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>not israel not israel not israel

Why can't Obummer fuck off into the sunset like the president's before him.

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because he's guilty of treason and is trying to avoid spending the rest of his days in a blacksite

He’s not even trying to hide it.

I love how they arrested Papadap at the airport before he physically could've made it to the customs counter to declare the $10,000 the FBI and DOJ gave to a foreigner to give to a Trump associate so they could say Trump was colluding.

Then he didn't have the fuckin money on him so they had nothing.

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You're retarded. Papadopolous never brought the money back to the US with him.

they will never ever do anything to obama

there would be chimpouts on scale never seen before

I know its fucking hilarious how shitty an FBI ran by people who got their jobs by buttering up to Democrats instead of based on merit is.

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hes like some old exiled emperor who tours around the world trying to drum up support

>ow shitty an FBI ran by people who got their jobs by buttering up to Democrats instead of based on merit is.
You mean Mossad? Mossad is trash and that's why you couldn't frame Trump. Mossad and Zionists are so fucking stupid they didn't even realize they were the ones getting honeypotted the whole time.

i thought Obama bought a retirement home on the island of Elba?

they're better at bribing people than they are at framing people, is what you're saying?

After that fuckup I hope those agents were demoted to trolling Jow Forums for (yous)

PapaD is over the target.

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Italy is finally getting it's shit together. Might even leave the EU. Time to send in the big nig.

help us to do it, we can't alone

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I'm glad he's enjoying himself because he earned it, but I'll be happier when the things he's talking about are happening so he's not making Q-like predictions.


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Protip for all Ameribros. Despite him having a pure Greek name and surname his grandmother is of Jewish decent(Jewish community of Thessaloniki).

He's Jewish and Israel still tried to frame him.

Barr has had the IG report since before May. Durham is already wrapping up additional indictments for foreign involvements, domestic indictments are wrapped. Stay frosty, FF is a given. Soft testing on Internet blackouts...

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There’s an additional 2nd insurance policy txt,“take him out.”

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I wanted to believe, but when do we say, 'this is all blue balls,' and walk away?

Kikes on suicide watch

They had planned to physically take out President Trump and Democrats are doing everything possible to distract when this from coming out.

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As if the lady who conquered Europe without firing shot and is going to have muhamad remove the jews using an excellent plan where native germans wont get the blame this time is going to quit or be removed over helping an American president attempt to frame the opposing political party.

We're hackers now

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>not reading anons full post
>calling him retarded


Mateo will personally interdict him

Why is Netflix sending this boy to Italy?

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source? that could actually be the big nail in the coffin if true

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i know a cursory glance at msm would have done the trick and im getting out of touch, but look at that level of spin in play,i actually cannot read it without getting angry. saved for later, thx user.

>t. ignorant of the popadopoulos story

The Kenyan faggot needs to be indicted for several felonies, the resulting chimpouts will be comfy as can be.

He's not Kenyan

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Theres only a handful of us that care or even know about this at this point

if declas doesnt happen by october, 2020

Obama's been following Trump around and meddling in foreign affairs since Hillary lost.

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