Teslas numbers

Again because the last thread vanished.
Tell me about the numbers 3, 6 and 9.

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And again I reiterate that math and numbers aren't special. Your numerology bs has no explanation because math itself does not explain reality. It describes it in terms of quantification (a fancy way of saying "it's a language).

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Tesla never said that quote. All you are doing is playing around with the numerical notation of base-10 numbers.



It's 9 types.
Also, it's reminds me of the political trycotomy.
For that look here:
The 7 is for Alchemy.
That means how to "transorm" a nation.
From lead, the nation grows, and get Gold, and then it return to lead.
It's all illuminati/mason bs that they use to build/break nations by infiltrating them.


It is political. Trumps uncle read the secret papers some say

and what do you do when a group of people are talking in a language you don't understand, plotting you and your country's downfall?

you should read Proclus or Plato or Iamblichus

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They're just numbers bro. Thinking there's something to it is a path to the devil. Tesla may burn in hell. He obviously fucked with so many things while in hypnagogic state.

maybe the secret is hidden inside the U.S Supreme court decision #369 ?
it as something to do with earthquake he provoked on September 3, September 6 and September 9.
naive or subversive ?
probably just young and stupid
lurk moar new fag

2×9=18 1+8=9
3×9=27 2+7=9
4×9=36 3+6=9
5×9=45 4+5=9
6×9=54 5+4=9
7×9=63 6+3=9
8×9=72 7+2=9
9×9=81 8+1=9

What did God mean by this?

This is fucking dumb and vague.

>plotting you and...
plotting against you and...*

3, 6, 9 -

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3 aspects of God, 3 days in the toom, 3 archangels, 3 sons of Noah, 3 magi, 3 at the transfiguration, 3 synoptic gospels, 3 dead Beatles. I'm sure you can find more.

What does that have to do with the topic? Also I presume that you would do the same to them.

Yeah, and they all believed in the "principle of incommensurability". Google that word and tell me how math applies to it. Wish I could afford more works of Proclus but at least I have some of Thomas Taylors work. Plotinus is very good too.

>naive or subversive ?

???what did I say that upset you so? Math tells you how many things there are and that's fine and dandy and all, but it doesn't tell you what those "things" actually are,

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>When you’re normal you go for a 9/10
>When you’ve had a rough night and no ho’s come hollering 6/10
>When you’ve hit a rough patch in your life and you have no prospects for weeks 3/10

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As with every number. 2 genders 2 scoops, 4 seasons, fantastic four, 5 weekdays 5 fingers and so on

my friend told me, that its just all good things come in threes, and to study number theory.