Whats it like here? I want to move somewhere with lots of white people...

whats it like here? I want to move somewhere with lots of white people. im sure its cold as shit but other than that how is it

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Alberta here, fuck off our proxy state is full.

Go somewhere else.

Too many commifornians know about it. The next Colorado. Idaho is better.

Missoula is cucked. The governor is a faggot dem. The cheapest house in bozeman is like $350k. Billings is a shithole.

There is nowhere left to run. If you go to Montana or Idaho you are just buying a few years. Best to stay where you are and fight.

is this seriously the case? thats a huge blackpill. I was looking forward to moving somewhere where i could weather the storm. Is there seriously nowhere? I dont care how depressing or boring or skim the job prospects are. North Dakota? Wyoming?

What about rural areas? Is Helena bad?

They're all infested with Canadians. You don't want to live near Canadians do you?

I mean i live in alabama and there are a lot of white people but im also surrounded by africans so id rather live around canadians i guess

Stay where you are. The south will be a good place to be in the coming aftermath

Alabama is like 60% white, Montana like 90%. Alabama also getting more hispanics. The northwest is more sparsely populated and has better demographics. What are you imagining is going to happen? Civil unrest at worst right? Just want to be away from diversity in that case.

>coming aftermath
Tell me more.

I hear there's a lot of cults and militias up that way.

90% white but its empty. The population is very low for a state so big.
Why whites dont reproduce anymore? Reeeeee

Maine and vermont are close to 90% white

Will it? The south has the most nogs. It will probably become new Wakanda.

Yeah but you have some of the hardest core whites on the planet most of who would love to start up the fight right? You personally probably wouldnt even need to fight. Also your neck of the woods WAS a country before so I imagine they would do well in succession again.
t. Brainlet

No it won’t whiteboi

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Well I am not joking about MT being secretly ours.
We don't live in the cities there.

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This. And Missoula is becoming the next Berkeley. Loads of calicucks are moving there and driving up the home prices. Boise is also getting bad. A lot of white calicucks, most of whom are legitimate homosexuals from San Francisco. Northern Idaho is your best bet but there's not a whole lot of land for sale (most is owned by the federal government). The people of northern Idaho are true red blooded Americans though, even the white women are pro-gun and anti-immigration.

What about NH? My dad used to live there and its a comfy place.

if you're willing to brave the cold i'd go for alaska.

>North Dakota

Thunder Dragon Empire when

thats depressing

everybody i know who goes there says it’s shit. but it’s probably not as bad as atlanta.

Here.. lets remove the beaners from the equation. Feel any better? lmao

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Holy fuck I never knew there were so many pajeets in this country

You’re too late on Montana unless you actually want the wilderness and seclusion. All the major ‘cities’ have been ruined. Idaho is not far behind and not nearly as special as MT. Consider Wyoming!

i mean yea i guess i feel a little better. Bhutan? Iraq? Vietnam? a lot of those states must not have a ton of immigrants those numbers must be small

ok this is definitely making me want to wall myself off in montana.

Pajeets will make the south rise again!

In poo

Morocco is the way to go

Or that's what we would have you think, short-minded imperialist dog. Our third column will destroy you from the inside before you have a chance to retaliate against our lightning advances when the Great cleansing begins.

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globalist fucktard weirdo ted turner owns 70% of the state.

lmao at Minnesota. nordfags truly disgust me.

More like 65% vs 85%. And one of them is a frozen desert that can't hold a population density much higher than mongolia.

The plan is and always was; send the dumbest niggers to the whitest places. In this case, Minnesota & Maine.

Montanan here. Yes it is true. MT us getting darker by the day. Missoula and Bozeman are college towns and very liberal. Helena is the capital and is full of government employees and politicians +human garbage.) Billings, Great Falls and Butte are pretty ghetto lots of meth heads. Yeah, it might be better here for a little longer, but it is falling fast. Imagine gay pride parades in the middle of a Montana town. Wait, you don't have to. They are real. If you think you can live on the middle of nowhere with no income you are an idiot. There is a reason the state is so sparsely populated.
Canuck is telling the truth about how those fuckers behave. They act like they own the place. I'd love to sit on the side of the highway and shoot those vermin as they drive across the border. Fuck, I hate Canadians.