When do you consider a woman to be fat?

post your borderline weight for a woman

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Anything over 120 lbs.

I want to that womans toilet

It all depends on how she carries the weight. Having a gut or flabby arms is the line. Some women carry a fair amount of weight without having a gut or arm flab.

This is what I'm after fat-wise.

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I have no upper limit.


This desu. Even girls with some belly can be hot if they carry the weight well and it accentuates their proportions, not reforms it.

Good looking women become exponentially more rare at higher weights, though, and don't so for the women who actually look BETTER with a bit of extra chub.


Anything without a thigh gap!

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When no thigh gap

None at all?

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None at all. I didn't choose this curse, it chose me.

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God I wish that was me

When she refuses to sleep with me

If she's got the proportions thats what matters more

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Based merchant

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That woman has an extremely hideous face without makeup. Like meth addict tier fugly.

Good luck.

that one "15" year old insta slut, more specifically the video of her eating a sandwich in a tight pink dress and no bra

you know the one

I'm high test, so this is the ideal woman for me

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Shut the fuck up, Shlomo.

The problem is most women today here are fat to a degree that was unthought of throughout most of human existence even compared to the more lazy of nobility way back.
They have absolutely no muscle to counteract their bodyfat and avoid even simple everyday tasks and moving objects that are not even moderately heavy, then jump on fad diets that further plunge their healthy weight and rebound it with more visceral weight.
These women could easily just do stupid shit like the rare gym bunnies that just squat all day and end up 20 pounds heavier than their current weight while looking slimmer and healthier.

mother of god...

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I mostly agree, the weight is irrelevant, it ishow you carry it that matters. As long as there is no waves of fat that move on their own...