it online is gay

Pay waiters minimum wage. Problem solved and no tipping either.