I took a break from working, lived on savings, felt unsure about my direction in life

>I took a break from working, lived on savings, felt unsure about my direction in life.
>Got passionate about some of the things in the alt-right since I have been considered white my whole life.
>Tried to join some communities. I'm not white enough to be considered white among their ranks.
>I'm ethnically castizo which means 75% European, 25% American Indian.
>I appear white, but I am not considered white by people in the alt-right. However, the general public thinks I'm white.
>I was raised by a white mother with white cultural values more or less. I have always felt like I identified that way.
>I'm not afraid to say that I don't like Mexican culture, the way Mexican people look, or anything Mexican.
>Yet sadly, I face the reality that I am half Mexican, discouraged to reproduce by people who want to preserve white identity, which is what I feel closest to.
>I hate Mexican people but I can never stop being half-Mexican.
>I have no desire to work anymore because I don't see why I should earn money for a family that I shouldn't have.
>I am too cowardly to kill myself, when I probably should.

I don't know how to move forward from this.

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So these guys embrace their culture but scream and whine and cry when you think about embracing even a fourth of your culture?

Read this book from this guy Eric Kaufmann,
he wrote some interesting articles on quillette


I think he offers interesting perspectives for non-whites who embrace white culture.

Beyond pathetic.

It's not even me embracing a fourth of my culture. I don't feel close to the Mexican side of my genetics. They just didn't consider me European enough to be considered white.

Besides the point of that, I can't stop being half-Mexican and I hate Mexican people. I don't see any use in me having children if they're just going to continue to have Mexican attributes. At one point, I thought that I could meet someone white and our resulting children would at least be 87.5% European, a net positive, but I can't stop but feeling as though I only exist because my mother made the mistake of race mixing.

If you really think you look white, you're probably white. It's a pretty general group anyways.

Are you even an American, you little fuck? What kind of US citizen would EVER behave like this? FUCK YOU. You are FREE to do whatever the FUCK you want. And you're acting like you're limited in some way? Get FUCKED.

At least put on a memeflag so people don't know that we live in the same country.

That is an offensive, ignorant canard. We prefer to be calles European-Americans.

Quit worrying what these faggots think about you. Just go enjoy and live your life. Jesus christ, idpol is fucking dangerous.

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I take two view points from this cancer...

>I'll take shit that isn't real for 500 Alex
>Beta male. You need to go into the wilderness and keep walking. For the rest of your natural days. You're a cancer on society.

American Indian = Mexican?

Aztec most likely. Half Mestizo, half Anglo -> Castizo.

I took a break from working. Lived on savings. Now I can't get a job because I haven't been employed for years and all my old references have moved on/disappeared/gone. Probably end up killing myself when I can't pay my bills. Oh, well. This country is niggers now anyway. Why even live?

Find a castizo( however the fuck you spell it) chick and reproduce. There. Done. Raise them white. Look at Owen Benjamin; he's like 1/8 jew and married a castizo like you. That's life in America, dude. My gf is like 1/8 Mikmaq Indian. Whatever man.

Are you 80?

Anons, ask yourselves if this is a gay larp thread meant to stir up pointless discussion. I'm 15% native and never get discriminated against by any right wingers. This guy is pushing a bullshit myth about right wingers being hyper intolerant and it's baiting you. No replies to dumb shit like this other than to say "Doesn't matter what racial makeup you have as long as you're an ally." That's it

And what’s the problem again?

I'm half Mexican and I do not like Mexicans or Mexican culture.

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Then don’t engage with it, you have the right of free association

I still physically look half Mexican and there's nothing I can do to change it. I don't have pride in how I look.

Boo hoo go write a blog about it

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Post a pic or gtfo

Not gonna dox myself.

A large proportion of Jow Forums is non-white
Most of these retards are LARPing
Believe what you want to not what other people tell you

Dude just find another castizo and breed. Easy.