Shooting at the NBA Raptors Parade in Toronto

Shooting at the NBA Raptors Parade in Toronto

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Yeah I'm sure faggot

This nigga did it

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another LARP.

Fucks given: 0

gun of peace?

holy shit, did you see what the redditors on reddit were saying was happening at toronto?
this is gonna be big.

Probably a team member.

The faces of our cuck pm and the players when that one guy was explaining for every one to calm down

The absolute state of Toronto is sad and disappointing

looks like it's over

thats the most arab looking guy i've seen

plz be dead niggers

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live by the nigger, die by the nigger

Massive riots imminent in TO

why do these jungle monkey cunts have things

typical frenchman

There are no whites in TOR user, niggers arabs pajeets and chinks

Shooter has been reported to be Paul Deninio, a violent former live streamer on YouTube. His channel has recently been considered "dead", and now he is going on a violent shooting spree for publicity.

>expecting the nigger to do a nigger
>wasnt disappointed

Sam Hyde strikes again.

Literal fucking ape. Actually an ape would be more civilized

NIce work of fiction OP. This post made me chuckle at the thought of people dying in a fictional universe. Thank god police exist, am I right faggots?

seems real. say goodbye to your guns, cannucks.

the boy is no good

>a violent former live streamer
>extremely racist even by Jow Forums standards
shadow people in the toronto area watch ur azzzz

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Sure you will faggot

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good lord kek.

LoL it's Canada we have hockey sticks.


stole em

He unironically thinks he's white, goes around on streams asking people 'what ethnicity am I?' People don't really give him a straight answer at times but sometimes they say persian or middle eastern. The butthurt is palpable


he lost a bet 100%

Put me in the screencap pls

Not gonna lie, very clean house.

the gubs stole 'em and gibsed to nigs

Probably just some gang bullshit


paul no :(

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Me on the right

Isnt this the guy who closed doors on people training prayer in osrs?


The negro is violent

Should I try yelling this during sex? Is that what I've been doing wrong?

thanks man i needed that

Yeah, I heard it was the genetic lottery

Ray Borque digits

Rent2own store is getting some extra business I see.

...I hereby declare it's ok to kill negros.

Live coverage mentioned nothing about shots. I could tell that they were covering up for violence at the parade though. They were talking about people collapsing from the heat and groups rallying around them to give support. Sounds to me like people getting knocked out and mugged.

Yeah that's ice.

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>these are Canadians in 2019


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is it his shit that's this nigger is breaking?
also that nigger is so weak and skinny that probably anyone in that room could've dropped him with one light jab to the jaw.

kek that was probably the light skinned monkeys house

Probably none of their house. Looks at 46 seconds the games and stuff they have. its probably a room in a community centre.
The nigger areas in toronto have community centers where they look just like this filled with all the best technology and games and fun stuff tryign to appease the nigs. They breaks it all and steal what they can.

ooga booga ooga booga

Will JF be doing a three hour stream about this later where he covers a bunch of e-drama for the first two and half hours to bore everyone to death?

Hell no it ain't his. It's probably the house of the calmer nigger who tried to stop the chimp out and got run out of the room for it.

Video of crowds dispersing from gunshots of peace

He is Italian

Videos already being taken down, watch them while they're still up.

Hes a nigger jewtuber according to twitter

so the calmer nigger just learned what a nigger is the hard way kek

With what? Aren’t guns illegal in Canada? Aren’t you all too famished from hunger to even lift them?

Overlooking the square

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Itz wuz whytey tryna be racis

his instagram btw..


Mixed niggers are unironically the most likely to experience the sad reality of their brother race first hand.

>2 shot

Theres what, 400 shootings a year in Toronto, with 500+ victims (not dead, just shot) It would be abnormal for there not to be a shooting with one or two victims today. And the entire city is parading right now, the location hardly means anything.

lul idiot makes enough money to smash shit and not worry about buying more shit to smash.This board wishes they could do this and just replace straight away,bunch of tramps on this board.

fuck it d00d

>he thinks the nigger is bashing his own shit

Nobody is going hungry here, just cause food is a little more expensive.
think of it this way. you live in a crime ridden overpopulated shithole, but things are cheaper to buy there. kind of like how Mexico is to the US.
hence US is Canadas Mexico.
got it now?

Sure, and make sure to tell everyone (((WE))) did it.

Agree it's not a huge deal but

>the location hardly means anything
It was in the centre of Nathan Phillips.

I like the way your brain works

>the US is Canadas Mexico


Lmao, nice bubble you live in faggot.

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>he thinks the nigger didn't steal it

So is this another false flag on ice or did he finally snap because he is a dead streamer

Hockey makes me want to do that shit. But hockey>>>>>>>basketball. And I've never actually done that, only felt like it.

>comments closed

Yeah, because people were probably saying what we all already know about the shooters.

Looks like a rec center.
Tax dollars well spent.

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actually laughed

Look at all those tough talking ivory tower libshits scurry like roaches. LMAO.

Nuke that shit senpai.


So we come to find out that basketball Canadians do the same shit basketball Americans do? Good to know.

it was the iranians

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Toronto isn't in the USA.
I always thought NBA stood for "National Basketball Association"
What is the "N" in NBA?

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That's not an excuse to act like a nigger lol, you wouldn't see wealthy of any other race acting that way.


The N stands for Nigger

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