I'm starting to sympathize with muzzies

While most of those fuckers are ugly I think that the hate against them is a bit unjustified. Recently I've been thinking to myself: Why exactly do I hate Muslims. Here are a few reasons I came up with in my head:
>They crashed planes into the WTC
A lot of people say it was the Jews, but let's assume that it was them (despite there being a lot of evidence suggesting that the Jews may have either been directly responsible or allowing it to happen). So they blew up the WTC. They blew up 2 skyscrapers full of kikes from all around the world. This happened in New York, so really, nothing of value was lost.
>They hate America
Who wouldn't America is a land full of degenerates with a Zionist government that buttfucks the rest of the world.
>But they are terrorists
Sure they commit terrorist acts. But who are the victims? What are the targets? Concerts where degenerates idolize Jewish endorsed artists spreading leftist propaganda. Faggot bars. Usually urban areas full of undesirable degenerates
>But they rape our women
For thousands of years women have been considered property. Whenever you give women rights society starts going to shit. And are these women getting raped married? Are they women dressed appropriately? Or are they polygamous cunts riding the cock carousel? Unmarried whores deserve to get raped in my opinion
>But they are pedos who marry young girls
Is there anything wrong with marrying a woman in her prime when she is most fertile.
>But they are invading Europe
I hate the fact that they are in Europe. But is it really their fault. Imagine having your home getting carpet bombed by kikes and their allies every day. And some other like comes along and gives you passage to flee this nightmare.
"But shouldn't they be fighting for their home?" You may ask. So you're giving them a choice: die fighting against the most powerful army on Earth or side with the kikes and kill your brothers.
I think that the hatred for Muslims is miguided to say the least.

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convert to islam then faggot oh wait you dont want to

>i'm starting to sympathize with mudslimes


More quippy, useless garbage. Excellent!!


Making a list of why you shouldn't would take all day

>Making a list of why you shouldn't would take all day

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They have some valid points. Drop the Abrahamics and you're back on track.

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Muslims are unironically based outside off Europe

I wholely sympathize with the muzzies.
I just want muzzies to stay in mozzie countries.

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Meanwhile, 0 terror attacks from the Vietnamese. Muzzies are scum

>I'm starting to sympathize with muzzies
They’re dumbass demon worshippers. Wtf are you talking about?

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Silence, mohammad.
I know muslims browse here often, because of Jow Forums's antisemitism. These sorts of threads always have an inbred sandnigger behind them.

>Jow Forums's antisemitism. These sorts of threads always have an inbred sandnigger behind them
hi there, agent #13691. Whats going on? How's work? Family? Wife's getting fucked by niggers, I presume?

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LOL. I live in Louisiana, retard. No muslims here. How does it feel to be wrong over and over and over again?

Maybe they shoud fight for their country? Like Europeans have done throughout History.

Muslims and jews are basically the same thing. They both hate europeans, they both want to rule europe, and they're both religious cults of brown child fuckers.
Jews are just better at infiltrating, muslims just blow everyone up because they're retarded.

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As long as you don’t give them welfare and expect them to obey to the law of your country, they are usually decent even as immigrants, but honestly that’s true regardless of religion. They are quite aware of the degeneration of the West, and as opportunistic conquerors they obviously want to benefit from it. I can’t blame them for that and honestly if I had to choose between living under Progressive neo-Marxists or Muslims, I’d choose the latter, although it also depends on which branch of Islam we are talking about, as Wahhabis are absolutely shit-tier.
I see Islam as a potential enemy who is at least worthy of some respect (see Saladin for a great historical example).

>I live in Louisiana, retard. No muslims here.
Okay so you're just a nigger then

They dont belong here

We are, by invading yours. I love how wh*Tes don't respect our borders but expect everyone else to respect theirs.

I would rather have a muslim friend than a jew one by far. Not western, but many of them are unironically traditional on their own way, more according to natural laws than modern westerns.

Then move you're stupid ass to Nigeria or Djibouti.

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Like Chechnya?


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if Muslims would stay in their lands, I would have no problem with them. but they come here as choosing beggars, they are arrogant and act like hot shit while they're worthless. Muslims should be shown their correct place with military strength, not being treated like children in need of care

FTFY. They don’t belong in Europe or America, etc. They’re fine in their own countries.

This is perhaps why they need such an oppressive religion to keep them in line