Has there ever been a piece of clothing that triggered more people than this one?

Has there ever been a piece of clothing that triggered more people than this one?

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Just makes it easier to spot retards

i thought american schools at least taught their burgerspawn the history of their own country if nothing else

Uh you're thinking of the ushanka

You sound triggered

yes. a whole lot actually. kys. herbs all the way.

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Ushanka doesn't send any political message. Dressing up and going around in clothes that reflect your obsession with politics is retarded.

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Amazing how it can trigger people all the way in Russia too

No one is triggered, just speaking from the future - Trump is the most hated president in US history after he throws US into a war against Iran. Just wait a couple of months, when he sees the dem debates and the first ratings of every dem candidate vs. Trump start floating, he then tries to play the war card

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No point in engaging in a conversation with him. Whatever you say, he will just repeat the line "you are triggered, lol".

You do realize his approval is higher than Obama

in how many cherrypicked polls? 1% out of 99%? But it will be much worse when his generals screw up and thousands of Americans die in war. He will then start blaming China and Russia for his millitary blunder, to no one surprise.

He's hated by the enemies of the people.

It's amazing how you people keep predicting ridiculous things and are always wrong.

It's pattern in your life - just a continuous stream of failures.

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Nazi swastika

Someone post the video of the jew on the subway screaming "I need my jew hat"

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Or maybe we've learned not to take "time traveler from the future here" posts seriously.

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