Who was in the wrong here?


Why can't the black man catch a break?

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media.clickorlando.com/document_dev/2019/05/01/LaForest Grey motion letter_1556711217510_21797296_ver1.0.pdf

shame he didnt die.

lmao have you seen the American justice system? He'll wish he did die if he didn't.

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Why bother with burdening the tax payer with a lengthy trial and his room and board for the next 20 years? Give one reason why he shouldn't have been shot on the spot, it would have saved everyone a lot of trouble.

How did it play out?
Was he hit?
Fuckign Cops can shoot for shit LOL
The old Nam vet boomer fucked up like 15 of them.
God damn cops are pathetic, cant even finish the job

>Who was in the wrong here?

The white woman.

> Amateur Adult Film Star Crystina Rossi Boyfriend Gets In A Shootout Live on IG
Despite the gunfire exchange between deputies and Laforest Duron Gray Jr., no one was shot during the incident at the Citra at Windermere apartments
> The Orange County Sheriff's Office responded to the apartment complex around 7:55 p.m. after someone called 911 and said a man was dragging and beating a woman, according to the arrest affidavit. The witness was reportedly driving when he saw Gray's wife walking in apparent distress and asked her if she needed help
> After initially refusing, Gray's wife ran after the witness and jumped in his car, asking him to help her. The witness told deputies Gray ran to his car, pulled his wife out of the car by her hair and started punching her.
> When deputies arrived, they confronted Gray and his wife in their garage, but the couple refused to speak with them. Gray ignored multiple commands from deputies to show them his hands, keeping his right hand concealed as he stood behind the open passenger door of a yellow Camaro. The 23-year-old was screaming at deputies while his wife tried to calm him down and stood between him and law enforcement.
> Gray then looked up and yelled for deputies to release his wife as one of them pulled her out of the garage, according to the report. Deputies allege Gray fired a silver .38 caliber revolver at them, so three other deputies returned fire.
> Deputies say Gray retreated behind the Camaro and continued to scream for his wife. As the suspect was arrested, officials say Gray resisted their efforts to put him in handcuffs and he was bitten by a K9, the report says.
> Gray was taken to Orlando Regional Medical Center for treatment and was later booked into the Orange County Jail. He's currently being held there on charges of attempted first-degree murder of a law enforcement officer with a firearm, domestic violence battery, resisting an officer with violence and a burglary of conveyance.

She's a respectable amateur pregnant porn actress.

>Laforest Duron Gray Jr

who shot first tho

The thot for not going to him when commanded.

That bullshit? Should have done us all a solid and ended that dumb nigger. Who does that?


Should have executed the nigger AND the coal burner on sight.

Sounds like someone was high as fuck.

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Nah, he was just nogging around.


this dumbfuck had best do his time quietly and then disappear from FL

Obviously the nigger

Imagine how nice things could be without niggers or illegal beaners. Shame.
> A man who opened fire on a Napa County sheriff’s deputy standing outside his car window during a traffic stop was in the U.S. illegally and had been deported three times, authorities said.

> U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials said they had lodged four separate “detainer” requests asking local authorities to hold Javier Hernandez-Morales for pick up after he had been booked for local charges at California jails.
> Each request was refused, leaving him out on the streets last Sunday, when he tried to kill Napa County Sheriff’s Deputy Riley Jarecki.

god damn. I'm no bootlicker but I feel for the cops when they have to deal with shitskins

>white woman
She’s Mexican though le 56% at best

"pussy ass cracker, fuck you, that's why I'm fucking your white hoe, cracker"
lol he actually did the "you mad white boy?"
"you looking at my bitch, ain't you, fuck you that's good enough"

>all those niggers giving him sound advice

Looked Mexican to me.

Did that guy die from that? looked like he got a whole clip put in him.

He considers her white because he said "that's why I'm fucking your white hoe, cracker"

we dindu nuffin, just roleplayin’ shit... kek this just gets better and better

She does look Hispanic

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Only reason you hate cops is because they arrested your ass for raping your grandma

Bitch looked deformed

> Gray sent a handwritten letter to the Orange County judge asking for the charges against him to be dismissed.
> Gray told the judge he and his wife were simply "role playing" on the day of the shooting and are celebrities because of the videos they post online.
Nice: media.clickorlando.com/document_dev/2019/05/01/LaForest Grey motion letter_1556711217510_21797296_ver1.0.pdf

She's Italian. Barely white.

Her porn is online, she's a short fat pig.

This couple are scammers looking for attention and money. They used to make sex tapes and scam customers with it as well as fitness training guides as well. They shilled for a bit in tumblr and /gif/. Her social media in scamming was crystinathebootyqueen her real name is Rachel Oxford and her monkey husband calls her by that name in the tape as well. Look up that name on google images and you will find her. She is also known to photoshop her images. They were looking to provoke police for racism dollars, which is why shes acting calm in the IG livestream despite his chimping.

Quick rundown: insidejamarifox.com/their-sex-games-caused-him-to-get-into-a-shootout-with-the-police/

Site that mentiined their scams: disqus.com/by/dontbelievethescams/

Old thread discussing the incident: thecoli.com/threads/just-saw-this-nikka-on-ig-live-get-into-a-shootout-with-the-cops-whoops.691926/

This is just another case of a coalburner and pet chimp rapper looking for a quick way to make cash while gathering attention and clout to start as some eceleb because they are too fucking stupid to do anything productive.

I can't believe they didn't kill him, huge fucking anticlimax

u must be fucking kidding, he'll be free in months if not weeks

>no dead cops
son im disapoint

Had to look her porn, she's an absolutely disgusting short, fat whore. Literally a 2/10 are niggers proud at fucking these deformed cumdumpsters?

Dios mio... la abominación...

They like fat butts.

ay no no no querida virgencita sálvanos a nosotros pecadores.

If youre gonna photoshop at least dont make it so obvious, she looks like a hotwheel

>Cops kill black guy
>Das Rayciss lets go burn stuff
>Cops miss
>AHAHA pigs cant shoot

lmao whats wrong with her proportions?


It's a shame they missed. I was expecting him to have a sucking chest wound.

white girls with niggers is extremely common now. i see it all the time. huge change from 20 years ago.

Got damn it, real jumpscare.

Even my English got fucked up


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Is that like photoshopped? Those proportions look wacky

what the fuck is going on here

That thing is a italian mutt of some kind at BEST. Lets not pretend that munchkin came from the white race.

i literally never see it except on tv commercials and ive lived in two large liberal cities and the midwest

what happens if the Aryan brotherhood at the prison he eventually goes to find out about about all the things he said in the beginning of the video...... don't they run the prison system?, does'nt seem like a good idea being so racist towards white people when your actively trying to go to prison

Managed to get his hands on a car and a fucking loaded gun in that short span of time. Thanks Weimerica!

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she knew he was trouble. she tells him not to move and then she sees him fidget. she gives a deep sigh, almost like preparing herself for what was about to happen. she goes to the driver side, tells him to roll the window down, and keeps the flashlight on him. she sees the gun and immediately bolts back around to the passenger side and mag dumps on him. perfect. respect for this LEO.

Yeah prisons work like that, get real dude

Crystina Rossi?
Nope. He keeps calling her (((Rachel))).
Stoopid fucking Nigger child.

All of them

Who the fuck is this nigger ACTUALLY talking to?

^^^This is how your brain works on propaganda.

They have programmed you to think that the US prison system is some kind of scary racist institution for black people to try and survive in lol.

how you like that lead "nigger". hahahaahahahaaha

serves the little jerk off right

Even the niggers on his snapchat were telling this idiot spook to calm the fuck down.
Who the FUCK snapchats when he's being arrested?

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Based & oldfagpilled

it was Instagram Live but whatever

>Amateur porn actress
Is this code for whore?


why in gods earth did you say she had porn. she's fucking filthy and disgusting

Implying that stopped you from fapping

I have neither.
Oldfag obviously.

Based doggo

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that's a mighty bulge

that feel when you find out your wife is getting blacked

burn the coal pay the toll bitch

Just hung out in Toronto. Can confirm nig and white female couples are somewhat common. Then again, the city is 30% chinese (maybe 20% of the Chinese are young and/or presentable whereas 80% are hideous old fuckers who don't speak a lick of english) 30% nigger, 35% other, 5% white. Pretty dismal demographics.

well i have been locked up before and blacks are at the top of the food chain due to sheer numbers but the smaller amount of AB really put a hurting down on the others , if they knew what he had said they would target him but only if A) he had powerful black friends and B) messing with him somehow puts a damper on their multi-million dollar in house jail business

Ha ha ha attempted murder of law enforcement. That nigger is fucked, along with the other charges he will be a 50 year old aspiring rapper when he gets out of prison. When keeping it real goes wrong.

media.clickorlando.com/document_dev/2019/05/01/LaForest Grey motion letter_1556711217510_21797296_ver1.0.pdf

someone please retype the monkeys letter

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>Total lack of respect for a superior force
>obviously never interacted with LEOs irl
>light skinned
>keeps commanding the female

This guy is a light skin that was probably raised by his single mother in a suburb with other fatherless mulattoes as friends. He's never had to deal with anything for himself, otherwise he'd at least realize how dangerous his hubris is. He's a spoiled child that benefits from a lifetime of entitlement, and generations of selective breeding.

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"Rachel" a porn star named Crystina Rossi.

>Who was in the wrong here?
obviously white people for wanting cheap laborers picking cotton

Based, top kek.

Hahhahahah he missed and she magdumped him. Beautiful.

>wears necklace outside of coat
>banging a goblin midget
>livestreaming his toughness and single digit IQ
Sometimes I want to put on a memeflag when I come here, but sigh, I'm an American.

Sure but he doesn't seem like the sharpest knife in the toolshed.

I remember this story breaking a few months ago and my mind being BLOWN.

I remember when they first started posting vids like 4 or 5 years ago. Their pics were big on /fit and /b because of how fucking roided up they both were. People had pics of them from high school in which they were both skinny as fuck. Over time we got to see her voice change from all the steroids and both of them got hella muscular. They were also known for photo shopping their pics to make her ass and his dick look huge. We all wondered what type of weirdo you'd have to be to do what they were doing and I guess we got that answer.

This shit is kind of surreal to see.

this desu
He begins to realize how fucked he is when he sees the bullet hole in the wall. He's never had a problem that yelling or violence did not solve successfully, hence the yelling and violence. He calls to her from behind the car without realizing there is 0.0% chance the officers would let her step back into that garage.

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The Aryan Brotherhood is too busy killing people over drugs to care about white nationalist politics. Prison is a serious place full of dangerous men. I suggest you stay out of trouble. Fantasies can be disproved quickly and then reality will quickly take its place.

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I remember when this happened , unironically helicopters were flying over my house.