Objective ethnicity rankings

Objective ethnicity rankings

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Who ever made ur list is high meme flag

Would bang any of those in pic, tbqh.

>rat's ass
>every other subhuman

>tfw Israelis are some of the whitest people in the whole image
What is happening to this world!

1. Han Chinese
2. Everyone else

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what a great thread, where's inbred

im whiter than all these shitskins on the picture combined.

Lieutuvai i Latviu yra graziausi

let us both snowblind them


go back to chinkland


in that order

Go back to muttlan- Oh wait! You're already there, Mutt!

Hey mate, got a Huawei?

>marry and have children tier
>don't care tier
everyone else


I have some shit $30 samsung. Don't really care about smartphones, only use them for calling and GPS.

Atleaat were better than anglos and germaniggers
Based kavkaz

you're just half-baked then

swedes and fins should have been 9 not 7s

ITT: chinks in US once again sperg out.

Show your flag inferior.

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doesn't include purest CHG,

so I say, fuck you

>implying modern Chinese aren't rape babies

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Even French is better.

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Are Romanians purple?

Show flag, Papadopoulos

1. Scand
2. Nordic
3. Frankish
4. Med
5. Celt
6. Slavic
7. Arab
8. Japanese > chinese
9. Arab
10. Mongoloid
9001. Black
9002. Indian

gay. saffers > swedes and finns

Hungarians are gypsies?

a bit redish after feeding

Is being a nerd who thinks that they are qualified to rate ethnicity as if they will ever be in a position to maintain a harem an ethnic group?

I think all women looks pretty, i cant choose.

>Japanese > chinese

Indians and blacks are number 1

IRL Mexicans look much worse

Come home white man

Vietnamese Thai Swedish

but they have the skin of number 2

As long as we're above the french I don't care where we place

why is south african white?

top 3:

1. spaniard
2. hungarian
3. welsh

Where do I come from pol?

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Because the Boers of South Africa are all white Dutch/British


Middle East or a "Latin" country

These are bottom in Europe

Swedish, South African and Latvian are the best.

Northern appearance is the best

Not sure why but Danish chicks are on average a notch higher than everywhere else, even bordering countries like Sweden and germany.

If I had to pick my shitskin gf

4.Puerto Rican

but in reality all I want is that french GF. she is gorgeous

Stfu snow niggers

Your 190cm tall ultra feminist women are not attractive at all

Latvian, Russian, Swedish.

>implying they have to be ”feminist”
Fake news, you ching chong motherfucker.

whiter than you sandnigger

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Also, why no love for South Africa? Except for Sweden, she’s the most attractive on this chart.

>Vikings steal the fittest women across Europe
>Rape them
>teach their children to do the same for hundreds of years
I wonder why Viking countries have such fit women

Which site is that? I’m white enough to have blond eyebrows/pubes, I should probably do some DNA test.

Wew, that Latvian lass is good looking.
Welsh, English, Swedish, Swiss, Finnish, French, Russian and Polish lasses are also good.
Rest, would fugg, but not make kids with.

yep. Danish girls are the best looking of the Nords. too bad they're pozzed

Italian and Hungarian are also pretty fit.

Nordic people are objectively the most attractive in the world.
High selection pressure due to harsh winters but also trade access to the rest of the world created some of the nicest looking women as they had to attract a good mate.
Also the Vikings did take many of the best looking women to be rape brides.

>a whopping 35% wop
>11% irish
>5% greekser

ooff user i have bad news for you. I wouldnt be posting that if I were you

>Nordic people are objectively the most attractive in the world
absolutely not. Nordic women have male features like manjaw, I prefer the feminine look of Russians

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It’s actually really attractive imo, why do you want your women looking like children? Same thing with the yellow fever shit too.

Eh to each their own.
I like the slightly square jaw, slightly higher T.
Shows they are healthy and capable of spawning many strong children.
Gib qt Dane so I can have 8+ Anglo-Dane etne.
The Anglo-Danish race, the most beautiful and cunning of peoples will conquer the world and take our God given place in the stars.

> Arab
> Indian
> Asian

These 2 and part first nations miqmaq like 1/32

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Where is Norway?

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>Hungarian looks like orcs

These pictures are stupid and don't show reality.


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>invasive species from the steppes
>doesnt look royal like the europeans
checks out

Ah, a man after my own heart.
Down with neoteny and race mixing, death to the yellow fever fags.
Long live the North European race.


anglo women are disgusting lol

Objective truth

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Romanian is very qt, can't believe none of you would wife her

>1 post by this ID
>Puerto rican 7
I'll take the 5 hungarian or irish instead, shitty list

Not true, the lower class women are (mostly) disgusting.
Middle class and upper class Anglo women are great looking.
The problem is the middle class has fled to the countryside and the upper class are behind gated communities.
So all foreigners and TV sees are the lower class women.
All countries have them, but ours are more easily seen by the outside world via tourists and media.

Lmao this is such a lie

If harsh winters contributed to good looking women eskimos would be top 3

Anglo women are objectively one of the ugliest if not the ugliest white women to exist

Nordic women are tall and masculine

yeah we know it's only the kids you like ahmed

whiter than you paki piece of shit

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The funniest part about this exchange is that I am Israeli and used to live in Herzliya.

>only judge us on our very best!!!

Anybody could use this argument. I’m sure even in Congo jungle you could find some good looking ones if you looked hard enough

The point is, pathetic anglocuck, that there are countries that you can go to where your head would spin with the amount of attractive women around, and then there’s.... THE UK LOL

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Reminder that they picked random people from streets if major cities for this.

Where them aboriginal babes at?

Harsh winters and reliable seasons I should have said.
>Ugliest white women to exist
Maybe, but the ugliest white women is better than a middling non-white.
>Nordic women are tall and manly
and this is bad?
>judge us on our very best
I said middle class you halfwit.
There might be more attractive whites around, but there are few things better than a 6 or 7 out of 10 country lass.
Even 10/10s cannot compare.
Looks aren't everything, you have to be able to make a family with women.

>Spaniard 8

They were probably too busy huffing gasoline when they were called in to the photo shoot.

Why is Hungary between China and Japan?

This is nonsense

They look completely different when they talk, smile, shows facial expressions in general

Make your reality check in YouTube


>No Scottish pic

As for which i find most attractive, that would be the Greek, Iranian, Spanish, Peruvian, Israeli, and English pics.

1. Peruvian
2. Spaniard


>Nordic people are objectively the most attractive in the world.

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