You expet me to reproduce with this? Imagine the smell!

I think the greatest threat to the White race is that our women are simply not attractive enough to compete with dark beauties. Yes White women got saintly morals, but they are just so damn ugly.

Only by bleaching Ebony women can we hope to preserve our genes

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>imagine the smell

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There's always the option to kill yourself, kike.

>muh white women
yet you fags only post nordic women.
why don't you post an italian girl for once?

>torn jeans
nuh uh!

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Women wear torn jeans because they secretly want a man to finish the job and just rip them off her.

We are speaking about preserving our race here Achmed

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like a nogger dick
shes a coal burner

A woman who touches niggers automatically creates a disgust reaction just by seeing her.

Well holy shit Hitler, didn't know she was a coal burner though. Coalburners are disgusting. I would not even fuck an ebony girl if she has previously fucked her own kind

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the walls where she lives are disgusting.

>Imagine the smell!

Guess the same time when the European "Nationalists" stop spamming pictures of the German army and then writing MUH EUROPEAN ARMEH!!!

estonia is a majority white country yet you’re attracted to bw, how does that work for you bro?

We know you are a nigger on a VPN.

>Irish woman

>the walls where she lives are disgusting.
black mold. so hot.

>being this new

It doesn't, why do you think I am on Jow Forums? Still saving money for that epic Africa fuck-trip though, plan to bleach 40 women in a week. Already got about 31 that agreed for me to impregnate them (pretending I will bring them back to rich Estonia kek)

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Who is she aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh

Some basic bitch, fuck do I know

Isn't she Greek? Looks like my neighbour

so you’re a dirty sex tourist whore huh...

>posts this racemixer again
Sure is 2017 in here.

Not at all. I am not paying for anything other than the trip and the hotel. Whores don't let you impregnate them you dumb Mutt

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I wonder how a girl like this ever finds someone to be with