Reminder: Qanon is real

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You are so stupid that I physically feel pain. Well done.

Hey, remember when Q said everyone evil was gonna get arrested during Trump's government shutdown? Lmao

i dont get it how is the post on the right linked to the one on the left

Remember when Q _____ and nothing came of it? Over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over?

Most people here do not. This is the power of the memoryhole.

Reminder: This board is FULL of bots that spam BLACKED threads, EcoFascist threads, Nazi Threads, and Tranny theads to keep meaningful discussion at a minimum.

Come home, chans. Come to Atechan.

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>i dont get it how is the post on the right linked to the one on the left
That's because you have a functioning brain and not severe, mind-crippling levels of autism.

Q is literally just someone in Trump's family. It might be Donald himself.

Reminder: They fucking hate Q threads because it's real and talking about it furthers the message.

I'm only making this thread for those that still haven't taken the Q pill. Stop reading Jow Forums bots and shills, come to Atechan and learn the truth about Q.

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i want the autism tho fuck this shit, give it to me

Reminder: Trump has all but confirmed that Qanon is real through tweets and gestures.

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Even if he is, who fucking cares. He's a neocon faggot


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i get that Q is pretty commonly predictive of language in trump's twitter posts and also of some future events, but whats the end goal? how do we know its not just an intel pied piper for the Jow Forums/internet trump base to be strung along with? whats the end goal?

Reminder: No reporter will ask the question because not only would it confirm Q is real, but would subsequently spark the major happening we've all been waiting for.

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It's Eric.

>i want the autism tho fuck this shit, give it to me
Willful desire to be retarded? Wow.

I almost feel bad for you.

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Q: Boomer Cocaine.
IOW, be passive, don't hold the President's feet to the fire or call out his mistakes and/or betrayals.

Q explicitly stated there would be a blackout for 10 days.

The anons over on the Q boards at atechan have deduced that this means all forms of social media will be blacked out when declass hits.

They are going to give T.V. MSM the rope to hang themselves with. Without social media to spread fake news, they are done for. Everyone will see.

Q exists to educate people during those 10 days of social media blackout, as it seems anonymous message boards will not be taken down.

Wonder why all social media has been having sporadic blackout lately?

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>Willful desire to be retarded? Wow.
where do you think you are

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AFAIK that statement came from
and his previous thread

not Q

err click the whole thread not the linked post

Reminder: On Jow Forums this is their only defense when someone mentions Qanon.


They want us to rise up so badly. It's not going to happen. They are so scared.
It's so fun to make these threads and watch them squirm.

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Q user is real.

>when declass hits

Fair enough.

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I am a cold reader I bet you didn't see that coming. New poem inbound sync up to the system for the latest orders btw wait for the plan

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The absolutly frustrating thing about it is there are legitimate things that the President could do... pic related.

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THINK LOGICALLY. Why even come into a Qanon bread if you don't believe in it?
Just to criticize those that do?
Or to attempt to throw off the conversation?
Come to AteChan, 4chanman. This is no place for good people anymore.

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Remember that time Q said Merkel was Hitlers daughter, and red october, and his first post was wrong, and 11/11/18, and boom week, and nothing happening for over 2 years, and ARE YOU READY FOR ARRESTS over a year ago, and trust sessions, and

Even though there would be a lot of outrage/backlash generated by the media; we are absolutely in a good position to clean house. (see pic)

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Jee wiz, this lady behind President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump, SURE does look like JFK Jr's (dead) wife!!

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>Just to criticize those that do?
Yep. I feel disgusted that others humans could possibly be this gullible, so I ridicule you in hopes that you'll realize you're behaving like a 13 year old.

> Remember that time Q said Merkel was Hitlers daughter,
> and red october,
> and his first post was wrong,
> and 11/11/18, and boom week,
> and nothing happening for over 2 years,
> and ARE YOU READY FOR ARRESTS over a year ago,
> and trust sessions,
OMG — you're right! We've forgotten to TURST SASSINS! — This *must* be the reason that Trump/Sessions/DOJ/Army hasn't made a move: WE HAVEN'T TURSTED HARD ENOUGH!!


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> never mentions israel
> real

why are you kikes nuking this board today?


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Not sure why people use the "do nothing goy, trust the plan" scheme. We Americans don't need convincing to do nothing. We prefer to do nothing. We already are the slow boiling frog.


Q def has an inside hook to IC but i dont really see what the end goal is. without a clear end goal i'm inclined to believe its just an ongoing operation to keep a link to his core base of internet voters. i guess we'll see in a few days. funny that you called BondAnon Q tho

Reminder: They really fucking hate Q threads :)


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July of 1776 confirmed.

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Here you go

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At this point, if you're not on the Q train, you might as well go back to watching CNN until the day of days is upon us, because nothing will convince you of the truth.

Or you could go with your gut, do the research, and learn the undeniable truth.

Also John F. Kennedy Jr. is Qanon.

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I think that Q's function is pressure-relief valve; making it *seem* like Truump is doing [about to] something -- when he really isn't.

A Psyop on his supporters so that his supporters don't "hold his feet to the fire" -- remember the bill that ended the shutdown and how much was SPECIFFICALLY earmarked for our "greatest allies" -- remember the betrayal in the SOTU?

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What the FUCK are you doing?
C'mon man.

What's the "End Goal" of throwing blame on Israel? Answer that.

You want a 4th Reich? Want innocent Jews to be slaughtered again? It won't change anything. Israel is a pawn, just like everything and everyone else. Of course they want you to blame everything on Israel. But when have you ever trusted what (((they))) insinuated, user?
Stop being so fucking gullible.
We don't know the true masters.
I have a clue. I could tell you, but you wouldn't believe me.

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Oh, definitely, absolutely. Just hang on another year or two and the big one will save us all. Just imagine - five years from now, we'll wonder how we held out for ten whole years. Look at all those prophets. They're talking about a time within twenty years of right now. That means we'll live to see it if we just hold on! Think of how you'll spend the rest of your life in happiness after just thirty years.

R is bullshit.
Jews aren't innocent, at least not quite a few.
It's complicated.

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>probably thinks Jews unironically run the world and that whites need to rise up and die by the thousands by creating a revolution that would claim millions of innocent lives

fuck off back to your BLACKED breads

Yes, John F. Kennedy Jr. is Qanon and you either already know it's true and trying to discredit or you haven't learned the truth and are shocked at me telling you this. Go do research on YouTube before the cleanse the database like they did with Podesta's emails and Pizzagate.

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Trumpanzees are crazy

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FFS we can't let them know.
They will hunt him down.

I'm sorry Qoomers but this is clutching at straws. Everyone knew may would resign even back in 2018 when her 2nd(?) deal was rejected

Read myth of the 20th century.
Unless you’re a Jew. Then just whatever I guess

>R is bullshit
Hahahahahaha you fucking shills kill me

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Why are BOOMERS so stupid and easily manipulated?

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no matter where you go, you are reserved the right to be called a nigger

Even if he isn't, these definitely are

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so BondAnon was connected or atleast researched Q? whats going to happen after the 4th? I'm assuming if RJK Jr is still alive hes going to blow the whole line of rats away, geopolitically how do you expect this to play out?

I'm early 20s faggot. I've had time to do more research than most anyone on this board due to the freedom my job provides me.
Instead of wasting time on vidya I used JewTube for everything it's worth and learned the truth.
Tried to debunk it myself.
Mathematically proves itself through countless 'coincidences', literally thousands.
It's real. It's all real.
Pic related said July 4th is the Return of the Light.

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Why would he be in the know with respect to something as sensitive as that, user?

We're all boomers here, friendo

Most of the people into the Qanon movement are actually in their 20's, and 30's
The whole boomer hate on Jow Forums is a JIDF divide, and conquer tactic.

You retards are proof it's working too.
You're either a shill, or are the one that is easily manipulated.

BondAnon claimed declas first week of June.
After that didn't happen, he came back and said he had better information that 23rd-24th would be the beginning of the 10 days of social media darkness which would end on July 4th.
He gave no info so support his credibility and generally just seemed to be larping based off of Kappy's cryptic July 4th comment.

He learned firsthand what Pizzagate was after a year of research when Seth Green literally fucking told him that him and his wife fucked kids.

The dude had insider knowledge. Deepstate wanted him dead.

Pic related. Tom Hanks tweeted this picture. Look in the elbow shadow.
There is a Cap with a P written on it.
Near route 66.
These fucks don't kill just anyone, only if they 'know' things.
See: Owen Benjamin

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what did kappy say about july 4th? i dont really know kappy's backstory i only know about his death, i know he dated his suicide note july 4th.

oh ok, answered

Excuse the picture for ants.
Kappy basically said big happenings were going to go down around that date.

His backstory is pretty fucked desu.
A jew with a heart that got too big for his britches.
He was a real insider though. He hung out with the big names.
This is him with David Brock. The guy in charge of Shareblue, and a lot of shilling campaigns on Jow Forums.
Kappy was trying to blow the lid on these people, and they murdered him because of it.
He started exposing people like Seth Gree

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Based. The notables section at qresearch has been my staple for news and happenings for 18 months now. No need trawl through the shit on this board

>declass coming!! I swear guise!!
It's been 3 fucking years

i wouldnt be surprised about green since hes a child actor whos managed to stay in hollywood.
where do i go if i want to learn for myself?
are there any implications as to whats supposed to happen after the 4th?

voat co /v/ qrv
voat co /v/ GreatAwakening

Y'all are welcome. Tell em I said howdy.

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Well, think how long Obama acolytes thought free healthcare was coming kek

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I believe in Q

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BondAnon claimed that social media would be restored and people would storm the internet with their newfound crises/knowledge.
Trump did say the BIG FIREWORKS were coming back this July 4th, I suppose.
Don't hold your breath.

Tbh everything I know I've learned from here, and hotwheels chan, and have just cross referenced it with things I already knew to be true, and things like Tom Hanks creepy ass twitter account.

Either Donald Jr or Jared Kushner. My vote is on Kushman.

Holy shit are you trying to be retarded? Do you not know what autocorrect is?

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>It's Eric
No. Only Barron has the time and autism for something like this.

i'd fuck jarrett desu
anyways, is going to war with the Axis of Evil Accents part of Q's plan or is this some sort of diversion attempt according to that line of thinking


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>we are saving israel for last
If that one actually happens I'll be the most surprised one here

>nipples protruding
very disrespectful.

>but whats the end goal?
The world.
The Great Awakening.

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hahaha if they link the obama admin to NXIVM ill shit in my garden

>as it seems anonymous message boards will not be taken down.
4chin will be taken down.
Only matter of time.
Ate will survive.

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The other place

lol ate Jow Forums is more eco fash than this place by a large margin.

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Barry is nervous nowadays.
Really nervous.
I wonder what he did that we don't know yet.

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interesting, good to see this getting into the minds of the people who can use it efficiently instead of relegated to the unknown parts of the internet.

>Why even come into a Qanon bread if you don't believe in it?

same reason i shoved faggots like you into the lockers :^)

Nigger looks like someone shit in his cereal

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