Let's Actually Have a Plan

Face it. We're looked at as reacitionaries and nothing more. "Professionals" and genuine people who have been unfortunately subjugated to Elitist propaganda look at us as clowns like monkey see, monkey do. They look at us like flies around garbage, not the people trying to clean up the fucking garbage. We’re bad jokes. We’re looked at as self-loathing spineless boys wanting deep down to suckle mommy. They see us as pitiful and wretched “deplorables.” Fucking dog-whistle politics. Any actual issue ranging from red pill to economics to legit political inquiries and points to social ideas are immediately trashed on arrival. No matter the merit, we’re tossed aside and our voices parodied by scarecrows and imbiciles (that being, stupid assholes who may have an education but absolutely no common sense or human decency). We are viewed even by some conservatives as scum just because we voice our opinion and call out bullshit. I know sound like a whiny twat (and I kinda am), but the point I’m trying to make is this: we need a fucking plan. We fight the battles of the good fight, but we lack a clear idea for the overall war and vision for the post-war society. Let’s actually build up a plan, instead of these miniscule jabs that make us look like genuine degenerates with an attention span for intellectual thought shorter than the worst of snowflakes.

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You are 100% of those things and more. You are so far beyond pathetic that no word in the english language adequately describes it. You will NEVER have a plan because 50% of the people here are posting satire and laughing at you for being so unbelievably fucking retarded.

disgraced and cringepilled

Eat my kneecaps, faggot, he’s got hope and some semblance of drive and you’re trying to stomp on it? Let him shoot his shot

Thats exactly why i come here, you guys are hilariously retarded. Dont try to formulate a coherent world view, you will be disapointed: Academic discourse is at least 50 years ahead of you regarding political science, sociology, economics, psychology and biology. Continue living the memes boys amirite

He'll end up shooting up a school if he keeps flailing around like an impotent faggot. He needs to sort his fucking life out.

Satire is stemmed in actual beliefs you dip. The only thing I can imagine to be more pathetic than my beta ass trying to make a point on fucking 4 chan is you looking at it and going, "hey, i'm a piece of shit. I think I'll repond to get my antedilluvian inbicilic rocks off, cuz hey, its not like anyone cares about this shit"

I'm doing you a favor by responding. Let's face it, nobody else here would, because the satirists are watching you like a disabled monkey in a zoo and your fellow morons are too stupid to post anything of value. If you keep behaving this way, your life will continue to be absolutely hopeless.

Le above it all
Fucking faggot

You gotta freak out a little while you’re drowning, otherwise you won’t find any branches to cling to.

Sorry about the mean names and kneecap eating, I’m a little jumpy, my bad

Yes, keep acting like a stooge for their entertainment. That'll show em!!

No worries, user. You may have a point but freaking out for no reason is not good, it's an anxiety disorder.

You have points, too, maybe I’ve got the fever he has and need to fucking cool it and laugh

Have a good one man

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You sound afraid.

as long as he shoots a minimum of 5 niggers he'll be a hero.

There’s a few plans out there being put into action user. Do your research and join up

>Jow Forums is satire goys

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I like how any opinion is automatically disqualified by some, while at the same time they make a fucking opinion for the exact same reasons but in contrast. Like, does not one see the sheer hypcorsy in the whole bloody thing? My whole original fucking post was because of this shit. Like, does being behind a screen with anonimity make some of you that deludedly apathetic?

All persons of truly superior skeptical intellect are into Flat Earth now.

You are reactionaries. Fuck you fucking idiots. You ruin everything.

Also don’t go postal, violence will not solve anything

Now that's an user that knows how to not be an insufferable asshole!

And there's a faggot user.

And another faggot user.

And another.

So I guess the retard ratio here is inverted to the rest of the country? 75% retarded here vs. 25% retarded for the country?

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If you can't tell that that is satire, YOU're retarded.

Any legit nazis here GTFO. Any fags leave too.

(I use fags in the sense of brittle bundles of sticks who are used for flames. Cuz thats what faggot anons are. Fuel for a fire of raging assholery who only wont snap when congregated in hordes. gay guys tho can stay. We need a fucking army with as many good souls we can get.)

You must be new here

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More like 50 years behind

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Make friends. Make babies. Band together on our common ground. This is not difficult.

Sieg heil.