So whats the scoop on this guy?

Apparently it just happened this morning? No word on his motivations that I can find, what he do it for?

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Jow Forums weeb who went off the goop

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Ancap uprising is here

lmfao please tell me this is serious XD

a lot of loyalty for a hired gun

he ded and no body count. pretty pathetic for texas.

big faqs

This retard posted what he was going to do yesterday, also posting his Discord. Jannies sweeped it quick and everyone thought he was full of shit. Oh well, guess he died a failure. He was trying to kill fags and trannies

>when you blame Sam for so many shootings no body notices when he actually does it
Mad lad

another military failure

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oh whoa he posted a meme. thats probably not even him

Makes sense why the feds seemed ready for him

Saw a report saying he is 20, looks 40. No deaths might be a glownigger

so this dude had military training, died while in body armor and didn't manage to even injure a single person? Was it suicide by cop? I just don't understand how they were able to get such a great photo. Lil fishy but whatever. Something to rile the S((J))Ws up if its true about him going for fags and trannies

Thats kinda how I'm feeling about it too. If guy had military training I call bullshit on him not capping nobody. Plus feds were ready for him?

shut up jew

you're a big fag

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Id rather be gay than a jew

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at least you can talk, who are you?

This guy is a complete embarrassment just like Nasim. If you're gonna go on a mass shooting at least kill someone.

Imagine bragging about snitching.
That guy's gone along with all the call center fags someday.
Trench. No marker.
That's his future.
The sad truth however is posts like this guy's will be forgotten and he'll just live the rest of his sad miserable life like everyone else regardless of who wins in the end.

fucking wild, thanks user

He was wondering why a Jew would kill someone before throwing them off a plane?

He was most definitly looking for one person specifically he intended to kill. With the mask, he mightve even intended to escape.

He's a government snitch
He does it for free
He brags about it on an anonymous forum

Imagine being that guy

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Why didn't he bring the RPK?

This is an unrelated faggot larper who took picks through an acog not even mounted on a weapon.

believing he does it for free/snitch and isn't an agent

evidence? Everything I'm hearing about him so far just makes him sound like a FF or Incompetent Retard. Why would anyone post this shit the day before otherwise? I wanna see his OP but they gone

sauce pls?

we all knew they were here though

It probably is for free. You don't understand how fucked in the head some older gentlemen are.
I hope that man lives to see his precious U.S. crumble and burn.
Hopefully he'll be going with it.
Straight to hell.

>Was it suicide by cop?
he tried to run after he got shot at the entrance and fell dead in the parking lot, if it was suicide by cop you'd think he would have rushed inside.

Its physically impossible for a veteran to get less than ten kills in a spree shooting. This guy simply could not find his target so he got 0 kills.

Haha makes me excited to see what will happen with them in Iran. Must not be giving them very good training.

post link dipshit

He was no doubt some pog faggot.

Idk, maybe. Id rather see his posts. Nobodies showing anything so far to indicate his motivations. All just speculating

What's the next step of your master plan?

The faggot failed to livestream it, instantly dropped.

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yea it is very strange.


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The problem with the Internet and the Alt-Right movement is that we have identified on numerous message boards what the problem with society is, however, we haven't come up with any widespread intelligent response on how to deal with it.

As a result, when young males read these message boards and slowly start to form their mind and opinion and realize that the "Alt-Right" or limited government folks are correct, these young males don't know how to initiate any change in their local community, and thus have to resort with lashing out against society by dressing up like Rambo and pulling off a brainless attack against some soft target that makes absolutely no change in society. He would have had a much bigger impact on society by donating time at the local church, meeting a girl and producing a handful of white children.... breaking some windows down at his courthouse was completely pointless.

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How does he keep getting away with it?

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There are many ways to organize a legitimate resistance to goverment overreach. On Jow Forums and especially/pol is not the place. The type of softheaded useful idiots the government want to groom to perform these low impact "acts of terrorism " are not welcome here because they ruin it for all of us. This is not a secret club. It is a popular public forum.

If you want to kill niggers and faggots, change healthcare laws and sell junk food. If you want to fight the government, you need to go low tech and off the grid. All you accomplish being a retard like this guy is creating more scrutiny and problems

gay if true

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he was probably someone that the higher ups were like "lets put this guy on the list of candidates for future shooter events"

We have the solution, get the fucking spics, niggers, muslims and other (((filth))) out of the country. Still a big fan of the message the CC guy sent, not what he did but it was a p good message.

Time Traveller, duh

Tbh the best way to resist is to become an active pillar in your local community. Ffs join the zoning commission. Something. Anything. Be a positive influencer and citizen. Chances are you will be better then the average normie. Doubly so as the retiring boomers are leaving a power vacuum.

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Looks like bubbles.

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Also I'd like to take this opportunity to point out that the feds had prior warning that this mentally unsound man was gunning for the courthouse yet did NOTHING to prevent this.
They risked the lives of whoever was in that courthouse deliberatly.
I hope that boomer snitch reads this, really.
Salient point is, this is really another example of how the feds don't actually care about preventing casualties, attacks, murder-suicides, the public.
This is a PRIME example of that.

That's what all you crazy frog fuckers ought to publicize about the case if anything. I know there's aggregators lurking rn.

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can confirm is true

our "intelligence" agencies are packed full of sub-iqs, they use their power to look up information, against the law, on their significant others, family, friends and each other. the same idiots who cant see that a D.C. metro station suddenly playing hold music/conversation over the intercom from a fucking Chinese connection that is spying, the same that did not move on the florida nightclub terrorist twice, shooter Cruz three fucking times, the terrorist training camp fucks TWICE, the L.A. terrorist shooter and his wife multiple fucking times, the psychiatrist muslim air force guy who was fucking caught talking with terrorist handlers over a year prior to his attack, san bernadino they fucking knew about before. the list goes on. these are people who had direct contact with terrorist groups, known terrorist handlers, and they did nothing - they let it fucking happen. yet here they are, trying to pin some accomplice bullshit on people over the NZ shit even though the people who posted had posted AFTER he did it.
this is the u.s. intelligence agency at work. they let actual terrorists fucking walk and act, but go after commentators

>be american
>get shot while carrying out a mass shooting

Good point, I'll spread the word.

you got a data dump for all that? Would love those sources senpai

Yep. They're trying to let tragedies happen on purpose it seems like.
I hope it's just fucking incompetence but something tells me they purposefully ignore warning signs for some reason so these dudes who are going through rough times calling out for help by fucking threatening judges publically actually go shoot someone and they can push some political agenda like "WE NEED MORE FUNDING".
Fuck your funding you traitors. I hope you faggot fucking FBI are reading rn.
I'm a normal goddamn person where's my protection? Your job is based on keeping the public safe and upholding law so why do you refuse to do it?

Be BritCuck. Have no guns. Get stabbed by muslims you invited over.

Anyone have a link to the video?

Based and Varg pilled.

No video, just some photos and then footage after the event

I agree. I'm politically active in actionable ways. I donate to PACs , improve my community, and engage in meaningful debate with friends and family. I suppose violent revolt is an option, but the reality is that the types of idealists and retards who want a revolution will be the first that I kill once the dust settles. That's how revolution works. You let the hotheads take all the risk and then kill them in their sleep once they get your goal accomplished

>no deaths
who even cares

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> I donate to PACs

Fuck off, stop giving those traitors money you dipshit.

Who's that?
Did I miss something?

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there is a big of footage. it shows him sorta running around. then he runs to the parking lot. check out the guy who filmed it. he looks like a cia nigger

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Is that haircut permissible in the army? Idk, looks like a larper with an army uniform.

What happend guys? links please

If the guy is coming from our side of the field then I want to know about it? Its the second recent example of someone who's been radicalized on the right into an act of violence in what will probably get national attention when the media starts spinning about this guy. If what everyone is saying is true, that he was targeting fags and trannies or going after a specific person thats significant. Its summer time, more people are willing to riot and start shit during this time of year. I am very concerned about us starting a second CW and (((they))) have always bet on both sides.

Orlando nightclub shooting Omar Mateen - "Before the shooting, he had been investigated for connections to terrorism by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in 2013 and 2014. During that period, he was placed on the Terrorist Screening Database, but was subsequently removed"
Nick Cruz (over 28 calls to the police, FBI refused to investigate 3 times)
New Mexico/Arizona terrorist training camp
San Bernadino - Farook and his wife: On December 16, 2015, FBI Director James Comey said, "We can see from our investigation that in late 2013, before there is a physical meeting of these two people [Farook and Malik] resulting in their engagement and then journey to the United States, they are communicating online, showing signs in that communication of their joint commitment to jihadism and to martyrdom. Those communications are direct, private messages."

Good taste

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I want to see bodycams
sal I got, Lazy today

source on Cruz:
>The FBI received two tips about Nikolas Cruz, the self-confessed gunman in the Feb. 14 killings at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., but did not act on them.

Damn I didn't hear anything about this. What a fucking ass clown. Good video of it on nbcs website.

I dont think he's a veteran. Theres no way that haircute would fly.

Not Republicans or Democrats. Lobby groups for things I want to see change. You would be amazed how effectively you can change laws if you actually zero in on specifics and organize to do something about it. Little babby boyz just want to tear the whole edifice down. I actually function in society so I just want to change a few key things. Pol would be infinitely more dangerous to the status quo if we organized to flex our political will on specifics.

Just a dead faggot

Thanks Dr. Dad

I would bet money the FBI was already monitoring Cruz.

Unironically looks like Sam Hyde

def agree.

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Would be cool to see it from their perspective but I don't think feds wear body cams on the regular. Any feds here have an answer to that? Come on, dont be shy, we know your here.

It is

I dont what kind of army guy this is. I dont think he ever went to the middle east. he is probably one of those guys who fails out after a couple weeks

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he straight up said what he was going to fucking do a year before he did it, and someone put a tip in to them when he said it, but they were just too busy targeting political opposition, or even letting shit happen FOR political reasons. we already know the FBI was corrupted and being used in this manner

Maybe, I believe the hair can not touch your ears. Since he was in some sort of semi-uniform isn't there a law where he can be on trial as a combatant? I remember reading if you are in a uniform a weird set of laws get applied to you.

I don't know nothing about shit but the fact that the feds were ready to take him down says a hell of a lot.

What about those two (((SWAT))) that arrived early without being dispatched? You know, the actual shooters?

you are insulting Jow Forums, this guy is /b/tard at best, Antifa dipshit at worst.

he dead though, not face no case