Should the government force lonely incels to marry these hags?

Should the government force lonely incels to marry these hags?

It's not like incels have anything to offer to society anyways.

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Fuckin lol @ old washed up roasties

The hags are literally incels

Why does Incel imply male

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Some of history’s most important people were incels. Can’t say the same about dried-up roasties

You probably turned down their drink


These article fall within a cultural trend of "let's make it a stereotype over and over again". I will make a local example.

MSM keep publishing articles that say things like
>this entrepreneur published 30 vacancies and no one replied

The stereotype pushed by the media:
>local youth nowadays doesn't want to toil... All of them lads are momma boys afraid of getting a decent job

>3% unemployment in our region, believe it or not quality of life has skyrocketed
>the offer included dodgy contracts (e.g. construction workers with suspicious metal workers contracts)

These articles are the same. When you start digging you end up discovering these sassy cougars are, in fact, a pain in the arse. Lack of males or lack of male motivation has nothing to do with it.

How can I measure up ?

Let’s make a list anons

Work everyday I can
Likes walks on the beach and teddy bears
Remembers your birthday and anniversaries
Gets along with your parents and siblings

That’s all I got can someone else add to this list ?

Boris Johnson you are taken.

menopause is when most women learn all the compliments weren't true

You're going to hell you misguided whore.

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That's a bit much, a bit vengeful and a bit anti-logos

How’d you know you clever bastard ?

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My comment wasn't from malice but from Truth - the ease in which we overlook those who love us for who we are, rather than superficial fancy

The decline of Romance has struck hard to the hearts of both man and women

heh heh heh

I'll never tell.

>Should the government force
stopped right there. kys commie

>The decline of Romance
is womens' fault

Checked & rekt me m8

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Silly standards in magazine quizes etc which warp the minds of people

you know, it's nuts.

how do you spell quizes

"Bitter old maid" was the old fashioned word for it. It should come back.

Oh quizzes lol

>Ride the cock carousel for years
>Give away your most fertile years to improve Shlomo's portfolio
>Sit around waiting for men you ignored
>No men show up
>Decide to get pregnant on your own
>Too old
>Frozen eggs fail
>Waste $10000 for nothing

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I prefer "suffragette"

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No because they only want hot rich chads to pump them full of semen.
And it's likely the government fucktoy service will be able to provide that.



Well you know the majority of poets, artists and authors have always been men since the pre-raphaelite period... So...

Where is the inspiration my fellows?

The only one there worth even a sympathy fuck is the one on the far right.. :p
Thing is does she meet up to MY dating expectations?
Doubtful, fuck off roastie.

Well if she wants companionship that badly I'm not that expensive

since before***

I wouldn't fuck them either not that they'd give me a chance since i don't have a good job or money.


Not Ew you nincompoop, there is nothing wrong with them a part from the modern culture's peculiar standards.

OP, dont be a faggot. the only women actually useful to a man are breeders between age of 13-18 hta you can still groom to perfect maids/housewives. And since we outlawed that, they have become useless to us (for the most part).

It's an isolated phenomenon, most women just have to spread their legs and legion of men get on their knees.

Don't delude yourself women have it easy, they have nice life and career, comfort and friends, they just moan because they want a gigachad. But everything will be given to them anyway because they 'deserve' it.

Can't wait for my robot gf

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Thread theme song

Those women still think they deserve a rich chad
They have no self awareness

What is not an odd phenomenon is divorce rates are at an all time high.

I don't think life long commitment is out dated - so why is this happening?


Social Media
Excess Working Hours
Poverty = mental health issues

left to right >
1. too old 3/10
3. fuck from behind 3/10
4. 5/10 would do her anyway she wants.

It is NOT normal to use Facebook daily

we are not designed for that level of mass social interaction under our primary identity

you see we perform roles, we have a work identity, a social identity etc etc

but it consolidates our self-image into a public spectacle which is Very unhealthy

People add their work colleagues

their friends

their family

And suddenly our very programmed Roles - split

this undermines the entire psychic process

>What I did do wrong

ah, sweet reality.

Causing Social Psychosis

"incels" are net producers unlike them.

those poets were fawning over women that didn't fuck niggers. they didn't have the 80/20 rule and women's sexual "liberation." they weren't fawning over some politically-charged used-up whore. divorce-rape didn't exist, nor did false rape accusations.

women killed romance.

Men settle.
Women hold out.
These old crones have a long laundry list of specs for their perfect man and it's contradictory and unrealistic.

Dude, tone it down for fuck sake. Get over your self-loathing.

not an argument

Prepare for a fate even worse than perpetual virginity...

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in other words obnoxious

The gubermint has a fuck toy service? Administered by the IRS, no doubt.

>What is not an odd phenomenon is divorce rates are at an all time high.
No they have been going down for awhile

Sassy, sophiticated....

Makes me wanna vomit. No way, no how.

Why should incels or roasties reproduce?

These women have financial success and stability, but they lack reasonable standards and they lack sex. They are all in their mid 40s or older. They have that milf look, but don't want sex. Their standards likely haven't changed in 2 decades. With "6 pack, no debt, wants kids, ect."
Also by 40 most good men are already married.

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Read Othello, Moron.

The word they're looking for is vitriolic.

Incel was started by a college girl who couldn't get laid. She started a group for other sexless losers to gather probably hoping to get stuffed.
The term was later picked up by Reddit (of fucking course) and a bunch of basedboy losers there bitching about not getting laid.
It soon caught on as an insult and replacement for calling someone an angry virgin in arguments.

It was the name of my cat

>All nearing 50
>Where have all the good men gone?
They're fucking 25-year-olds

>muh big boobs
>who cares how dumb she is she's hot!
>crazies are the best in bed
If men held out more they would be divorce raped less

>They're fucking 25-year-olds
Whoremongers are not good men

or you could be more straightforward and make your arguments here. theater is for faggots

Careful, it's only a matter of time before a Bachelor Tax becomes a thing. Watch.

>Should the government force lonely incels to marry these hags?
Yes! KEK! Do It! I beseech thee!
This is how you prevent another massacre. Make the roasties marry the incels. You know they deserve each other.

by 30, most good men are married.
If you don't have a stable woman by 30, you should become the next Tarrant and at least do something useful for your race.

Notice how none of them (least of all far right) are described as being pretty. Oh yeah baby, you're solvent. That's a nice Ph.D. on your shelf. Oh, baby.

>marry these hags?

Incels don't measure to their dating expectations

What's the point? You wont listen.

Because women can get sex at the drop of a hat.

I renamed my cat Moses


i might, i might not. if you're just going to sit here and self-doubt then stop posting and kill yourself

those hags are not incel. they can get sex whenever they want. if they walk up to a man on the street and say
>hey do you want to get a hotel room that i pay for and you can bang me out and leave immediately afterward and never see nor talk to me again?
and 99% of men would say yes.

even if they were 300lbs and hairy, some nigger would rail them out, for sure. niggers have no standards

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Have sex incel

If they were worth a dime they'd have been married in their 20's.

ok? this fully supports my saying that women killed romance.

well, you can blame the men in this situation, too? where is the security? how did a monkey make it to her bedroom?

gross. no thanks. proud incel here


I'm not entertaining this trash you put forth in the name of antagonism.

>over 30 and no kids or husband
>actualy over 45
>even over 50
Wait when does it hit them they are done?

Not necessarily

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I'll gladly marry and fuck them!

and you're a dickless faggot.

Men reach their full potential only by age 38 .. marrying before that will lead to divorce

Okay Babe.

Honestly, as an incel I'd consider it if they were loyal, helped out monetarily, and let me fuck them whenever.

that's just the cost to freeze the eggs


These women and the article's author misattribute what makes a good woman. Being a post-menopausal career woman isn't attractive at all to the average man, men don't look for the same things women do. This is once again another example of biology winning out over a couple generations of social engineering

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Im an ugly washed up whore, why won't any men that live up to my impossible standards date me?

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how many bitcoins for an ancap gf?

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Objectively; 4, 4, 4, 5
4 might still have a baby in her but you'd have to make sure all the tests were done.

Sassy = stay ass away


I would fuck all 4 off them regulary if they are willing to finance my hobbies

I'm sorry, I can't hear you through the smell of the shit all over your face.
Poo In The Loo

Also, yes you should marry in your 20's if not, then you get the left overs like the women pictured in OP. Or roasties, or obese women, etc.

How are you gonna force those lonely old hags to marry incels? Just set up a system where you get legally "married" to someone just so the woman gets a share of their finances?