Will we ever be able to stop the SJWs from destroying everything they touch, Jow Forums?

Will we ever be able to stop the SJWs from destroying everything they touch, Jow Forums?

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SJW's are already mad about the game for other reasons.

Also part of a cyberpunk setting is for previous norms to be so contorted that they're barely recognizable. It makes sense to have this.

Sale lost


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Who fucking cares about cyberpunk in videogame when we already live in it IRL?

You don't have to play it if you don't like it, snowflake.

Or would you prefer the creators to bend over their backs to suit whatever political agenda you want pushed?

ofc dumb Jow Forumsfags would get triggered by some shit that doesn't affect them

How is having dickgirls in games bad?

Just makes it even better.

Will you ever grow up and stop playing videogames and consuming products that fuel the monster? Probably not, and everyone of you deserve the hell you live in.

Guys, jump over to BANNERLORD: the only game made by gamers for gamers and funded by Sultan Erdogan!

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why are trannies obsessed with this meme

This is what happens in shareholder and global capitalism. If you want to please foreigners you have to meet demands.

I hope its good. I want to play mocho mama tranny savage.

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The problem with pleasing SJW is that their demands change every 2 weeks. I.e. by adding trannies they already triggered feminists.

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But it makes sense though, the whole point of the game is that changing body parts is really easy and people become addicted to it

In the future of degeneracy, gene-editing, and techno-hedonism, this is to be expected. It's part of the setting.

It's actually funny listening to/reading about interviews with the developers discussing the character creator - because it exposes how batshit insane the journalists are. A developer will say something like "yeah we have a gender slider so you can be any level of masculine/feminine/androgynous in this cyberpunk world" and the SJW hack journalist will say "ok but that's reinforcing the gender binary, also this is transphobic" and you can sense the developers cringing internally that they've tried to accommodate the setting and the rampant faggotry but that isn't enough for the ideologues.

They added an in-game advertisement of some soft-drink promoted by a futa with a huge dick. Awesome, both progressive and cyberpunk? No, that's objectifying trans women, and promoting violence.

The game should hopefully be good, the gender-fluidity and erosion of morals exploited by corporate greed is part of the setting, and SJW cuts will be pissed off because it's a video game.

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In a world where you can literally buy a whole body and just swap your brain around, it isn’t so weird to have actual trans running around.

>trannies want to be women
>don't roll women
>roll mentally ill faggot dressed as a woman instead
I honestly hope whatever tranny model they have is just a guy with a 5 o'clock shadow and tits wearing a wig and everyone in the game misgenders him. Let's make it realistic so they have nothing to complain about.

Can I shoot it?

Don’t forget most of them won’t buy the product anyways.

Bannerlord is the actual Chad game
Games are so fucking cringe and gay nowadays

Fits entirely within the theme, they also have a tranny model in an in game poster. The whole world of Cyberpunk is about corporations controlling all of society, and we can already see how they're pushing the globo-homo agenda in order to turn society into nothing but mass consumers like fags are.

It's not about portraying what we want society to be, but about showing the end result of the road we're on, so of course there will be trannies and degenerates everywhere

Queers and mentally ill freaks are a dystopian shithole future is fine. How can u fucks not understand why anons bitch about niggers in games?

Also they need to add modifiers for gender dis-morphia and mental illness that gives the tranny +50% to commit suicide chance and debilitating debuffs that stop it from being able to rest or engage in conversation options if it's misgendered.

I'll be streaming this on Twitch as a 5'2" buck naked dude with a 10" warhammer and 42DD rack.

> bend over their backs to suit whatever political agenda you want pushed?
Weren't you liberals screaming like hell about there being a white guy on the cover of the game recently? Lmfao.
The left's hypocrisy is all they have.

Fuck Iran we need to invade turkey and force them to finish bannerlord 2

Because it's actually dystopian shithole present and people who play video games tend to do it to avoid it with escapism

Is that ever going to come out?

It's fitting for the setting, and sjws are screeching cause you play a Chad and now down Haitian niggers.

This. If the corporations and globohomo faggots win, this is the world we will get and 99% of humanity will be unaugmeted plebes with corpos able to kill them and enslave them at their leisure.

mfw Bannerlord finally releases in 2090

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But it's supposed to conform to yours? You're one hypocritical faggot. No wonder you can't even decide if you're a man or woman.

I hope they gather telemetry data on that and I bet 99,9% of characters will either be Chad Cybercock or Hottie McBigtits, i.e. gender slider all the way to either side.

Beta is fully confirmed for later this year.

its hard to believe it was announced in 2012. before Sandy Hook! that was like 100 years ago

If u don’t want to embrace the black pill cyberpunk isn’t for u.

The only acceptable video game is Football Manager. Anything else is low test gay shit

What’s the likelihood this just mean you can have the gender set to male, female, and whatever the fuck else regardless of what the character looks like and obviously is.

Makes sense if its tastefully done. I mean this game is all about the obsession with body modifications and taking it to excess.

I trust CDPR to make a good game, they publish their own games so they aren't beholden to big SJW publishers like EA.

Don’t forget the heightened chance to have a crippling drug addiction, that stems from the guilt over the deep disappointment they have caused in their parents. What kinda debuff you thinking should accompany that?

It's the future

Of course it'll be a Globohomo-Gayplex.

It's a mockery of what's to come

>dystopian cyberpunk society is filled with degenerates
In this case it’s actually believable.

Ummm. It's a video game about body modification... of course chicks with dicks will be a thing.

>responding to a meme flag
Waste of digits you dumb faggot

No they ruined movies and games, even books nowadays are just liberal propaganda. Japan is the last bastion of gaming.

>game set to be in a futuristic dystopia
>is rampant with POC and trannies
>most of the enemy are POC
I think this game is ironically based

The entire point of being a faggot is being distasteful, otherwise normies would have accepted it and human garbage which is LGBTQWERTY would have to invent something else to stir up shit with.

It's a dystopia. It's fine. It fits the setting. Besides, you get to play as a man and kill trannies and niggers. Nothing wrong there. If CDPR actually bends to the "pressure" and make some radical changes, that's a different story. Would be a shame, but eh.. whatever. It's just a game. A week's worth of entertainment, maybe a little more. Depends if you're a completionist or if you're satisfied after a certain point... I don't expect that I'll put more than 100 hours into it.

desu the original one had sex implants, I dont think this makes it pozzed

You can always look back at the classics and none retarded Indy devs. Many a good night hanging out with the lads can be had that way.

i hope you can be nice to trannies and pet them on the head

CDPR are a based Polish company that came up from nothing and are independent

who cares
video games are for children, do something better with yourselves

It's not too complicated to have a slider for things like shoulder, hip and jaw width but as I've already said, I don't think it's going to be put in the middle by anyone except progressive youtube letsplayers.

>25% chance to enter 'histrionic rage mode'
>this mode increases your damage against all targets by 5%, but reduces your mental stamina by 50% and decreases NPC opinion of you by 90%, if family member opinion drops below 0% while this debuff is active, you will lose them permanently from your contact list.

Integral to progressivism is papering over the obvious double standard between promoting non-white ethnocentrism while forbidding white ethnocentrism, so there's a high demand for memes that portray anything that could be construed as an expression of white ethnocentrism as "overreacting", "over sensitive", etc.

This is stupid. It's a dystopian future. Gender stuff is part of the dystopia. Embrace it.

Someone post the part from the sourcebook about the fall of america

you're literally getting mad at fucking pixels.

don't worry they'll destroy it themselves.

>token victory gets trans mode put into game
to be mocked for eternity by the internet

with the predictable backlash because it isn't going to meet their expectations somehow. they will never be able to make their avatar special enough; that's their whole bit

there are going to be a wave of hissy fits over this you watch. what's it gonna do, use their special pronouns? they're going to have NPCs talking to them just confused about their gender the whole time.

Same thing applies with any oppressor / oppressed pair - male/female, cis/trans, etc.

Kek now I want to play a game that is just 100% Aussie shitposting

Tranny memes are not remotely funny.

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yea but the mentally ill SJW people are retarded. They're always offended by whater

CDPR: look here is a tranny
TRANNIES: no not like that!!!111

>weeks worth of entertainment
>anywhere near 100 hours

god damn can you faggots get a life and stop doing mental gymnastics to support companies that only become more and more leftist until its impossible to deny thats what they are anymore?

every fucking company has done this and you faggots are always like "b-b-b-but its not that gay" and then they end up going full leftist feminist faggot shit with later games

fuck you all

With enough pressure a gamedev will emerge that basically tells sjw's to fuck off. All great things are made to push the envelope of what the current "perceived" audience seems acceptable: Grand Theft Auto games, clockwork orange, 90s grunge rock... All of it started a new genre that followed for decades and will be remembered and respected forever. Think of how South Park was in the 90s, and big it became. All it takes is for one developer to have some balls and an entire community could change. The difference here is that the current community uses guilt as leverage and thinks we should be ashamed for thinking the way we do. Remove that and there's no stopping a cultural revolution from uprising.

The other thing is they have a "perceived" community of sjw gamers, in that their perception is that all gamers are faggots. There is a sizeable percentage of gamers that aren't, if not hate, anything of the sort. This means there is already an audience waiting, and will turbocharge the support for the next edgy developer. The only issue remaining is which developer is willing to take the risk. I think once the setting is realized that there is a real movement to capitalize on, ie the supporting audience actually speaks the fuck up, there will no doubt be a new genre of Chad games to choose from... and the salty screeching will be fucking hilarious.

I plan to hunt down and kill the trannyborgs in game

>sport bras are bad

U mean jews right?

silence boomer

What pathetic losers, they literally need a book to teach them how to be funny.

>This. If the corporations and globohomo faggots win, this is the world we will get

No it isnt you fucking dumbass. Holy fucking shit. You fucking infantile fucking retard. You think we'll have hover cars and lasor guns and cool futuristic cities if the kikes win? In american cities which will be full of beaners?

You people are so fucking naive and stupid its fucking sickening

>The game isn't even coming out for another year and already everyone is attaching their politics to it

Makes sense actually, it's supposed to be a technocratic corporate globohomo dystopia.

the one fucking game i was actually kinda excited for fucking kikes ruin everything

That already happened with Kingdom Come, it was ok.

Are you blind? It's not jews who call for shit likes this, it's mostly goyim.


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>Will we ever be able to stop the SJWs from destroying everything they touch, Jow Forums?
No; that's why they must be prevented from touching things.

More than likely it will be someone with a total body conversion. It's cyberpunk and they have things like the Mr Studd and Midnight Lady implants along with all kinds of body shaping. When you are a brain in a can your body can be any shape you have the Eurodollars to buy.

Maybe someday. But for now, we can do 2 things:
-Dont buy the game, download it illegaly
-Use mods to remove the pocs from the game

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The thing is, the dev that scoops up the business from disgruntled gamers doesn't even have to be that edgy in this day and age. A game with only white characters, two biological sexes to choose from, and no faggotry would be enough.

I'll mod it as intended if anything changes

Games journos don't like trannies that are too cute.

based as fuck there is going to be futanari in this game? HOLY FUCKING SHIT FIRST DAY FUCKING BUY.


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We are not Cyberpunk 2020 yet but we are BladeRunner this year (It happened in 2019)

why are the burgers being so emotional itt? calm down dear, you could get a prosphetic cyberdick in 2020

don't worry about it if you set your gender as gender fluid you'll just get mocked in-game by all the npcs

I lol'd

They are mad about the tranny because she looks better than 99% of them
Perfect looking ones earned it

>Gender Fluid
Why so they need to keep making up retarded new terms like that? You have "gay," use it.

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>Playing new Cyberpunk
>Create accurate Michelle Obama character with BBC
>Create accurate Obungo with boipussi
>Have cyber Michelle fuck cyber Obungo in the boipussi
>Post to fb
Will be fun

its the best game in existence its going to have futanari fuckhead stop being a fucking BITCH.

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>Not creating a gang of trannies "The Warriors" style

Don't buy it, if there isn't enough LGBT propaganda inside
Your ideology isn't the ideology of everyone else, damn hypocrites

Pretty sure gaming is heading for a cliff not like the crash of 83 the companies and gaming itself is too big for that. more a realization by causal players that games have become stale, creatively bankrupt, corporate, propagandist, cash cows that appeal to an amazingly small group of which most don’t even play is just around to corner. The audience the industry is trying to appeal to isnt even there and hype for anything is almost nonexistent just look at the shitshow that was E3. Hell the last major release I gave a good goddamn about was kingdom come deliverance

You can become one too, can't wait to play naked and teabag everyone

I don’t care